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"The G.F. List" by Sharyn Atkinson

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"The Salt Covenants" by Sylvia Bambola
"Fallen Champions" by Alain Gendron

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"Cold Fury" by Lindy Shannon
"Twisted" by Kennedy Obohwemu
"The Great Carp Escape" by Irish Beth Maddock
"What Makes It Worthy" by David Paul Kuhn
"A Holiday From Time" by John Mero
"Irish Dancing Girl" by Mamma Macs
"Axiom" by William Fleck
"The First" by Kipjo Ewers
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"Betrayed by the Ocean" by Christine Steendam
"Kicking Eternity..." by Ann Lee Miller
"Blackheart" by Shannon C. Hill
"REMEMBER ME: A Love Story" by Mary Funk
"You Don't Have to Die to Meet God" by Rick Anderson
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"Fava" by John Hazen
"The Last Eucharist" by Ian T King
"Enter The King" by Ibomcha Kolom
"Silver Haze" by Pankaj Varma
"Bollywood P.I." by P.K. (Priya Khajuria)
"The Boys Club" by Angie Martin
"The Hypnotist" by Alyssa Devine
"Unspeakable" by Michelle K. Pickett
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"Fatal Seduction: A Benjamin Tucker Mystery" by Harry James Krebs

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"Up the Hill to Home" by Jennifer Bort Yacovissi
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"Peachy" by Gabriela Duran
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"White Fella Awakening" by Ian M. Johnson
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"The Forbidden Customs of Africa" by Mubanga Chipalo
"The Healing Field" by Howard E Richmond MD
"Cygnet" by Janelle Ryberg
"Lady in Red" by E. V. King
"Journal 97 The Case Notes Of E.R.Satz" by Ben Kotyuk
"As Jericho Falls" by Karen C Webb
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"Journey of an American Son" by John Hazen
"The Amazing Book of No" by M. K. Mathias
"Blue Sun, Yellow Sky" by Jamie Hoang

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"The Little Parrot and the Angel's Tears" by M. Anu Narasimhan
"Frozen Tears" by Margaret Irving
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"Managing Bubbie" by Russel Lazega
"Halle and Tiger With Their Bucketfilling Family" by Peggy Johncox
"Magelica's Voyage the Rescue" by Louise Courey Nadeau
"The Grid" by Leigh Augustine
"The Magic Tree" by Michal Y. Noah Ph.D.
"Endangered Eagle" by Richard Carl Roth
"Walking to Woot" by Jackie Chase
"The Secret at Haney Field" by R. M. Clark
"Regrets Tree on Fire" by Jean Stringam
"The Humana Chronicles - And the..." by Michael Bellusci
"Broken Dreams" by Nancy Pennick
"More Than Mud" by Kate Butler