Fiction - Religious Theme

Songs of the Deliverer III

Glory Born
By Elvo Fortunato Bucci

Glory Born by Elvo Fortunato Bucci is the third novel in the Songs of the Deliverer series. I remember reading the first novel in the series and being enthralled with the writing style of the author. This novel serves as a prequel to the series....

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Santiago Tales

By Terry Tumbler

Santiago Tales by Terry Tumbler is a brilliant, refreshing, and gripping collection of tales crafted around a group of retired people on a pilgrimage to Santiago, a contemporary kind of Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. Led by an ex-detective, readers are introduced to a...

Soul Doubt

By D. Hart St. Martin

Soul Doubt by D. Hart St. Martin is a compelling paranormal romance with powerful themes and great characters. Job Chandler is a great rock ‘n roll star, a success in the music industry, with prolific skill with instruments. That is what everyone thinks, but it’s...

Sins of Summer

By Linda Heavner Gerald

Sins of Summer by Linda Heavner Gerald is the story of a young girl who was destroyed by a monster, but later she found it in her heart to forgive that person and finally set herself free from her past. There is just something about...

Storm Coming

A Novel of the Civil War in Western Virginia
By Jack W. Lewis

I have always known that there is a state named Virginia, and a state named West Virginia. But in all my reading of American history, even Civil War history, I had never found out when this happened or even why it happened. Now I know....

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Solomon's Men

By Glenn Starkey

Glenn Starkey never ceases to amaze! The author of six brilliant books, each of them impossible to put down, Starkey’s latest, Solomon's Men, will have you turning pages faster than you can count. And if you dare to pick up Solomon's Men before retiring at...

S.O.S. Animals And Other Stories

By Fiza Pathan

S.O.S. Animals and Other Stories by Fiza Pathan is a collection of 26 short stories which range from parable-like stories backed up by biblical texts, to unusual scenarios which cause the reader to stop and think. Many of the stories involve animals in one way...

Spring Raine

Paradise Pines
By Delia Latham

Spring Raine (Paradise Pines Series) by Delia Latham is a powerful Christian romance that delivers a whole lot more than romance; it offers wisdom and encouragement throughout. The growing affection between Raine and Declan is touching and tender and is a well designed plot that...

Shoot the Wounded

By Lynn Dove

"Shoot The Wounded" centers around the small town and families of Maplewood. Leigh and Ronnie were best friends in grade school, things changed as they started high school. Their family life was very different. In her teen years Ronnie turned wild. Jake was a new...

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