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Beautiful Imperfections

By Marjorie Vernelle

Beautiful Imperfections is a literary fiction novel written by Marjorie Vernelle. Some might think that the Survey of Art History class that Keith James took to fulfill the Religious Knowledge class in her first year at the University of Toronto was the defining moment in...

Back Side Of A Hurricane

By Robert Schwab

Back Side of a Hurricane by Robert Schwab tells the story of a family with individual troubles and aspirations, all struggling with their own demons. Bellamy, once a high-flying sales person, suffers from depression and even getting up in the morning is a struggle. She...

Binge Until Tragedy

By Ben D'Alessio

Binge Until Tragedy by Ben D'Alessio is a novel that explores social issues and one man’s journey to come to terms with a gnawing sensation he feels in the pit of his stomach, and his vices, a story with powerful psychological overtones. Joel Lupo lost...

Broken Chains

By Emiliya Ahmadova

Broken Chains by Emiliya Ahmadova is a touching story that will appeal to a wide audience because of the sensitive, not-so-often discussed questions it raises. In the heart of this story is the important question: What does it take to live with a deep sense...

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