Echoes Trilogy Book 1
By Marc Buhmann

Earth is in dire straits. Political turmoil and a deadly virus have made life on Earth difficult. Starting a colony on a distant planet seems like a good way to escape the evils that have invaded the home planet. A group of individuals embarks...

The Salamander Chronicles

By Don Beukes

The Salamander Chronicles by Don Beukes is a collection of poems that would appeal most to an audience of adults who enjoy poetry; though some mature young adults might also enjoy the collection. The Salamander Chronicles comprises many different poems that all have their own...

Adam's Stepsons

By M. Thomas Apple

Adam's Stepsons is a military science fiction novella written by M. Thomas Apple. To the military establishment at Armed Forces HQ, the clones were things, to be addressed using the pronoun "it", but their creator, Dr. Heimann, had considerable difficulty conforming with that protocol. Granted,...

Hitchin' Post

By Julie Barker

Six B’s Hitchin’ Post, written by Julie Barker and illustrated by Carolyn Altman, tells the story of a jack rabbit aptly named Hitchin Post who loves the Six B’s ranch where he lives. Unfortunately, the ranch suffers a drought which means the cattle have to...

Hot Chocolate Underpants to the Rescue

By Rafael Jacimin

Hot Chocolate Underpants to the Rescue is the second children’s book in the Hot Chocolate Underpants series, written by Rafael Jacimin and illustrated by Van der Saim. When Caspian plays Frisbee in the back yard with his grandfather, the Frisbee becomes entangled within the branches...

Black Child to Black Woman

A Journey of Tremendous Proportions
By Cheryl Denise Bannerman

With life there are all types of experiences, lessons and challenges that shape us. It is the beginning of life from the womb to our formative years, up to the age of five, that help to create who we will be. If something drastic, brutal,...

Partisans and Refugees

Patriots of the American Revolution Series - Book Two
By Geoff Baggett

Wow, wow, wow! That's exactly what I thought when I finished reading the excellent new book by author Geoff Baggett, Partisans and Refugees: Patriots of the American Revolution Series, Volume 2. This book absolutely grabbed me from the very first pages and kept me obsessively...

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A Symphony of Dragons

By Lisa Shambrook

“The seasons are not a concerto. They’re a full symphony. You each have a place, and beneath my watchful eye, I want to see you sparkle as the heavens do. Learn compassion and selfless spirit. Know that this world turns to your tune, your movement...

Wielder of the Gauntlets

Armor of the Fallen Book 1
By Jason Dimmick

“Dreams are but a doorway to your heart.” Such are the powerful words that open this beautiful and epic tale and they are words that captured my heart and got me interested in this story that is filled with wisdom, action, and entertainment. A perfect...

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The Great Skeeter Battle

Bubblegum Mike, Book 1
By Geoffrey Saign

Readers are introduced to Mike Josephs who is chewing a newfangled bubblegum in The Great Skeeter Battle: Bubblegum Mike, Book 1 by Geoffrey Saign. His friends, Skim and Teddy, dare him to chew twenty pieces of that newfangled bubblegum and blow twenty bubbles. Mike wants...