Premeditated Justice

By Richard Cezar

Richard Cezar’s Premeditated Justice hooked me on page one, and I couldn’t stop reading until the very end. I have always been a fan of psychological thrillers, and this book proved to be a great read. It was action-packed, with intriguing characters who felt as...

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Power Plus

By Capt. Paul Herbert Barrett

Paul Pilot, a retired FBI agent, gets drawn back into the agency for one more assignment in Paul H. Barrett’s book, Power Plus. Despite being 70 years old, suffering from PTSD, and looking forward to his young Cuban wife making him a father for the...

Presumed Innocent

A Novel
By Scott Turow

In Presumed Innocent by Scott Turrow readers watch as a man is prosecuted for murder. Rusty Sabich is the narrator and the defendant. Throughout the tale we wonder whether Rusty can be trusted. Carolyn Polhemus was brutally murdered. She was Rusty’s lover and co-worker until...

Precedent of Justice

By Patrick R. Raley

Precedent of Justice begins with a court scene. The jury had reached a verdict. The crowd held their breath as they listened. The verdict shocked everyone present in the courtroom except the defendant. The judge dramatically left the courtroom ending a stellar career. Bobby Dizorno...