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House Divided

By Jami Deise

Erin Murphy is your typical Washington mum, trying to balance her job with her husband’s needs and her children’s requirements. Erin is a life-long Democrat and works in PR for an environmental lobby group. When the Democrats get trounced at the mid-term elections, Erin’s job...

Who We Were

By Puiyin Labial

Who We Were by Puiyin Labial is a story about destiny and the incredible truth that people could be bound together by threads that are mysterious and intangible. With an international setting in China and the US, the reader follows the lives of two compelling...


By Tolar Miles

Delta by Tolar Miles is a Southern novel. Delta's life has never been boring. She's a single mom raising her son, Mason, with the help of friends and his father, Calvin, nicknamed the Devil. When one of her best friends claims she saw Calvin with...

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Neurotec and Other Tales

By Marcus Bolt

Neurotec and Other Tales by Marcus Bolt is a collection of short stories with the underlying theme of philosophy. Neurotec and Other Tales starts off simply by listing the names of the 29 stories and then the first story begins immediately. The stories themselves are...

Sweet, Sweet Stories, Some Sweeter than Others

By Daniel Curzon

Sweet, Sweet Stories, Some Sweeter than Others by Daniel Curzon is an eclectic anthology of short stories, where some are not actually ‘sweet,’ despite the title. Suffer the Little Children starts the collection, a story about a kind-hearted couple who are unable to bear children....

Garfield Flats

By Veronica Horton

Debbie and Mia just moved into a new place at Garfield Flats. Slowly getting used to life in their new flat, they expected it to be normal, even a bit boring. Nevertheless, surprises await them around every corner, helping the two girls embark on interesting...

First Friday

How Virginity Almost Killed Me
By Tory Hartmann

If you’re a writer and aspire to one day pen a humorous novel or memoir, read First Friday by Tory Hartmann. If you were raised in a very religious Catholic home, especially an Irish Catholic home, and aren’t too hung up on someone having a...

Grond: The Raven High

Grond Series Book 1
By Yuri Hamaganov

Grond: The Raven High is the first book in the Grond series by Yuri Hamaganov. Translated from the original Russian, the thrilling narrative chronicles the early life of Olga Voronov. She is a ‘changed’ human and has lived in a self-contained orbital space facility from...

The Backwards K

By J. J. Hebert

The Backwards K is a sports-themed inspirational novel written by J.J. Hebert. It was the defining moment of his young life, the goal every kid who’s ever played baseball has ever dreamed about. Jet Brine was at bat for his team -- the Boston Red...

Dancing with Sophia

By Ramalho Almeida

Baingana was a lost soul, wandering through life, unsure of himself and his place in the world. Whatever could go wrong in his life seemed to have gone wrong; he’d lost his job, his parents were furious with him, his friends seemed superficial and self-centred,...