Outrageous October

By Barbara Levenson

Miami criminal defense lawyer Mary Magruder Katz leaves Florida in a hurry with her German Shepherd, Sam, in tow. She has found her beloved fiance Carlos at a restaurant with his former wife. So she sends back the engagement ring that he gave her and...

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The Homicide Chronicle

Defending the Citizen Accused
By Ralph Shamas

R. Bruce Sanah is a small town defense attorney who has been defending many folks, has kept some out of jail and always seems to be right at the edge of a big case that will take his career to the next level. Along comes...

Make Your Own Luck

A Remy Summer Woods Mystery
By Joanne Lewis

Remy Summer Woods is a practicing attorney with her father, Clarence Darrow Woods, in his prestigious Florida law firm. She'd much rather be an artist, studying in Rome, Italy, and so she paints in her law office when she can get a few moments together....

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Fallen From Grace

By J.R. Limdermuth

Fallen From Grace by J.R. Lindermuth is just what the doctor ordered for a hot, summer afternoon accompanied by a cold glass of iced tea. Set in the late 19th century, Sheriff Sylvester Tilghman rarely has to exert himself in small town Arahpot, Pensylvania,...

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Presumed Innocent

A Novel
By Scott Turow

In Presumed Innocent by Scott Turrow readers watch as a man is prosecuted for murder. Rusty Sabich is the narrator and the defendant. Throughout the tale we wonder whether Rusty can be trusted. Carolyn Polhemus was brutally murdered. She was Rusty’s lover and co-worker until...

Jury Pool

Summons to Die
By Sissy Marlyn

A woman is handcuffed to a railroad track and is killed by a train. In succession, a young man and a young woman are horribly murdered and mutilated. Finally, another man is found slain in a hotel room, also disfigured. What do all these deaths...

Try Darkness

By James Scott Bell

I loved Bell’s Try Dying. This is even better! Between the drama and the brewing romance, there is excitement on every page. Buchanan is a lawyer who went from the life concerned about billable hours to the life concerned about advocacy. He lives with nuns and...

Death’s Half Acre

Deborah Knott Mystery
By Margaret Maron

Judge Deborah Knott is back in her fourteenth episode. The citizens are unhappy. Farms are being bought up for shopping malls. Candace Bradshaw is found murdered. She was accused of brokering under the table deals. Deborah’s husband, Sheriff Bryant is on the case. There is a...

Precedent of Justice

By Patrick R. Raley

Precedent of Justice begins with a court scene. The jury had reached a verdict. The crowd held their breath as they listened. The verdict shocked everyone present in the courtroom except the defendant. The judge dramatically left the courtroom ending a stellar career. Bobby Dizorno...

Book Of Lies, The

By Brad Meltzer

Brad Meltzer takes two real murders and entwines their story with that of a fictional murder. Mitchell Siegel (father of the creator of Superman) was shot in 1932. Present day, Cal Harper’s father has been shot. The gun is the same as the one that was...