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Magic Bound

The Hybrid Trilogy
By G.K. DeRosa

Magic Bound by GK DeRosa is the first book in The Hybrid Trilogy and a spin-off of Wilder: The Guardian series. Aria Negrescu has finally gotten her life in order: she's living with her best friend, Ricky, she has a job, and everything seems ordinary....

Grimm Remains

Book Two of the Warlock of Rochester Series
By Eli Celata

Grimm Remains by Eli Celata is book two in the Warlock of Rochester series. Following Mammon's summoning, the town of Rochester has become a beacon for demons. As Jon settles into another academic year, his training with Jordan is frustrating as his mentor remains secretive...


The Guardians Book 1
By Danielle Doolittle

Regret by Danielle Doolittle is book one of The Guardians series. Penelope Green's life is fairly mundane and routine, until a new girl named Jenna arrives at school. She befriends Jenna, and finds herself drawn to Jenna's older brother, Kane Whitmore, who seems to despise...

Sunset Empire

Volume 1
By Melissa Ousley

Sunset Empire (Volume 1) by Melissa Ousley is a YA paranormal tale. Following a fire that destroys her house, Elyse Pythan moves to Astoria to live with a grandmother she had never known. Her grandmother is strict, but Elyse rebels against her and discovers what...

My Fair Assassin

A Young Adult Paranormal Romance (A Paranormal Misfits Romance Book 1)
By C.J. Anaya

My Fair Assassin by C.J. Anaya is the first book in the Paranormal Misfits series. Crysta lives every day trying to fit in and make it to the next day. She dyes her naturally white hair so she'll look like a typical teenage girl. She...

Russian Roulette

Helena Hawthorn Series Book 1
By May Freighter

Russian Roulette by May Freighter is book one of the Helena Hawthorn series. Helena Hawthorn is excited to embark on the next chapter of her life, moving out of her mum and stepdad's house and in with her two best friends for an easier commute...

House of Aries

The Ascendant Series Volume 1
By Whitney Estenson

House of Aries by Whitney Estenson is the first in The Ascendant Series. Kyndal Davenport has been struck by tragedy, losing her entire family in a car accident, and having to move to a small town in Pennsylvania with an aunt she doesn't know. Things...


The Wanderland Chronicles
By J.M. Sullivan

Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles is a dark take on the Lewis Carroll classic. Follow Alice Carroll as she leaves the safety of the Sector to find a cure for the (un)deadly Momerath Virus to save her sister, who has begun to show signs of infection....

Wielder of the Gauntlets

Armor of the Fallen Book 1
By Jason Dimmick

“Dreams are but a doorway to your heart.” Such are the powerful words that open this beautiful and epic tale and they are words that captured my heart and got me interested in this story that is filled with wisdom, action, and entertainment. A perfect...

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Suddenly, Paris

Many Worlds, One Life
By Olga Werby

Julie, the main character of Suddenly, Paris: Many Worlds, One Life by Olga Werby, has to learn that nothing is as it seems in her life. Her real heritage is not what she thought it was, and the odd behavior of her grandmother becomes more...

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