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Dirty C.O.

By Rod Ballard

Dirty C.O. by Rod Ballard is an exciting thriller with a realistic plot and storyline. Dirty C.O. is set against the backdrop of the criminal justice system and the police who work to uphold it. Dirty C.O. tells the story of one such man, Tristan...

Broken Dolls

By Tyrolin Puxty

I loved Broken Dolls by Tyrolin Puxty! I was first drawn by the strange cover; it had a sci fi-ish look, yet an innocence hidden in the form of a partial ballerina—a broken doll. Hmm, I thought. What could this be about? I was very...

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Brutal Silence

By Margaret Dardess

Brutal Silence by Margaret Dardess is a gritty and realistic fiction novel on the topic of human sex trafficking. Alex Harrington from North Carolina is on a trip to Mexico with her friend. Although warned of the dangers of traveling alone outside Mexico City, Alex...

Always Hope

By Heidi Renee Mason, Hot Tree Publishing

Always Hope by Heidi Renee Mason is a real, emotional and tantalizing story. Hope believed that when she left home at age 18 to marry Jonathan, she would be rid of her estranged relationship with her mother, the broken dreams, pain and promises, and the...

Lacey's Law

Beware the fury of a patient woman
By L S Fellows

Lacey’s Law by LS Fellows follows one woman on her path of vengeance against someone who was supposed to be her friend: Carla. Years in the making, Lacey’s cunning plan takes an unexpected turn and she ends up in the hospital with a head wound;...

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A Bend in the Willow

By Susan Clayton-Goldner

A Bend in the Willow by Susan Clayton-Goldner is the story of Catherine Henry who lives with her husband and son in Tucson, Arizona. Circumstances force her to return to Willowood to face her family and her son, whom she gave up for adoption as...

Blues Harp Green

By Nicole Schubert

Blues Harp Green is a young adult novel by Nicole Schubert. The novel’s protagonist, Francie Millis - aka FM - is a 16-year-old girl who lives in LA. Francie’s dream is to become the ultimate tennis player. She tries so hard to focus on tennis...

Kate & Ruby

By Emily Gallo

Aww… retirement. The event we all anticipate. The golden time of our lives when we can relish that quiet time that years of hard work give back. At least that is what Kate thought as she celebrated the end of her teaching career with dinner...

The Shape of the Atmosphere

By Jessica Dainty

The Shape of the Atmosphere, the excellent book written by a promising debut author, Jessica Dainty, is a story that I found very difficult to put down once I started reading it. Follow the story of young Gertie MacLarsen, a teenager who has felt ugly...

The Other La Bohème

By Yorker Keith

The Other La Bohème by Yorker Keith is aptly labeled literary fiction, an interesting story that explores the life and career of the Dolci Quattro. After their breathtaking performance of Puccini’s well-known opera, La Bohème, during their graduation, four friends form a band called the...