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Fiction - Suspense

Blurring the Lines
In "Blurring the Lines" by Jerry Zehr, we first meet Thomas as he is setting up a meeting with an Los Angeles detective. He is obviously frightened and concerned about his predicament, making the reader wonder how he ended up in this situation and how...

Steve Piacente’s “Bootlicker” begins with a harsh crime set in 1992; the reporter Dan Patragno is on scene late at night to gather information on a domestic crime before the next edition of the paper hits the streets. His work on the crime beat ends...

Award Winner

A Fast Paced Short Story
Breathe by Zane Dickens is a captivating short story about a man whose every action falls under the control of a stranger on a phone and the choices he makes to ensure his survival. The reader’s attention is captivated from the normalcy of the first...

Breckenridge County
McNeil begins his tale twenty years in the past. Jesse Pace was drowning while his father was passed out drunk. His brother Tommy tried to free his ankle but couldn’t, so he ran for help. Jesse was terrified he would slip under the water. “Keep...

Award Winner

Brittle Shadows
Vicki Tyley continues her rise to be one of the best modern thriller writers around with Brittle Shadows, a disconcerting but compelling mystery about one woman’s belief that her recently deceased sister did not, as recorded, take her own life. Jemma Dalton flies into Melbourne...


In a nutshell and without giving away too much:  Chase and Jared are twin brothers.  Chase is a lawyer.  He started out as a prosecutor but turned to the other side, defense.  His former boss hates him.  Chase’s recent cases were murder trials.  When he...

An Original Will Robie / Camel Club Short Story
Bullseye is a short story, 75 pages long, written by author David Baldacci. While this may be a short story, it is definitely worth reading. This is a review of the audio book. The author has brilliantly united his fans' favorite characters: Will Robie, Oliver...

Buried in Buttercream
Savannah Reid
Imagine it is your wedding day, and shortly before the nuptials the building that you intend to use burns to the ground, with everything in it. Well, that is what happened to PI Savannah Reid and her beau Dirk Coulter. They decide to try again,...

Buried Threads
Volume 2
Buried Threads by Kaylin McFarren is the second book in a series - however, you can very well just read the book on its own without knowing what happened in book 1. In volume 2, Rachel and Chase travel to Japan to help a monk...

Burned Bridges
Burned Bridges is a story about Traci Collins, a recovering alcoholic. She and her three friends, Norman, Kevin and Olivia, support one another in the tough battle against alcoholism. The book is narrated by Traci, who is a lovely woman with a troubled past. She's...

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