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Something Completely Weird

Poems, Proverbs and Stuff
By Chris Dyer

Something Completely Weird: Poems, Proverbs and Stuff is a poetry collection written by Chris Dyer. Dyer is a lifelong horse enthusiast and herbalist, as well as an author of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. In this collection, he includes an introduction in which he shares...


Collected Poems 1973- 2015
By Ken Koprowski

Fathers: Collected Poems 1973-2015 is exactly as its title indicates, a collection of deeply personal and oftentimes moving poems written between 1973 and 2015 by poet Ken Koprowski. As we grow from children to adulthood, we are exposed to various forms of poetry throughout our...

Oh The Effen Places You'll Effen Go

By Your Uncle Josh

Effen unusual…effen creative…and effen off the beaten track. Such is the offering called Oh The Effen Places You’ll Effen Go by everyone’s sage and most probably favorite Uncle Josh. The book is best characterized as the cool life speech given by someone’s favorite, super cool...

Time Capsule

By Ideas With Ink

Time Capsule is a poetic journey about various aspects of life, written by Ideas with Ink. Separated into different categories, such as Existence, Odes, Dreams, Questions, Answers, Love and more, the visualization created by each poem is incredible, reaching into the innermost portion of your...

Dreams of the Heart

Vol. I
By Joie Schmidt

Robert Frost had Mountain Interval, Shakespeare had The Sonnets, Emily Dickinson had her Collection, and Joie Schmidt has her Dreams of the Heart, Volume One. Many of the poems tout similar vocabulary and style as the old masters, as seen in this excerpt, “You are...

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Something Completely Different!

Poems, Proverbs, Rhymes
By Chris Dyer

Something Completely Different! Poems, Proverbs, Rhymes by Chris Dyer is a collection of beautifully worded poems to suit every occasion and every mood. If you are looking to immerse yourself in beautiful poetry that tells a story and challenges your mind, then you will absolutely...

Escape from Samsara

By Vijay R. Nathan

Escape from Samsara by Vijay R. Nathan is a collection of poems that touch on several aspects of life including love, life, purpose, spirituality, and everything inbetween, intended to guide your soul to spiritual enlightenment. The pivotal aim of the collection is to enable your...

Card Of Fate

Poems of a Gambling Addiction
By Duke Of Quails

The introduction to Card of Fate: Poems of a Gambling Addiction by Duke of Quails lays the foundation for the tragic aspects of this heartbreaking addiction. The poems are divided into three chapters: An Innocent Game; Drowning Bet; Thrown Away Success. Each poem illustrates the...

Ovis Aires

Poetry Book
By Daniel William Zevetchin

Ovis Aires is a collection of poetry written and illustrated by Daniel William Zevetchin. The title itself is a reference to the Latin name for the domestic sheep, which then sets the tone for this poetry collection. The poems themselves generally reflect the issues that...

The Salamander Chronicles

By Don Beukes

The Salamander Chronicles by Don Beukes is a collection of poems that would appeal most to an audience of adults who enjoy poetry; though some mature young adults might also enjoy the collection. The Salamander Chronicles comprises many different poems that all have their own...