The Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures of Commander Zhang & Lieutenant Simon, Soul Mates who Incarnate on Earth and Save the World

Fiction - Science Fiction
348 Pages
Reviewed on 10/17/2022
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Author Biography

My mission is to craft epic adventure and romance-filled worlds with interesting characters on a journey as bonded souls and star seeds.  My latest books in The Star Seed Series are inspired by real-life events and written to encourage star seeds everywhere.  The Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures of Commander Zhang & Lieutenant Simon, is a metaphysical sci-fi one-of-a-kind story, that is sure to make you laugh, blush, feel good, and perhaps think about the many gifts and abilities you bring to the planet. 

These books are fun, sexy, fantastical and full of zany adventures and demonstrate what can happen when two loving souls cut loose and are determined to have fun.  More importantly, they demonstrate the deep love and bond between soul mates on a mission together to create a better world for themselves and humanity.  I invite you to join me on this journey and enjoy The Star Seed Series, a mission to awaken star seeds & soul mates everywhere, one adventure at a time.

This latest novel and series that came to me to encourage and wake up starseeds everywhere after I caught wind of a situation involving a young and talented star seed in China who was blacklisted in 2021 and is still trying to clear his name. I thought what if his earth mission is to go through this but also to overcome and rise above it as a starseed? How different would the outcome be?

    Book Review

Reviewed by Asher Syed for Readers' Favorite

The Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures of Commander Zhang & Lieutenant Simon by Vegastarchild584 is the tale of the titular Zhang and Simon and their extra-terrestrial work. The relationship between the co-workers who conduct exploratory assignments from the base of the Athena is one of camaraderie, but a personal exploration is also in motion. Vegastarchild584 starts the novel with a hook that pits Zhang and Simon against one another following a public meltdown, then reverses into a story that starts from the beginning, filling in the blanks on how soulmates came together, fell out, and then reunited while training for and subsequently going on a mission to save Earth. Along the way, we also find out more about their lives, their work, their mission, and an unfortunate incident involving Sichuan chili sesame seed oil.

The Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures of Commander Zhang & Lieutenant Simon took no time to get into and from the hook it proved entertaining. The title is accurate and Vegastarchild584 tells readers exactly what is in the box, so any expectation of huge depth and hard science fiction technical probability should be withheld. Zhang and Simon are like buddy cops who went to the Universe's MIT and become the sexiest stars on Earth. They are lovers and soulmates which means the swings from high to low are lathered in jealousy, misunderstanding, and sometimes soap. I'm glad that the mission training comes first and takes up a sizeable portion of the book because I got to know and like the males before they were full human incarnates. Some of their antics and inability to read the room would have irked me if they had happened first, like when they are the worst retreat guests ever in the most beautiful place on Earth. The writing style is sharp and the main plot takes a back seat to the romance, which is how the story deserves to be told, and the combination makes for an easy ride. Recommended.

K.C. Finn

The Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures of Commander Zhang & Lieutenant Simon: Soul Mates who Incarnate on Earth and Save the World is a work of fiction in the LGBTQ+ and science fiction subgenres. The work is best suited to mature adult readers owing to explicit sexual content and it was penned under the author name Vegastarchild584. As the title suggests, the work follows the romantic space opera adventure between its two central characters, Commander Zhang and Lieutenant Simon, who are both Sirian galactic officers working together on selected missions aboard the Athena. When planet Earth (known here as Gaia) calls out for aid, Zhang and Simon pose as models/actors/singers in China to help the planet’s vibe ascend.

This is a highly enjoyable space romp that fans of romantic dramas and LGBTQ+ fiction are certainly going to enjoy. One of the things I loved most about it was the author’s commitment to fun, and leaving heavy issues at the door so that readers can just get lost in the adventure and have a good time. I really especially liked the characterization of Zhang and Simon and their easy-going, fun-loving natures, both in their roles as officers of the Athena and on Gaia when they adjust to life in the performing arts to enact their mission. The romantic content was really well penned and paced with suspense and excitement, and the dialogue between the central pairing enhanced the sweet aspects of the romance too. Overall, The Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures of Commander Zhang & Lieutenant Simon is a whole lot of fun for its target audience, and I’d certainly recommend it.

Vincent Dublado

The Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures of Commander Zhang & Lieutenant Simon, Soul Mates Who Incarnate on Earth and Save the World by Vegastarchild584 is a sci-fi-fantasy adventure comedy about two Sirian galactic officers who come to Earth in the guise of male celebrities to save the planet. This is loosely based on the real-life drama of popular Chinese actor-singer Zhang Zhehan and his costar actor-model Simon Gong Jun. Part of Simon and Zhang’s mission is to infiltrate powerful predatory organizations and influential figures pulling the strings in the performing arts industry, which includes the government-linked China Association of Performing Arts or CAPA. It is a dangerous assignment where the two will come face to face with perverts and sexual predators. But it is also a mission where, as soul mates, Zhang and Simon will become more familiar with each other’s anatomy.

To some degree, The Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures of Commander Zhang & Lieutenant Simon enters the world of self-publishing at the right time as modern readers are becoming more open to the idea that intimate relationships are no longer exclusive to the male-female ideal. The novel is a satirical jab at the entertainment industry and, along the way, manages to explore sexual situations involving the same sex. I admire the ruthlessness with which the novel points out that the entertainment industry, with CAPA as an example, demonstrates that the industry is being run by corrupt entities lining their own pockets and making sexual advances to satiate their own libidos. Vegastarchild584 shows quite a graphic ability in employing the 'show don’t tell' rule, as evident in the description of how Zhang goes for Simon’s nipple. It’s one frolic of an adventure, a story that will appeal to those who like mature content in their science fiction-fantasy fare.

Jamie Michele

The Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures of Commander Zhang & Lieutenant Simon, Soul Mates who Incarnate on Earth and Save the World by Vegastarchild584 is a science fiction novel with, aside from one of the best titles of the year, a delightful set of characters in an engaging series of events. Simon and Zhang are two humanoids with a storied past, a Commander and a Lieutenant tasked with interstellar missions but looking forward to a relaxing holiday after a particularly stressful commission with “a mixed crew of Leonid and Mantoid beings and positive Reptilians who brought with them three grays who basically served as canon fodder.” But there is no rest for the weary as the pair take up the task of incarnating as Earth humans on Terra Earth. After a lengthy process of training and intensive backstory development that starts with infancy, the mind-bogglingly handsome Simon and Zhang ultimately become megastars on Earth.

The science fiction genre has no lack of serious fare to satiate the classic appetites of its readers, but when it comes to levity and satire there's less to break up the monotony. Combine this with a black hole of near-nothingness for readers who are on the lookout for same-sex characters bonded as soulmates and books like The Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures by Vegastarchild584 shine bright. The plot involves themes relevant to the economic and environmental issues of the Earth right now, with the corruption and exploitation by antagonists that have an eery resemblance to a former film producer turned convicted sex offender. For me, the story was at its best when Zhang and Simon are allowed to be vulnerable and explore their connection. For all of the humor, they are fully developed characters with the same problems everyone else has, barring the fact they are rich, famous, and not from Earth. Zhang's job is to “demonstrate through your earthly experience what it means to be human and still rise above the occasion” and becoming an Ascended Master embodies what really does mean to be human. This is a wonderful read with a lot to offer and I'd give it a whole bucket of stars if I could.