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The Identity Thief

A Hollis Morgan Mystery
By R. Franklin James

The Identity Thief: A Hollis Morgan Mystery is a sleuth mystery novel written by R. Franklin James. While this is not the first book in this series, the author provides enough background information for it to be read as a standalone novel. Hollis’s supervising partner,...

Writing Wrongs, CERTIFIED

The Court Reporter Tell-All Series, Volume 1
By Kristine Johnson

“I am young. I am sexy. I wear Ellen Tracy and the requisite double pair of shoulder pads.” These are words the narrator uses to present the protagonist, a court reporter. In an ebullient tone, she tells the story of sixteen-year-old Justin Castle who shoots...

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Do Not Ask

By Elaine Williams Crockett

Do Not Ask is Elaine Williams Crockett’s second book about former FBI agent turned federal judge Warren Alexander. Now the Supreme Court’s newest judge, Justice Alexander is drawn into the investigation when the President’s twin daughters go missing after visiting Alexander’s playboy son-in-law’s estate. A...

Matter of Discretion

By Donna Lee Davis

Matter of Discretion by Donna Lee Davis is a Christian fiction novel that would appeal most to a diverse audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy crime and mystery stories, and who do not mind some profanity and a sexual crime. Father Damon...

The Lame Duck

By Bernard Leo Remakus

The Lame Duck by Bernard Leo Remakus is a medical thriller. Bob Cassidy is probably the worst doctor in the USA. Already on his third suit for malpractice, Cassidy is about to find himself stripped of all hospital privileges. Angela Fratello is called the Angel...

Behind the Door

A Sizzling, Psychological Suspense (Hidden Motives Book 1)
By A. Gavazzoni

Behind the Door: A Sizzling, Psychological Suspense - Hidden Motives Book 1 by A. Gavazzoni is a complicated story, but in a really good and intriguing way. I was unable to put this book down, mainly because I didn’t want to put it down, it...

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Beltway Upheaval

Sequel to Patriotic Gamble
By Ken Gorman

A contingent election, controversial dealings, and politics that go beyond the shades of grey that permeate the day to day functioning are the undertone of Beltway Upheaval: Sequel to Patriotic Gamble by Ken Gorman. After an unprecedented election determined by a rare enactment of the...

The Tenth Nail

By Kwen Griffeth

The Tenth Nail is an entertaining police procedural whodunit, written by talented writer, Kwen D. Griffeth. Seasoned Albuquerque homicide detective, Nate Burns, and his new partner, Manuel (Manny) Trujillo, have been assigned a new case; finding the killer of a pretty young streetwalker found behind...

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Hot Dogs

A Lord Tyee Mystery
By Kaimana Wolff and Lord Tyee

Hot Dogs: A Lord Tyee Mystery is a sleuth mystery novel written by Kaimana Wolff and Lord Tyee. Caryn was trouble. Lord Tyee knew instantly when she was coming, and he knew she could be relied upon to bring more trouble. His distrust of her...


A Suspense Novel
By Susan P. Baker

Dena Armstrong, an attorney in Galveston, Texas, shares her practice with her cousin, Lucas Barlow. While Lucas tries to control every aspect of the practice, Dena challenges his mandates, such as practicing family law, which is against their original agreement. Dena accepts the case of...

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