Young Adult - Fantasy - Epic

Rise of the Aranthians

Osric's Wand, Books 1-3
By Jack D. Albrecht Jr, Ashley Delay

Rise of the Aranthians features the first three books in the Osric's Wand series by Jack D. Albrecht Jr and Ashley Delay, a fantasy series that will take readers to strange lands filled with magic and extraordinary characters. The Wand-Maker’s Debate features Osric and his...

DarkSkull Hall

The Mage Chronicles Book 1
By Lisa Cassidy

Lady Alyx Egalion enjoys life as the daughter one of the leading nobles of Rionn and best friend of Prince Cayr. At sixteen years of age, Alyx thinks she is about to become betrothed to Cayr, but life has different plans for her in DarkSkull...

Black Dawn

By Mallory McCartney

Shape shifting, betrayal, romance and time travel conspire in Black Dawn by Mallory McCartney. The heroine, Emory Fae, is a twenty-one-year-old young woman who is troubled by the man she encounters in her recurring dream. But it is not a nocturnal mishap. It is the...

Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Capricious Shadows

Orville Wellington Mouse Book 3
By Tom Hoffman

Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Capricious Shadows: Orville Wellington Mouse Book 3 is a young adult adventure fantasy written by Tom Hoffman. Orville’s dream seemed so real; but this was nothing new to him -- Orville was quite familiar with dreams that felt...


By Jamie Le Fay

Ahe'ey by Jamie Le Fay is the complete collection of a series that takes place in a fantasy world segregated following a horrific war. Morgan is opinionated and strong-willed, speaking for empowerment and equality. When an event goes awry and her handsome guide saves her...

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Ephemeral and Fleeting

The Oathtaker Series, Volume Three
By Patricia Reding

I missed the two previous books in The Oathtaker series by Patricia Reding, but Ephemeral and Fleeting tamed my heart and gave me a longing for more of this author’s work. Although this is the third volume in the thrilling epic fantasy, it reads beautifully...

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Bounty of the Everdark

By Lilian Oake

Bounty of the Everdark by Lilian Oake is a stunning fantasy read about a dark elf named Lorel. One day, Lorel hears other dark elves talking with a human, making a plan to kidnap the queen. Lorel can't let that happen. It would wreck any...

The Enchanted Swans

By Christy Nicholas

The Enchanted Swans by Christy Nicholas is a retelling of an ancient Irish tale, The Children of Lir. Fionnuala is a fae princess in pre-Celtic Ireland, who was raised to honor her duty and to put everything, even love, second to her title. When her...

The Wizard Killer - Season Two

A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Thrill Ride
By Adam Dreece

First, let me say that I did not read the first installment or season of Wizard Killer so I was a little lost at the beginning of Wizard Killer Season Two by Adam Dreece. I highly recommend to anyone considering reading the Wizard Killer series...

The Slave Boy

The Orfeo Saga volume 6
By Murray Lee Eiland Jr

I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing the opening book in the Orfeo Saga, The Sword of Telemon, which introduced Murray Lee Eiland Jr.'s distinctive signature of excellent prose, unique phraseology, and complex characters. The Slave Boy, the sixth book in the installment, did...