Young Adult - Fantasy - Epic

The Dragon King

The Alaris Chronicles Book 3
By Mike Shelton

In The Dragon King, the last installment of The Alaris Chronicles by Mike Shelton, Bakari, the scholar-wizard-turned-dragon-rider, is coming to terms with being acknowledged through the land as the Dragon King. The story picks up where the last book, The Dragon Rider, left off. Bakari...

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Chronicles of Orian Book 1
By Karen Glista

Embellished by Karen Glista is the first book in the Chronicles of Orian trilogy. When Travis talks his sister, Bekka, into helping him and his friends with an online game, he doesn't expect them to become trapped within the game. After nearly getting eaten by...

Glimmer of Steel

The Books of Astrune
By K. E. Blaski

"Damen had two days, five hours, and twenty-two minutes left to save Nyima’s soul." And thus begins Glimmer of Steel by K.E. Blaski, a story so all consuming, so breathtakingly rich as to transport a reader's soul. On a distant planet, a bloodthirsty tyrant rules...

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Phoenica Rising

Keeper of Light
By Caroline Quigley

Phoenica Rising (Keeper of Light) by Caroline Quigley is a young adult epic fantasy novel that would appeal most to an audience of young adult female readers who enjoy heroines that go on adventures in a magical world. Phoenica moves to West Ireland where she...

Shock of Fate

By D. L. Armillei

Shock of Fate by D.L. Armillei is the first book in the Anchoress series. Vanessa Cross plans to idle away her summer, lounging on the beach and shopping, but all that changes with accusations made about her father. In order to find answers for her...

Kingdom in Chains

By J.W. Zulauf

In a world where slavery is legal, Barloc, a man who has known only fear, violence, and slavery, is sold to Lord Harbor who offers promises of freedom. Barloc begins a thirty-day trial to determine his freedom and becomes more confused as daily events seem...

An Ominous Book

An Ominous Book Series, Book 1
By Nancy Foster

An Ominous Book by Nancy Foster is the first book in the young adult epic fantasy series titled An Ominous Book Series. This is a book and series that would appeal most to an audience made up of primarily young adults who enjoy fantasy fiction...

The Immortal Guardians

Rise of the Shadow King
By Alynne McFaye

The Immortal Guardians by Alynne McFaye follows a seemingly ordinary girl named Jessalyn Squalorwinde, who finds herself at the center of a centuries-old battle between good and evil. When she's attacked by the demonic henchmen of the Shadow King, Theorin Valen, her grandmother Josephine reveals...

The Halfling

The Halfling, Book 1
By Melissa H. North

The Halfling is the first book in The Halfling series, written by Melissa H. North. Pursued by her brothers from the Faerie realm of Grandelione, Eliana Ariarose flees through the streets of New York City. Her brothers are sworn enemies, with the youngest, Caelian, having...

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The Rise of the Dawnstar

The Avalonia Chronicles Book 2
By Farah Oomerbhoy

The Rise of the Dawnstar by Farah Oomerbhoy is the second spellbinding installment in The Avalonia Chronicles, a delightful epic fantasy read for young adult readers. In this latest installment in the series, the stakes are raised even higher. The seven kingdoms of Avalonia are...