Haunting Me

Haunting Me Series Book 1
By Nikki LeClair

Haunting Me (Haunting Me Series Book 1) by Nikki LeClair tells the story of Phoebe Mercer, a law assistant yearning to be a fully-fledged lawyer, not only for self-gratification but to impress and appease her overbearing soon-to-be mother-in-law. She is unwittingly dominated by her boyfriend,...

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Haunting Memories from a Troubled Past

A Hera Hunter Mystery
By Ellie DeFarr

Haunting Memories from a Troubled Past: A Hera Hunter Mystery by Ellie DeFarr is an exciting story. Hera Hunter is a private investigator in Centreville. Thanks to Hera's former training in the Marines, she became an expert sniper, and her job was to seek justice...