Romance - General

Moonful of Love

By Magus Tor

Kellion S. Mocking is on a journey. One step at a time, on foot from town to town, he walks alone. He endures physical pain, and searches for forgiveness from emotional pain that rose from a life filled with tragedy, bad choices and mistakes. One...

New Beginnings

Beginnings #1
By Iris Blobel

New Beginnings by Iris Blobel is a very sweet romance about Sophie, a young woman struggling to take care of her little sister after the pair of them are orphaned. Inheriting a house from a mysterious benefactor seems like a gift from God for Sophie,...

Deceiving Bella

Book Eleven In The Bodyguards Of L.A. County Series
By Cate Beauman

Wow! Just, wow! That’s exactly what I thought when I finished reading Deceiving Bella: Book Eleven in the Bodyguards of L.A. County Series by author Cate Beauman. This book grabbed me from the very start and kept me reading obsessively all the way through to...

Coming Home

Baytown Boys Series
By Maryann Jordan

Coming Home by Maryann Jordan is a stunning entry in the Baytown Boys series, a perfect book for fans of romance and suspense. Readers are introduced to compelling characters, military men who come home to their roots, to rediscover the tranquility of their seaside town....

Kindred Souls

The Psychic and The Priest Paranormal Romance Book One
By Kaiden Klein

Kindred Souls: The Psychic and the Priest Paranormal Romance Series, Book I, by Kaiden Klein, is a fabulously well-written story that centers on the relationship developing between two unlikely paired individuals: Annie, who has a very unique power involving psychic phenomena, and the spirited and...

Eric and Lamar Dance

By Enrique Stein

Eric and Lamar Dance by Enrique Stein is a gay romance novel that explores a sub/dom race-play relationship from childhood to adulthood. Eric and Lamar Dance would appeal most to an audience of adults with an interest in gay sub/dom romance and race play. The...

The Old Drive-In

By Howard Reiss

Mitch and Sandi had the perfect life: gorgeous city apartment, two pretty children, a lucrative income, and the world in their hands. And then Mitch’s law firm went belly up and his father died. As Mitch reflects on his life, he realizes that neither of...

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The Merchant's Pearl

The Merchant's Pearl Saga Book 1
By Amie O'Brien

The Merchant’s Pearl tells the story of Sarai, an opinionated young daughter of missionaries. She thought the world was her oyster, at her disposal to bend and shape at will. But tragic circumstances convene to change Sarai’s destiny from world changer to gift for a...

Secondhand Romance

By Jessica Stevens

Secondhand Romance is a second-chances contemporary romance novel written by Jessica Stevens. Rita and her identical twin sister, Annabelle, did everything together, so those who knew and loved them weren't all that surprised when they announced their plan to have a double wedding. Annabelle was...

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Never My Love

By Delores Miles

Never My Love is a romance novelette written by Delores Miles. It is the summer of 1963 and, at the tender age of 15, Annie Hebert is happily dating Cody Calvert and is best friends with Candace Kemp. But when Jake Anders comes to work...

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