Christian - Thriller

Criss Cross

A Holly Novel
By C.C. Warrens

Criss Cross by C.C. Warrens is a Christian thriller about remembering what evil has taken away, and knowing that, in the end, you’ve always a home you can go back to. Detective Richard Marx is investigating the death of two men, both of whom are...


Dark Days Book 1
By Marcy Dyer

Contagion: Dark Days Book 1 by Marcy Dyer is the first in an apocalyptic survival series about a group of people struggling to survive after a deadly virus has been released on humanity. Yes, it’s another zombie apocalypse story, but Contagion has one major difference...

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Children of Covenant

By Fred Howard

I really enjoyed this book. I was attracted to Children of Covenant by Fred Howard by the brief description of the story, but I was still surprised at the depth of the contents. A Muslim man, Ismael Hagarson, is refused permission to buy a building...


Cannon Steel
By John P. Szeker

Countdown: Cannon Steel by John P. Szeker is a thrilling, fast paced tale that pits two forces against the United States: terrorism and a comet that threatens to strike the Eastern Seaboard. As government officials scramble to thwart the dual threats, an insightful Midwestern pastor...

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