Fiction - Religious Theme

Ingrid's Engagement

How A Beauty Tamed A Beast (Fairetellings Book 3)
By Kristen Reed

Ingrid’s Engagement by Kristen Reed is a romance fantasy that delivers much more than enjoyable reading. King Viggo of Villriket is waging war against King Ansgar of the Schlagefilde Kingdom. Count Edmund Kappel of Anselm County is aiding King Viggo and, while discussing their new...

Promises of Love

A Contemporary Christian Romance
By Juliette Duncan

Promises of Love by Juliette Duncan is a turbulent Christian romance. Zoe and Harrison have just gotten engaged and Zoe is already having second thoughts. While attending church services with Harrison’s family at Christmas, Zoe feels the drawing of the Holy Spirit to recommit her...

Betrayal of Faith

By Mark M. Bello

Betrayal of Faith by Mark M Bello tells the story of a family ripped apart after widowed Jennifer Tracey persuades her two sons, Kenny and Jake, to go on a church camping weekend led by the newly arrived Father Gerry. On both those nights...

Parallel Worlds

By Wynne Stevens

Parallel Worlds by Wynne Stevens was an unexpected pleasure to read. It was reminiscent of everything that I loved about The Notebook, yet having its own flair and uniqueness. The narrative starts with our perception of reality and interpretation of that reality. It’s a brief...

Fate Be

By Rowena Portch

One of the things I love in a good story is the narrative voice. When it grabs my attention and rings through my ears powerfully, I keep reading, and Rowena Portch’s voice comes across as compelling and unique in Fate Be, a contemporary romance that...

Fatima and the Sons of Abraham

By Val Bonacci

Fatima and the Sons of Abraham by Val Bonacci is an inspiring novel that explores faith, personal transformation, friendship, and the sense of mystery, a work that will find a great home with fans of the writings of Paolo Coelho. Readers are introduced to powerful...

The Vatican Cameos

A Sherlock Holmes Adventure
By Richard T Ryan

The Vatican Cameos: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure is a historical mystery by Richard T. Ryan. In 1501, Michelangelo is commissioned by the pope to create cameos of specific cardinals portraying the seven deadly sins they commit. Michelangelo becomes a pawn in a scandalous religious game...

Spring Raine

Paradise Pines
By Delia Latham

Spring Raine (Paradise Pines Series) by Delia Latham is a powerful Christian romance that delivers a whole lot more than romance; it offers wisdom and encouragement throughout. The growing affection between Raine and Declan is touching and tender and is a well designed plot that...

The Prodigal Son

The Graham Saga Book 3
By Anna Belfrage

The Prodigal Son by Anna Belfrage is an intense and highly satisfying addition to The Graham Saga, and one that I was able to follow easily despite the fact that it had been some time since I'd read the previous installments. Belfrage does a commendable...

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Rosabelle's Story

An Amish Fairly Tale Novelette 2
By J.E.B. Spredemann

Rosabelle's Story by J.E.B. Spredemann is a short Amish Christian romance that tells the story of Amos and Rosabelle. They have been working together for years in her father's hardware store. While Rosabelle is on the verge of graduating high school, Amos is a young...

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