Fiction - Religious Theme

Holy Fool

By Kenneth Butler

In the entertaining and thought-provoking fiction novel, Holy Fool by Kenneth Butler, a materialistic husband and father decides to become a priest after surviving a car accident. George St. Hilaire is a shrewd and competitive man in every aspect of his life, and his prominent...

From House to Home

Karina's Journey Book 1
By Patricia Bell

From House to Home (Karina’s Journey Book 1) by Patricia Bell opens with Karina on her way home from school. All the emergency services, including the police, surround the trailer that is her home. Despite seeing a body, who may or may not be her...

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Dodging Satan

My Irish/Italian sometimes awesome, but mostly creepy, childhood
By Kathleen Zamboni McCormick

Ever read a book and thought, “That is so me! Wish I had written it…or had the guts to write it!” That’s the effect Dodging Satan by Kathleen Zamboni McCormick had on me. From the bright and colourful eye-catching cover to the very last word,...

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Storm Coming

A Novel of the Civil War in Western Virginia
By Jack W. Lewis

I have always known that there is a state named Virginia, and a state named West Virginia. But in all my reading of American history, even Civil War history, I had never found out when this happened or even why it happened. Now I know....

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Judah's Scepter and the Sacred Stone

By D. A. Brittain

Judah's Scepter and the Sacred Stone by D.A. Brittain is a Christian historical romance novel that would appeal most to a diverse audience of young adults and adults who enjoy biblical fiction with elements of romance. Princess Teia is the daughter of Judah’s last king,...

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Like The Ocean Moves

Book One of the Torchbearer Series
By Liz Mitchell

Like The Ocean Moves is Book One of the Torchbearer Series by Liz Mitchell, an inspiring story that explores the power of faith and the themes of physical and spiritual freedom and human trafficking, a story with strong spiritual undertones but with a realism that...

Solomon's Men

By Glenn Starkey

Glenn Starkey never ceases to amaze! The author of six brilliant books, each of them impossible to put down, Starkey’s latest, Solomon's Men, will have you turning pages faster than you can count. And if you dare to pick up Solomon's Men before retiring at...

An Unexpected Afterlife

Dry Bones Society
By Dan Sofer

An Unexpected Afterlife: An Adventure in the Jewish Resurrection (Dry Bones Society Book 1) by Dan Sofer introduces us to Moshe Karlin, who opens his eyes to find himself naked and alone in the Mount of Olives Cemetery one fine day. Moshe soon finds out...

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Jesus In Our Time

By Nilanjana Sanyal

Jesus in Our Time by Nilanjana Sanyal is an insightful and beautiful story about one woman’s spiritual journey, a story that captures the political and social issues of contemporary society with forensic clarity. When the story begins, the reader is introduced to a couple having...

S.O.S. Animals And Other Stories

By Fiza Pathan

S.O.S. Animals and Other Stories by Fiza Pathan is a collection of 26 short stories which range from parable-like stories backed up by biblical texts, to unusual scenarios which cause the reader to stop and think. Many of the stories involve animals in one way...