Book Donation Programs

We offer two ways to donate your book Everyone at Readers' Favorite believes in helping others; from our reviewers who volunteer thousands of hours a year to help authors, to our CEO who donates a portion of our profits every year to charity. And by visiting this page it is obvious you believe in it too.

In fact, we have found that authors in general are a generous breed. They write for the betterment of others, to provide information and pleasure to their readers. To help authors further this goal as well as to help those in need, we have created two book donation programs:

Option 1: We donate your book after we review it If authors send in a physical copy of their book for review, then we will donate that book to one of four well known charities so the books will go on to bring joy to others and provide the books with more exposure.

We provide children's and young adult books to St. Jude Children's Hospital and to schools through the Kids In Need Foundation. Adult books are provided to needy seniors through Meals on Wheels and to adults learning to read with the help of the Adult Literacy League.

Donation Partners

Option 2: You donate your book through your Readers' Favorite page Most authors however choose to submit a digital version of their book because it generally means the review will be completed faster. Since digital books cannot be donated to charities we have created our Book Donation program to give all authors the opportunity to donate their book to a wide variety of charitable organizations directly from their Readers' Favorite review page.

Book Donation Program

Donate Books to:

Soldier Programs
Senior Programs
Children Programs
Hospital Programs
Charity Programs
Nonprofit Programs
and more...

The Readers' Favorite Book Donation program was created to help non-profit and charitable organizations (schools, libraries, soldier donation programs, convalescent homes, etc.) by providing them with free books and to help authors garner more exposure for their work.

Exposure is key to the success of your book. One way is to provide free copies of your book to people in exchange for reviews, which also gets copies of your book circulating. Our Book Donation program helps you accomplish this by informing visitors that you are willing to give free copies of your book to schools, libraries and other non-profit organizations in exchange for some reviews.

However, you are not guaranteeing everyone free copies of your book. You are just indicating that you are willing to take requests. What organizations you choose to donate to, if any, and how many books you decide to send are completely up to you.