Young Adult - Fantasy - Epic

The Insignificance Paradigm

Prince of Providence Volume 1
By John Hamilton

The Insignificance Paradigm: Prince of Providence - Volume 1 by John Hamilton is the story of a young guy named Eleazaar. He is thrown into a new world where nothing is as it seems. Transitioning into a new world with strangers is never easy, but...

Through Dragon Eyes

By Catherine Milos

Through Dragon Eyes by Catherine Milos is the story of dragons, and the coming war that could destroy them. Zoe's family was killed by the Black Dragon when she was a baby and grew up to be the future Wise One Earthana's scaler. When she's...

Emerson Page and Where The Light Enters

By Christa Avampato

Emerson Page and Where the Light Enters by Christa Avampato is a gripping story about a young girl’s search for answers and clarity regarding her mother’s mysterious death. While the NYPD has given up on the case and thinks that Nora, the renowned anthropologist, simply...

The Ominous

Heroes play it safe. They don't
By Boss Kelly

The Ominous by Boss Kelly is a thrilling story that follows a girl named Maddie North. Maddie lived her life as a normal girl, with normal friends, and a normal life. That is, until she falls into a coma that lasts for six months. It...

True Life

Legends of Tye Series - Volume 1
By R. J. Tolson

True Life is the first entry in the Legends of Tye Series by R.J. Tolson, an adventure that will delight young adult readers and fans of comics. The reader is introduced to a magical setting and a clan known as the Astra Clan, comprising people...

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By Nicklous Adams II

Zanthia by Nicklous Adams II is an excellent epic fantasy tale for young adults. In the land of Zanthia, two boys and a girl are forced to go on the run when their city is destroyed by the monstrous Krazul. Micah, of the Levithian people,...


By Redd Kaiman

Dionykles by Redd Kaiman is a young adult epic fantasy novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy fantasy and do not mind violence. On the world of Stoneterra, a mortal woman by the name of...

Craving Beauty

Wylder Tales #1
By Jennifer Silverwood

Vynasha has been caring for her ill nephew since the raging fire that took the lives of his mother and Vynasha’s other two sisters in Craving Beauty: Wylder Tales Book 1 by Jennifer Silverwood. Times are getting tougher since they live so close to the...

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Rising Vengeance

By Stephen J. Trolly

Intense and intoxicating, Rising Vengeance by Stephen J. Trolly is described as epic fantasy for young adult readers, but it most certainly is a delightful read for all fans of epic fantasy, a story with a powerful setting, great themes, and a conflict that is...

Finding Pandora

Book Four Eternity
By E. Rachael Hardcastle

Under the command of the mischievous Falkon Lou, the orc-werewolf army marches to the Recruit’s sanctuary. Their mission is to destroy every supernatural being who stands in their way. It is suspected that the Recruit is in possession of the powerful Pandora’s Box. Falkon Lou...