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By D. Hearle

Outsource is an international political thriller written by Douglas G. Hearle. It was the 1980s, and business had taken on an increasingly international flavor. Multinational corporations arose out of the rapid rise of mergers and acquisitions that graced Wall Street after the deregulatory efforts of...


By Douglas G. Hearle

Outsource by Douglas G. Hearle is a political thriller with an interesting cast of characters, a strong plot, and an exciting setting. A New York businessman, a globetrotter, is employed by the CIA to carry their messages surreptitiously to their contacts in Southeast Asian governments....

Betrayal of Justice

A Zachary Blake Betrayal Legal Thriller
By Mark M. Bello

Betrayal of Justice, the taut new legal thriller by Mark M. Bello, is positively chilling in its political acuity. Ronald John, the newly-elected President of the United States and poster boy of white Christians the country over, is about to put into action his campaign...

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By Chris Calder

Kismet is a political action thriller with more than a hint of the police procedural about it. The story follows Edmund Lafitte, a British Member of Parliament, drawn almost incidentally into the activities of Islamic State in the UK when he tries to help a...

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Not Black and White

From the Very Windy City to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
By G. A. Beller

Not Black and White: From the Very Windy City to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by G.A. Beller is a dramatic historical novel that explores the events leading up to the rise of a street politician who ultimately became the first Negro-American president, and how two state...

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The Downing Street Plot

An Agent's Revenge
By Toby Oliver

When Spencer Hall, Head of British MI5, sees Jack Stein resting against a car across the street, he knows that it is not a social visit. In The Downing Street Plot by Toby Oliver, Stein, a US CIA agent, is in London to personally deliver...

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The Iran Contradictions

By James A. Scott

The Iran Contradictions by James A. Scott is a political thriller set against the backdrop of the politically turbulent landscapes of the 1980s. A group of a select, chosen few, known as The Seven, are poised for action. These plotters have a closely guarded secret....

Hijacking of the American Presidency

Terrorists in the White House
By Assad R Wright

Hijacking of the American Presidency: Terrorists in the White House by Assad R Wright is a political thriller with awesome characters and surprising literary elements, a story that reads like an action movie, and it won’t be surprising if fans of the movie Olympus Has...

My Days in the Beast

The Diary of a Holy Warrior in America
By Aamir Al-Mamoura

My Days in the Beast by Aamir Al-Mamoura is The Diary of a Holy Warrior in America. Al-Mamoura is a radical Islamic Muslim who kept a comprehensive diary of his time and his activities in the US. All the while he was there, he was...

Beltway Upheaval

Sequel to Patriotic Gamble
By Ken Gorman

A contingent election, controversial dealings, and politics that go beyond the shades of grey that permeate the day to day functioning are the undertone of Beltway Upheaval: Sequel to Patriotic Gamble by Ken Gorman. After an unprecedented election determined by a rare enactment of the...