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Betrayal in Blue

The Shocking Memoir of the Scandal That Rocked the NYPD
By Burl Barer, Frank C. Girardot Jr., Ken Eurell

Betrayal in Blue: The Shocking Memoir of the Scandal That Rocked the NYPD by Burl Barer, Frank C. Girardot Jr., and Ken Eurell is a true crime non-fiction novel about the '80s scandal involving NYPD cops actively involved in drug dealing. Betrayal in Blue starts...

How My Husband Keeps Me Happy

A Guide To Building A Marriage That Lasts For Husbands (and Wives Too!)
By Karen Gordon, Evan Myshrall

Karen Gordon and her husband, Evan Myshrall, know what the pain of divorce is like. But they also know that a second chance of happiness is possible. In How my Husband Keeps Me Happy: A Guide to Building a Marriage that Lasts for Husbands (and...

Anger Management

Understanding Anger and Finding the Right Way to Deal with it
By Dr. Mary Ann Martínez

Did you know that there are different levels of anger - from addictive, passive-aggressive and verbal to overwhelming anger due to postpartum depression? Anger is an emotion expressed by strong feelings and the effects of everyday life. Anger can be displayed in several ways, from...

Let's Make Our World Better - How Politics and Religion Stand in the Way

By Warren William Luce

In Let's Make Our World Better: How Politics and Religion Stand in the Way, Warren William Luce writes: “When we feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, shelter the homeless, take care of the sick, visit those in prison, and generally take care of...

The Dashboard Book

American Automobile Dashboards 1899-1900
By Wayne Moore

From Horseless Carriages and Buggies to Muscle Cars, the dashboard has greatly evolved over time from its design to its purpose. In The Dashboard Book: American Automobile Dashboards 1899-1900 by Wayne Moore, you will be taken on a journey as you discover how each automaker...


The Consciousness of Dreaming, Music and the World
By Ruth Finnegan

Entrancement: The Consciousness of Dreaming, Music and the World by Ruth Finnegan is a book that explores dreams and many other forms of consciousness, and how these interact with our dreams. In this diverse and amazingly well-crafted book, Ruth Finnegan is talking about states of...


Your Prescription for Financial Success
By Joseph C. Newtz

"Amassing wealth and becoming financially independent is a slow process..." says financial planning expert Joseph C. Newtz and author of MoneyRX: Your Prescription for Financial Success. The average person is unaware about basic money management and the standard practices of the financial services industry. So...

Answering Your Inner Calling

3 Practices for Following Your Soul's Guidance Toward Joyful and Fulfilling Work
By Lisa Espinosa

Did you know that you have a purpose for living on this earth? As it says in the Bible, Ephesians 4:11, some are called to be apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers. So what are you gifting to the...

Making the Most of Your Milestone Birthday

52 Ways to Have the Best Year Ever
By Liisa Kyle

Of the many birthdays that you will experience in your life, which ones do you consider the milestone years? Coach Liisa Kyle has created a self-help guide to help you make the most out of those milestone years in her latest book, Making the Most...


One Man's Leadership Journey
By Anna Conrad

"We judge ourselves by our intent. Others judge us by our actions," says Sonya, an executive coach, in (R)evolution: One Man's Leadership Journey by Anna Conrad. Sonya is hired by Tom's employer when his boss, Robert, is concerned about Tom's inability to grasp the company's...

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