The Unvaccinated

Fiction - Dystopia
310 Pages
Reviewed on 01/06/2023
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Author Biography

Jean has refused to set roots, having lived everywhere from the frozen winters of Alberta, to the scorching heat of Southern California, to the wet and windy Netherlands.

He is a firm believer that pizza is the perfect food (unless you put pineapple on it, that's just wrong).

When not writing software, he is writing prose, renovating his house, or making herbal soap with his six-year-old daughter.

Jean has had two shots and a booster, but no dizzy spells. Yet...

    Book Review

Reviewed by Melanie Kennedy for Readers' Favorite

The Unvaccinated by Jean Grandbois is a post-apocalyptic look at the world as it could become after the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been five years since the Coronavirus pandemic and the unthinkable starts to happen – the vaccine meant to protect is leading to massive occurrences of death worldwide. Only the unvaccinated, including children younger than 5 years, are left to pick up the pieces of the crumbling civilization around them. Deb, a sixty-two-year-old kindergarten teacher starts the search for any orphaned children. With the help of other interesting and unvaccinated characters, Deb and the group build a haven for anyone left behind and try to create a bright future for the children of the new age. Not everyone in this post-apocalyptic world has good intentions. The group must decide if they will fight their way out of the problems this new world presents, or flee.

This is an absolute must-read. The Unvaccinated by Jean Grandbois is a compelling novel about the breakdown of human society, with plenty of suspense at its core. His exploration of human character and personality is exceptional. I was not too fond of many of the characters at first, but as the story progressed, I could see a different side to them, and how important they are as a part of society. Fully-fledged characters like these are hard to find. Jean’s timeline of five years is a bit spine-chilling, so I hope his book stays in the fiction section for all our sakes. If you want a thrilling and captivating novel about humankind’s best and worst – this is definitely for you.

Alma Boucher

The Unvaccinated by Jean Grandbois is a work of fiction in the dystopian genre. The people who were vaccinated against COVID-19 started dying five years after having their first shot. Mo refused to be vaccinated and is now one of the few who are still alive. Mo’s neighbor begged him to take care of her little boy. His path crossed with Deborah, Jessica, Dee, and Amanda. Not being vaccinated is the only thing they have in common. They work together to search for houses to save children. They soon have a few orphaned young children to take care of. Their numbers are growing, and they are looking for a bigger place to live. Accommodation is not their only problem. They now also have to devise plans to be able to supply everyone with food and water.

The Unvaccinated has a complex plot and is terrifying at times. The dead bodies of adults and children that cannot escape their homes for help are terrifying to imagine. The story is fast-paced, with a detailed description of the conditions in the homes that are searched for children. Jean Grandbois allows us to be part of the struggles of the key characters in their battle for survival. With Jean's writing style, it was easy to become part of the surviving team and share in their emotions. The characters become stronger as their responsibilities increases. They all have different backgrounds and make an excellent team. This was an amazing read, and the ending leaves an opening for a sequel.

Ian Bennett

It is described as a work of fiction. A lot of it is already happening.

Trushena Canady

This book is more of the documentary of the recent events than a fiction. Very well written and horrifying at the same time.