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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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Instagram for Writers: A Helpful Guide

Instagram has a tremendous number of active users worldwide, most of whom are young people. It also has more engagement across all brands than Facebook and Twitter, making it a perfect platform to promote your brand as a writer. This article shows you practical tips that can help you take advantage of the marketing potential of IG.

Features for authors on Instagram

A carefully developed Instagram account is a must for writers who intend to engage the visually driven, younger demographic. IG is a pretty straightforward social media platform you can readily access and use. And though it has many features, you don't have to post with all of them constantly. If you're new to the platform and don't know all the features, here is a quick rundown:

1. Posts are the visual content you upload on IG that appears on the user's main feed and your profile. Most accounts upload 2-3 posts per week, but that is often the best daily target.

2. Stories are temporary pieces of visual content that appear for only 24 hours. In addition to images and videos, authors can also post interactive content like polls, quizzes, and countdowns to an announcement or a book launch. You can also create Story Highlights that appear on your profile permanently. These contents usually cover crucial topics where you have more than ten pieces of content to share.

3. Reels are a recent feature on IG inspired by the viral content on TikTok. It allows users to create quick videos up to 30 seconds each that are funny, entertaining or educative. 

4. IGTV allows you to create longer, more thoughtfully produced video content that runs 1-15 minutes long. These videos appear under the IGTV tab on your profile. You can also include them in an ongoing series on a topic.

5. Guides are lengthy content that appears like IG Stories and allows users to tap through to get information on a topic. Guide Types include Places, Products, and Posts.


Tips for authors on Instagram

Here are specific tactics you can employ as a writer on IG:

1. Be reader-focused. IG has a hub for readers. The #bookstagram is a massive subculture with fun content for readers. So as you connect with fellow authors on IG, also design your strategy more for readers. Create videos, Story Highlights, and Guides that connect to literary content and relate them to your work in a fascinating, creative way.

2. Host giveaways. It's popular to find content creators doing giveaways on IG to get more traction on their page. Here, users get a clear visual sense of what you’re offering. And the act can gain quite a few followers and comments because it would drive your engagement to the roof. You can give a free copy of your book, another author’s book, or whatever your followers find interesting.

3. Take advantage of Stories. Don't ignore IG Stories; they’re the perfect way to build a rapport with your followers. Also, any kind of interactive content is excellent for IG Stories. You can make Story templates to make your Stories have an immediately recognizable brand. Don't forget to save the best ones as Story Highlights.

4. Be authentic. IG is known for having much content that doesn't display the true personality of the page owner. Your content shouldn't only ride on trends and say the right things without portraying a part of who you are. Users appreciate creators who "keep it real." As a writer, that shouldn't be difficult to achieve.

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Frank Stephen