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The First Lady's Second Man

By David Bishop

David Bishop has managed to combine two of my favorite elements, politics and puzzles, into one thrilling read! The First Lady’s Second Man is the story of Linda Darby and how she ends up in the middle of a life or death scandal. You see,...

Acqua Sacra

By Keith Henderson

Suzanna Ricci’s marriage is on the rocks, leaving her feeling a failure. In Acqua Sacra by Keith Henderson, she is charged by her mother with the renovation of the old family house in Acqua Sacra, a small village in the Abruzzo region of Italy. She...

The Quiet Coup

A Political Thriller
By Rob Lubitz

When Bill and Cheryl Parker are visited by an aggressive reporter who has recognized them from news footage of an earthquake on Molokai, their idyllic, love-filled lives are turned upside down and inside out by more than the earthquake in this riveting political thriller, The...

Mia's Magic Wand

By Peter Volkofsky

Wow! Just, wow! That’s exactly what I thought when I finished reading Mia’s Magic Wand, the new book by author Peter Volkofsky. This story grabbed me from the very start and kept me obsessively reading all the way through until the very end! Follow the...


By Janet Shawgo

In Archidamus by Janet Shawgo, the good guys are Zack, a female CIA agent, in love with Eric who has been kidnapped. Taylor is Eric’s very rich brother; Bevan is Zack’s boss in the NSA and the one trying to keep her safe. Aaron Caydon...

The Ulterior Motive

By Jack Coleston

The Ulterior Motive by Jack Coleston was a great read. It took me a few pages to get into the story, but once I became familiar with the characters, I was hooked and I didn’t want to put the book down. The subject is an...

Two Faced

By Alexis Kennedy

Two Faced by Alexis Kennedy is an action thriller. There ain’t no stopping Scarlett Vanderwall. She always gets whatever she is after, at least that what she believes. Ivan Stanislovsky is a gun for hire; smart, daring, strong, but this might just be one assignment...

Moscow Venture

By A. K. Celer

In an exciting and highly engaging new read by author A.K. Celer, Moscow Venture is a true thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seats and obsessively turning the pages from the start all the way through until the very end. Follow...

Of Our Own Device

By M.K. South

Of Our Own Device by M.K. South is a powerful thriller told around equally powerful historical events. For readers who enjoy political thrillers that are fast-paced and gripping, this book will be a wondrous treat. The novel features one of the perennial conflicts of modern...

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Third Party

By Steven Nemerovski

Strange Bedfellows, the second book in the Third Party series by Steven Nemerovski, kicks off soon after Starting in the Middle ends. Atlas and his team are high on their election win, but rather than taking the current political standpoint that it's more important to...