Young Adult - Thriller

Diamond Rain

Quantum Breakthrough Weapon System Mossad Thriller (The Kefira Mossad Series Book 2)
By Michael Gallagher

The takeover of the world by the Chinese has begun, but not with destructive weapons, as such, but by simple weight of numbers. All over the world, Chinese men have been mobilized to march into foreign countries by their millions, taking over the financial resources...


The Phalanx Blood Series Part I
By Bruce E. Arrington

Kidnapped: The Phalanx Blood Series, Part I is a science fiction novella written by Bruce E. Arrington. Bernard lived a fairly comfortable life; one you might expect to enjoy when your family is comfortably middle class, and your parents are both professionals. His parents thought...

The Seventh Seed

By Allison Maruska

The Seventh Seed by Allison Maruska is an action packed thriller that includes a corrupt government, greedy pharmaceutical companies, and absolute power. It could be viewed as a future possibility of the United States. Javier, one of the main characters, sets things in motion as...


By Michael Okon

In Monsterland by Michael Okon, Vincent Konrad swept into the fading town of Copper Valley like a knight in shining armour. He bought the rights to the pipeline, ensuring people could have water, built a new medical centre, and breathed life and renovation into a...

The Factory

The Factory Series
By Amanda Dacyczyn

The Factory by Amanda Dacyczyn is the first book in The Factory series. No one really knows how the Factory started, but they know that fifty people will go in and only six make it out alive. None of the survivors talks about what happens...

Witches Protection Program

By Michael Phillip Cash

Witches Protection Program by Michael Phillip Cash finds Wes Rockville confronted with the last thing he expected: witches. After Wes has failed to transport one prisoner, he's given one last chance to prove himself and save his career. His father sends him to the Witches...


By Kadee Carder

What’s in a name? Does it define a person? Saylor is really questioning the merits of names. Her newly discovered father, the Commander, has taken disciplinary action. He doesn’t want Saylor injured in any way, and Saylor, being the reckless, headstrong young woman that she...

Leftover Girl

Leftover Girl Series Book 1
By C.C. Bolick

Leftover Girl is the first installment in the Leftover Girl series by C.C. Bolick. Somebody has found out about fifteen-year-old Jessica Delaney, the adopted daughter of Justin and Lorraine Delaney. As a result, the Delaney family have to leave an Atlanta trailer park behind and...

Seb Cage Begins His Adventures

By Terry Tumbler

Seb Cage Begins His Adventures by Terry Tumbler follows young Seb and his brother, Bart, as they go to stay with their grandparents, Terry and Sandra. Soon, Terry brings Seb in to investigate a part of the town with a secret connected to aliens. When...

Golden Dreg Boy

The Slums
By D.K. Dailey

Kade, the protagonist of Golden Dreg Boy by D.K. Dailey, is a Golden, which means that he is part of the rich society. Everyone who isn't a Golden is called a Dreg. Those are the poor, who often do not have a fixed home, and...