Young Adult - Thriller

The Hired Gun

By Bob MacKenzie (author), Mike St. Pierre (illustrator)

The Hired Gun by Bob MacKenzie is a novella focused on a young group of five friends in Alberta, Canada back in the late 1950s. The kids - Bobby, Sam, Alex, Linda and Dickie - are just shy of their teen years and are on...

Fixer 13

The Forevers Book One
By G. Michael Smith

Thirteen is the female protagonist of Fixer 13 by G. Michael Smith, the first book in The Forevers series. Thirteen has just turned 13, and 13 seems to be her lucky number. She seems to be very lucky in general, and very bright, too. She...


By Elena Dillon

“I’m sorry to bother you, but aren’t you London Carstairs?” These are not unusual words to London. Her fame as a young, world-renowned model presents challenges everywhere she goes. In an attempt to present herself in the downplayed image she desires, London acquiesces to many...

Cryptic Spaces

Dark Edge Rising
By Deen Ferrell

Cryptic Spaces: Dark Edge Rising by Deen Ferrell is a spellbinding novel that combines fantasy with sci-fi to usher readers into a world full of adventure and extraordinary happenings. A story with an international setting that is vividly captured in beautiful writing, taking readers across...

The Feral Sentence

By G. C. Julien

The Feral Sentence by G.C. Julien is a collection of four novellas that constitute an excellent read for fans of young adult thrillers. The stories feature an exciting setting with characters that are memorable. It’s a futuristic work that deals with resilience, creativity, and the...

Imagine Jade Gone

Book 2 of Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate
By Wray Ardan

Imagine Jade Gone by Wray Ardan is the sequel to Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate. Jaden Lisette thought the worst thing she had to deal with was attempting to get along with her sister. That all changed when she accidentally released her late grandfather's bloodthirsty creations...

Barrow of the Damned

By Jonathan J. Drake

Barrow of the Damned is a young and new adult horror novel written by Jonathan J. Drake. Gavin, Dale, Katie and Jane were having a blast during the week-long extended role-play event hosted by Mr. Stephens at the Wardhope Centre, but the foam swords and...

The Dorm

By Terri Weinmann

The Dorm by Terri Weinmann is a young adult fiction novel about coming of age. This is a book that would appeal most to an audience of female young adults who enjoy coming of age novels with a dark feel. Blair Palmer has just begun...

The Calling

Gateway Book 1
By Louise G White

As the first entry in the Gateway series, The Calling by Louise G White, holds huge promise of a wonderful ride for fans of contemporary young adult fantasy. Carolyn’s mother and brother have gone missing, escaping through a hole which appeared on their kitchen wall....

Wear White to Your Funeral

By Lisa Acerbo

Wear White to Your Funeral by Lisa Acerbo is a book with an intriguing title. Yes, the title caught my attention, but when I opened the first page I knew there would be no turning back. This is a paranormal story with great elements of...