Young Adult - Thriller

The Maker's Desk

By ET Tripolitis

The Maker's Desk (Edelweiss) by ET Tripolitis is a thrilling fantasy novel that follows a young girl named Joey. One day, Joey buys a music box in a yard sale as a birthday present for her mother. When her mother opens the drawers of the...

The Ivory Needle

By Leslie Miller

Leslie Miller’s The Ivory Needle is an allegorical tale for the young and the old. “Africa is a spiritual place, a profound and magical place.” Chessie’s parents’ divorce had rocked everyone’s world. Mom was not herself, sadness filled the household. When Gram’s invitation to visit...

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The Family

By Deborah Ryan Stone

The Family is a contemporary thriller novel written by Deborah Ryan Stone. Meg Kenyon was a typical 16-year-old junior high student. Being friendly and outgoing, she was fairly popular in school. Each morning, she enjoyed the brief walk she took to school. On the way,...

Bloodline Gypsy

Jook and Gypsies, Vol. 1
By Shirley A. Martin

Bloodline Gypsy by Shirley A. Martin is the first volume in the Jook and Gypsies series, following Susannah after her mother and grandparents die, leaving her in the custody of a father she's never met. She thought this would be a fresh start for her,...

The Portal Curse

By J.P. Murgly

The Portal Curse by J.P. Murgly is a young adult supernatural novel about a teenage girl who discovers the truth about her past when a mysterious stranger arrives at her school. When all the girls start fawning and obsessing over Cole, Claire immediately realizes something...

Blue Solace

New Bonus Content 2017 Edition
By Angela Dawn Staten

Blue Solace (New Bonus Content 2017 Edition) by Angela Dawn Staten definitely has a lot of surprising moments that will delight fans of the genre. The concept of dead people rising and shadows and vampires hunting amongst them was a curious one for me. Then...

Pale Bricks

By K. L. Stein

In Pale Bricks by K.L. Stein, readers are introduced to compelling characters and a powerful dystopian setting. Simone lost her mother when she was very young and she has been through a lot, being one of the lowest members of her camp. The number sewn...

Project Ancora

Project Renovatio Book 3
By Allison Maruska

I have a feeling that some time in the future events very similar to those that I just read about in Project Ancora will actually happen. I hope we are ready, morally, to handle the opportunities that science is going to give us. It is...

Anabelle Lost

A strangely unfamiliar story
By Melissa Volker

Anabelle Lost is a young adult urban fantasy novel written by Melissa Volker. Anabelle’s very identity was abruptly challenged and shattered as she woke up one morning. She was to have gone to her part-time job at the local bookstore, where she was working to...


The Ornis Experiment Volume 1
By Olga Werby

Pigeon by Olga Werby is the first volume of The Ornis Experiment series. It is the story of eleven-year-old orphan, Pigeon. One morning, he wakes up to find his mother dead and himself floating above her. His flying is a new development that comes as...

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