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The Seventh Seed

By Allison Maruska

The Seventh Seed by Allison Maruska is an action packed thriller that includes a corrupt government, greedy pharmaceutical companies, and absolute power. It could be viewed as a future possibility of the United States. Javier, one of the main characters, sets things in motion as...

The Chaos of Change

A Thriller Novel
By J. T. Riggen

If you’ve ever wondered what the adjectives “rip-snorting” or “humdinger” mean, pick up The Chaos of Change by J.T. Riggen and you’ll know. Talk about an intense, fast-paced, often complicated, yet understandable political thriller! But be prepared to come away with a sense of chaotic...

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The Downing Street Plot

An Agent's Revenge
By Toby Oliver

When Spencer Hall, Head of British MI5, sees Jack Stein resting against a car across the street, he knows that it is not a social visit. In The Downing Street Plot by Toby Oliver, Stein, a US CIA agent, is in London to personally deliver...

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The Iran Contradictions

By James A. Scott

The Iran Contradictions by James A. Scott is a political thriller set against the backdrop of the politically turbulent landscapes of the 1980s. A group of a select, chosen few, known as The Seven, are poised for action. These plotters have a closely guarded secret....

The Knight on Armoured Steed

The Silent Assassin #4
By Adrian P.

Adrian P.’s The Knight on Armoured Steed is book four in The Silent Assassin series, a book that is set in the future, featuring very compelling characters and a sophisticated plot line. Meet two powerful warriors, Audi Prabian and Jane Drake, poised to take down...

Tabula Rasa

The End is Nigh
By Gordon Bickerstaff

Tabula Rasa: The End is Nigh by Gordon Bickerstaff is a fascinating tale that weaves together elements of thriller with mystery to deliver one of the best entertainments for readers. Two skilled agents from the Lambeth Group, Gavin Shawlens and Zoe Tampsin, are embroiled in...

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The Positive Impact of Modern Liberals

(a tragi-comedy)
By Perfesser Propah Gandah

The Positive Impact of Modern Liberals by Perfesser Propah Gandah begins with a powerful, somewhat hilarious declaration that sets the tone for this wonderful work: “What can I say? I like to tease liberals . . . makes me politically erect. And, after all...

Tsunami Storm

By D F Capps

I must admit that these days my mind is very preoccupied with China. I live here and I teach here and I think it is good for everyone when America and China get along. We need to understand each other. America is the largest economy...

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The Cost of Liberty

By Michael Skeen

The United States as we all know it is no more, but is it truly gone, or simply being buried under Sharia Law and communist ideals? The president isn’t sure anymore and Don is simply trying to stay alive in captivity. But what if the...

The First Lady's Second Man

By David Bishop

David Bishop has managed to combine two of my favorite elements, politics and puzzles, into one thrilling read! The First Lady’s Second Man is the story of Linda Darby and how she ends up in the middle of a life or death scandal. You see,...

Readers’ Favorite Award Winner

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