On the Edge of Death

Book 2 of The Sundered Oath
By Ciara Ballintyne

In On the Edge of Death, we meet Battle Priestess Ellaeva as she is in the middle of a decades-old search for her missing family. What she finds instead turns out to be a bigger mystery that puts her on the path she needed to...

Annie Aardvark, Mathematician

By Suzie Olsen

Annie Aardvark, Mathematician by Suzie Olsen is a fun, educational children's book about a young aardvark named Annie. Annie loves everything about math, like counting, adding, and subtracting. Annie decides that today, as she forages, she will count everything she finds. Annie hopes to get...

Tobacco Sun

By Lorna Hollifield

Set in the year 1947, Tobacco Sun takes place in the village of Tobaccoville, North Carolina. It shares with us the tale of two sisters who have been estranged for years, driven apart by their status in life—Sydra, the younger sister, a stunning but cold...

Countdown 'Til Mommy Comes Home

By Kristin Ayyar

Countdown 'Til Mommy Comes Home by Kristin Ayyar is a brilliant book that combines the art of storytelling and illustrations to offer ideas and insights on how to survive the painful period of waiting for a parent. So, the little boy’s Mommy must go on...

Lost in the Reflecting Pool

A Memoir
By Diane Pomerantz

It's often said that a shoemaker can't mend his own shoes or a hairdresser can't style her own hair. One might be tempted to look at Diane Pomerantz's difficulty in understanding and analyzing the narcissistic, mentally abusive husband she reveals to us in her memoir,...

Blood Renegades

By Rosemary A Johns

Blood Renegades by Rosemary A Johns is a classy urban fantasy with stunning and memorable characters, a story that features vampires poised against each other in a deadly conflict. Meet Light, an eccentric character, rebellious and passionate. He is considered a traitor and about to...

Sparks of Love

By Mary L. Ball

Sparks of Love by Mary L. Ball is a romance mystery that entertains the frequently asked question of "why?" Lynette Cunningham has run from the rumors and accusations of the past and made her life away from her hometown of Freedom. When the company...

Cue Bull

By Dan Absalonson

Cue Bull by Dan Absalonson is a poignant short story about how a man's life changes and how he moves on after the loss of his father. George and his brothers have just finished cleaning out their parents' house, preparing it for an estate sale....

The Other Side of Philip K. Dick

A Tale of Two Friends
By Maer Wilson

The Other Side of Philip K. Dick: A Tale of Two Friends is a non-fiction memoir written by Maer Wilson. Wilson was nineteen years old and happily involved in the second semester of her freshman year at Cal State Fullerton when dramatics major and her...

Jack Sprat's Wife

By Terri Kelleher

Jack Sprat's Wife by Terry Kelleher is an exciting new take on a classic nursery rhyme. The book follows Jack Sprat and his wife, Jane. Jack eats healthy foods, and is a very healthy person, but Jane eats mostly unhealthy foods. One day Jack asked...

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