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The results of this year’s Readers' Favorite International Book Award Contest were released on September 1st and are now available.

To see how you did and to find answers to all your contest related questions, please visit the Contest page in your Author Area. Click the Login link at the very top of our website to login to your Author Area, then click the red Contest tab. If you do not find your answer there, please see the FAQs below and if they do not answer your question, please use the Support Request Form below to submit your support request.

Our Support Request Form will create a special page for you and our support team to communicate to ensure there is no lost communication or missed messages. One of our support staff will respond to you within a few minutes to a few hours during the day, with all requests answered within 24 hours.

Contest Questions

How do I find out how I did in the contest?

Contest results are released on September 1st and are now available. To see how you did and to find answers to all your contest-related questions, please visit the Contest page in your Author Area. If you have multiple books in the contest you will need to select the book from the Book Title drop-down at the top of your Author Area and then click the Contest tab to see the results for that book.
Login problems

Please visit our Login page and use the RECOVER PASSWORD form to find your book and reset your password. If you are not sure what email you used for your book, enter your best guess and if you get it wrong the form will give you a hint to help you remember the email you used.
View ALL of this year's contest winners

All of the award winners of this year's International Book Award Contest, including the prize winners and those selected by Wind Dancer Films, Headline Books, Allen Media Strategies, and Folio Literary Management can be seen on our Award Winners page. You can see the link to our Award Winners page directly below the search bar at the very top of our website. Please do not visit the Award Winners page to try and find out how you did in the contest. Instead, visit the Contest page in your Author Area for specific details regarding your book.
I do not see the genre I entered on the Award Winners page

All books are given a score, and if no books in a particular genre scored high enough to place in the contest then that genre will not be displayed. However, this does not mean that no books in that genre were good enough to place in the contest. Because authors are allowed to enter their book in multiple genres, books that won in the missing genres also won in other genres, and it was in those other genres that the award was given. This leaves the missing genres with books that did not quite score high enough to place, and therefore the genres are not displayed. This happens with several genres each year, generally those with a lower number of contestants.
Some award levels seem to be missing from the genre I entered

We offer up to 5 award levels in each category: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Honorable Mention and Award Finalist. However, not all levels are awarded in each category despite the record number of entries in this year's contest. That is because each book is given a score which corresponds to a particular award level. No attention is given to the number of entrants, only the quality of the book being judged. In some cases, the same award is given more than once in the same category, which is a result of more than one book receiving the same judging score.
I placed in the contest, but my cover is not on the Award Winners page

Your book cover will appear once we have created a Review Page for you on our site. To do that, we must have completed your review and your book must be currently for sale on Amazon. Please visit the Book Information page in your Author Area for specific details on what we need for your book. Once that is done, your listing on the Award Winners page will be automatically updated.
I haven’t received my review yet

Each contestant is given a review of their book as a free feature of entering our book award contest, if we have not already reviewed your book. It is important to understand that a Readers' Favorite review has no impact on our contest, it is just a perk for participating in the contest. A reviewer is an avid reader who reads your book and provides you with their honest opinion in the form of a review. A judge is a literary professional who reads and scores your book for the contest. They are two very different people doing two very different things.

It takes much longer to complete reviews than it does to complete judging because judges read with a purpose, while reviewers are volunteers who read for enjoyment. Contest reviews are given top priority by our reviewers. If we have not completed your review yet, we thank you for your patience and we will email you as soon as your complementary review is complete.
I placed in the contest, how do I get information on my award and the awards ceremony?

Login to your Author Area and click the red Contest tab, there you will see a link to your Contestant's page. Your Contestant's page will have all the information and materials regarding your award and our awards ceremony.