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Infidels of Oil
By Ray Palla

H: Infidels of Oil is the latest offering from Ray Palla. And if you enjoy thrillers where the murderous band of antagonists gets their comeuppance from a gaggle of good ‘ole boy roughnecks, then Mr. Palla has a rollicking novel just for you. In a...

The Positive Impact of Modern Liberals

(a tragi-comedy)
By Perfesser Propah Gandah

The Positive Impact of Modern Liberals by Perfesser Propah Gandah begins with a powerful, somewhat hilarious declaration that sets the tone for this wonderful work: “What can I say? I like to tease liberals . . . makes me politically erect. And, after all...

Blood Memory Society

Book 1
By D.A. Field

Dr. Will Dunbar practices reproductive medicine, an expert in his field, and is just preparing to take the enviable position as head of the department in the Mayo Clinic when the call comes. It’s his former classmate at West Point and it is a matter...

Tsunami Storm

By D F Capps

I must admit that these days my mind is very preoccupied with China. I live here and I teach here and I think it is good for everyone when America and China get along. We need to understand each other. America is the largest economy...

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Akbar's Jihad

Book One
By Paul Carlberg

Akbar's Jihad by Paul Carlberg is a political thriller that explores intrigue, espionage, and terrorism, a story that presents the reader with very compelling characters, including CIA agents and the Iranian intelligence. Meet Akbar al-Kamal who, with the help of his best friend, Mansoor, is...

The Cost of Liberty

By Michael Skeen

The United States as we all know it is no more, but is it truly gone, or simply being buried under Sharia Law and communist ideals? The president isn’t sure anymore and Don is simply trying to stay alive in captivity. But what if the...

Voice in the Wilderness

Against All Enemies Volume 1
By H. L. Wegley

Voice in the Wilderness by H.L. Wegley is the opening book in the Against All Enemies series, a thriller with great spiritual and political undertones, and a stunning indictment of a system that fosters dictatorship and a mindless form of capitalism. The US is heading...

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Much Given

A Cold War Thriller
By Dylan Patrick Grant

Much Given: A Cold War Thriller by Dylan Patrick Grant is an intense, action packed thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat and biting your nails until the very end. The novel is told from the perspective of three different men...

Going Gone!

A Trackers Novel
By Anita Dickason

Going Gone! (A Trackers Novel) by Anita Dickason is a political fiction novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of adults and young adults who enjoy fast paced, suspense filled thrillers. Kerry Branson is an ex-homicide detective turned private investigator who disrupts a...

Silent Hood

By Michael Eaborn

Silent Hood is a political dystopian novella written by Michael Eaborn. Violence has fast spun out of control, with Donald J. Trump as newly elected President of the United States. Laws and the Constitution are quickly turned on their heads, with the new reality of...