Fiction - Religious Theme

Dreams of Heaven

By Shaman Elizabeth Herrera

Dreams of Heaven by Shaman Elizabeth Herrera is an inspirational book that tells a brilliant and heartwarming story, while reflecting on the mysteries of life, love, faith, death, and eternity. Meet Savannah Watkins, a woman just like any other, except that she has very unusual...

Dodging Satan

My Irish/Italian sometimes awesome, but mostly creepy, childhood
By Kathleen Zamboni McCormick

Ever read a book and thought, “That is so me! Wish I had written it…or had the guts to write it!” That’s the effect Dodging Satan by Kathleen Zamboni McCormick had on me. From the bright and colourful eye-catching cover to the very last word,...

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Destiny By Design

Michelli Family Ties
By Sherry Crandell

Destiny By Design: Michelli Family Ties by Sherry Crandell is an engaging love story where Trish Cooper meets someone who takes her back to her past, which she had closed and left a long time ago. She goes with her friend Tabitha to meet the...

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DJ's Lullaby

A Mother's Love Song
By Lucy Rivas Enriquez

"DJ's Lullaby: A Mother's Love Song" is a children's book about a mom who was waiting and praying for a child for her to love. There are pictures, drawn by M.A. Moisa, that accompany Lucy Rivas Enriquez's text about the mom's mommy parts that are...

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