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The Nine Assignments

By Glenda Winders

The Nine Assignments by Glenda Winders is a literary fiction novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of adults and young adults interested in exploring relationships through a fictional lens. As children, half siblings Gina Chambers and Larry Langley were two peas in...


A Novel of the 'Me' Decade
By Iolanthe Woulff

This engaging novel begins on the twenty-first birthday of Ben Steiner, a Jewish student at Columbia University, in May 1975. Living a comfortable life in Beit Yitzhak, or the “B”, a communal house for Jewish students, seemed boring to Ben. He was ready to find...

The Voynich Gambit

A Norman Blalock Mystery
By Quintin Peterson

“Expect the unexpected and trust no-one,” are words Lieutenant Norman Blalock seems to live by in The Voynich Gambit: A Norman Blalock Mystery by Quintin Peterson. Lt. Blalock, a guard at the Folger Shakespeare Library, has been forced by powerful entrepreneur Rupert Whyte to...

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The Big Tide

By Marc Heberden

The Big Tide by Marc Heberden is a book that features a wide range of literary elements to keep the reader intrigued and spellbound — love, adventure, jealousy, political intrigue, and a conflict that is so masterfully developed that the reader can’t wait to know...

The Shadow Wife

By Gayle Ridinger

When American soldier John Morton saved a young Parisian woman, Danièle Foucher, from a threatening barber days after Liberation Day celebrations in 1944, a romance began. John and Danielle (she changed her name to the American version) settled in a duplex in Clearsboro, New Jersey....

Failure of Fish

By Michael S. Robinson, Sr.

Failure of Fish by Michael S. Robinson, Sr. is a coming-of-age story that reads like a classic, a story with characters that will awaken all kinds of powerful emotions in many readers, reminding them of the dilemmas of growing up, the fears of transitioning into...

Lacey Leighton

By Ruth Jones

Lacey Leighton by Ruth Jones is a historical literary fiction novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of young adult women and adult females who enjoy female protagonists who are willing to go against the flow of society. The year is 1877 and...

Small Town Roads

By L. B. Johnson

Small Town Roads is a Christian literary fiction novel depicting the lives and reflections of small-town inhabitants. Evelyn, Harry, and Ruby have outlived their spouses and remain in the same homes and neighborhood. They have been friends for many decades. Rachel lost her brother to...


The Limbs of the Mukuyu Tree
By Renee Topper

Pigment: The Limbs of the Mukuyu Tree is a literary fiction thriller written by Renee Topper. Aliyah Scott was born with albinism, and her life in the United States was made challenging by the genetic factor that made her skin white, unlike the rich chocolate...

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The Eternal Front

By Walter Blaire

The Eternal Front by Walter Blaire is the novel for readers who are into conflict-driven plots and great settings. In this book, the conflict is raised with the stakes when the protagonist finds himself torn between destroying his own world to save it, or doing...

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