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Red Stick Two

By Kenneth Kirkeby

A story that starts with a cat, and in a narrative that is laced with symbolism, Red Stick Two: A Novel by Kenneth Kirkeby is a thriller that will, undoubtedly, keep readers on the edge of their seats, the second book in a series that...

Red Star Rising

By Tyler Roberts

Red Star Rising by Tyler Roberts is a gripping novel with a strong dystopian and political setting. The American Empire is on the brink of collapse, economically weakened by its uncontrolled spending and mounting debts. Now, China wants the debt repaid and the US is...

Raven: Birds of Flight

Book 2
By J.M.Erickson

Alex Burns aka Falcon 5, is the type of operative you want on your side. He is the head of the Foreign Intelligence Agency and a group of operatives considered renegades. Burns has many enemies that would love to see him dead. Burns and his...

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Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Dominion

Jason Bourne
By Eric Van Lustbader

Espionage, murder, deception: many things that Jason Bourne has had to deal with all his adult life. His mission now is the hardest he has had: he has to try to save the United States' precious natural resources. In his mission to protect those resources...

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