Make Peace With Anxiety

Manage the Good, Bad and Out of Control

Non-Fiction - Self Help
93 Pages
Reviewed on 04/21/2022
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Reviewed by Edith Wairimu for Readers' Favorite

Make Peace With Anxiety: Manage the Good, Bad and Out of Control by Alivette Vigo provides important insight into mental health. Its messages are reassuring to anyone who is struggling with anxiety and wants to improve their overall mental health. Vigo shares her own experiences regarding anxiety. During her childhood, she recounts recognizing that conversations initiated by children surrounding their emotions were not encouraged as children were perceived to know little about how life worked. She continued to struggle with anxiety and cycles of depression and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She examines different mental disorders and discusses the benefits of living in the present moment. She also shares practical lessons about emotional support, medication, spirituality, routines and organization, and nutrition and health with regard to mental health.

For too long, the topic of mental health has been misunderstood and people with mental illness have been subjected to constant stigma. Make Peace With Anxiety arms its audience with useful information for understanding mental illness, tools for improving their mental health, and encouraging messages to show compassion to themselves and anyone living with mental health issues. I loved that the work debunks many common myths and forms of stigma directed toward people with mental illness. I also found many of its discussions helpful to anyone who wants to learn accessible ways to cope or improve their mental health. As someone who has struggled with anxiety, Vigo also shows understanding for anyone struggling with any mental disorder and also writes in an uplifting tone. Make Peace With Anxiety is a valuable work that provides straightforward answers to common questions about mental disorders and improving mental health.

Joe Wisinski

Make Peace With Anxiety: Manage the Good, Bad and Out of Control by Alivette Vigo is a self-help manual for those who suffer from excessive worry, fear, or depression. Vigo says that although anxiety is a necessary human emotion, trouble comes when we allow it to get out of control. She writes about how to keep excessive anxiety from dominating and damaging your life. The chapters cover many issues, including the range of emotions that might be characterized as anxiety, the importance of overcoming the stigma of mental issues, the emotional support that’s available for sufferers, the role of medication, and much more. A checklist in the first chapter helps readers determine if they’re suffering from disproportionate anxiety. The book concludes with a list of helpful resources, mostly free websites, to assist those who need more help than any single book can provide.

Make Peace With Anxiety: Manage the Good, Bad and Out of Control is an invaluable book. Although author Alivette Vigo wrote for those who suffer from anxiety, anyone and everyone should read her book because it will help them get more enjoyment out of life. Vigo says she has anxiety disorder, so she knows the condition firsthand, and her personal experience shows through continually. No doubt many readers will identify with her situation of having a good life, and yet suffering from anxiety and even depression. I highly recommend this excellent book to anyone who thinks that anxiety or a related disorder exists in their life, or who knows someone who has a related condition.

Philip Van Heusen

Emotions are an essential part of our lives. Problems arise when we misuse emotions or allow emotions to control us. Emotions are designed to serve us and not the other way around. Alivette Vigo, in Make Peace with Anxiety, explains the importance of emotions and how to properly handle them. I can attest to the power of making friends (peace) with issues since I have had to deal with physical pain for over 50 years. I often say, “Pain is my friend.” Learning to deal with your emotions, especially anxiety, helps you realize that emotions are our friends, sent to warn us and direct us on how to live productive lives. Even though this book is about anxiety, the skills taught and lessons learned can also be applied to all the other emotions.

Anxiety Disorders affect roughly one-third of Americans at some point in their lives. Alivette Vigo is an overcomer and shares how to cope with an anxiety disorder from her life experiences. I love that Alivette says spirituality is like a muscle that you have to use to strengthen. Even against advice, Alivette shares that she is a Christian and faith’s importance in her ability to cope. I am sure her decision caused some anxiety, but I heartily applaud her courage and resolve. Alivette discusses various coping strategies. After over 40 years as a pastoral counselor, I highly recommend Make Peace with Anxiety. Develop and use your support system—family, friends, spiritual leaders, doctors, EAP at work, etc. Support can also be found in a pet dog or just visiting animals at the zoo. If you and your doctor decide to use medication, be keenly aware of side effects and expected results. Pay close attention to the chapter on lifestyle. It could be a lifesaver. Lastly, pay attention to the present.

Miche Arendse

Make Peace With Anxiety: Manage the Good, Bad and Out of Control by Alivette Vigo is a self-help guide to dealing with anxiety, depression, and the overall stresses of life. It covers the fundamental steps from realizing what it is you are feeling to how to deal with those emotions and finally how to start improving your quality of life by living in a way that supports your mental and physical state of being.

Make Peace With Anxiety by Alivette Vigo was very emotional to read. It is not often that people choose to make themselves emotionally vulnerable for the sake of helping others; however, Vigo does this and in doing so is an inspiration. This book recounts the author's own experiences with anxiety and depression and how these emotions began to negatively affect her life and ability to cope the way she used to. I feel that this is something many people face but are reluctant to admit. This book goes through the necessary steps to begin the process of acceptance and healing those emotions. I particularly loved the fact that throughout the book the author always advises the reader to either seek help or offer help to anyone they know who faces such emotions. This allows the reader to see that it is okay to feel these emotions and it’s a good thing to ask for help. As someone who studied Psychology, I can say this book has such an amazing message and I would highly recommend it to anyone having a hard time.

Alma Boucher

The purpose of Make Peace With Anxiety: Manage the Good, Bad and Out of Control by Alivette Vigo encourages us to make our mental health a priority and that a certain level of anxiety helps us stay alert and aware. Emotions serve a specific purpose in our lives, intensify our experiences, and should be expressed healthily. Mental wellness is essential to all of us and anxiety disorders and depression are more common than we think. We all experience mental challenges differently; some people can manage them, while others find them hard to control. With early detection, we can manage emotional issues with a plan and a support system. We must have compassion for those contending with anxiety. We must seek professional help if we cannot manage on our own. We are meant to overcome, move forward, and live the best life possible. Regardless of what we are experiencing, there is always hope in a situation.

Make Peace With Anxiety has a strong message about the importance of taking care of your mental health, and it is practical and focused. Alivette Vigo explains what our bodies are doing when we are anxious and with the resources she has given, we can control our reactions. I enjoyed reading this book and it is full of useful information. I gained so much knowledge about anxiety. The concepts are basic and Alivette provides ideas and tactics to correct our issues. This is a first aid guide to mental health struggling. Many tools are discussed to help us take control and manage anxiety through therapy, medication, and activities. The book is well written and exceptionally well-edited. I recommend reading it if you suffer from anxiety or know someone who does.