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Christian - General

'13 Heroes
Your Favorite Bible Stories
13 Heroes - Your Favorite Bible Stories by Lovey Shareese and Dominique Wilkins is a collection of stories from the Bible. The stories are about 13 heroes who made a difference to people's lives. These stories are spiritually uplifting, motivational, and inspiring. I recommend this book...

'Twas the First Night Before Christmas
'Twas the First Night Before Christmas by Mary Beth Vonk is a charming rendition of the birth of Christ using a familiar format. This is a child-friendly book with simple yet nice artwork. The details of the biblical story of the birth of Jesus are...

101 Hymn Stories
The Inspiring True Stories Behind 101 Favorite Hymns
I was eager to delve into "101 Hymn Stories: The Inspiring True Stories Behind 101 Favorite Hymns" by Kenneth W. Osbeck because I grew up in a traditional church that sang hymns. Today I admit I enjoy worshiping with contemporary music but the old favorites...

31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife
31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife by Arlene Pellicane will teach you what it takes to be happy in your life. After all, being happy is no one’s responsibility but your own. No one can make you happy and no one can make you...

40 Questions about the End Times
40 Questions Series
Dr. Eckhard Schnabel, author of "40 Questions about The End Times", is a professor of The New Testament at the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He shares his expertise in this instructive book. Most pastors avoid discussions and sermons on the end times: they feel it...

5 Ways To Renew Your Spirit and Bring Peace Into Your Life
Wyshika L. Gibson’s 5 Ways to Renew Your Spirit and Bring Peace into Your Life is a delightful and exceedingly wise spiritual pep talk, designed to help the spiritually weary reclaim the sense of divine peace that comes only from a sustained positive relationship with...

A Better Tomorrow
A Better Tomorrow written by Ian J. Keeney is a story of love. When Jordan's fiancée was murdered during a robbery, he was given a second chance to save her life through a highly secretive and controversial experiment where Jordan’s consciousness was shifted from his...

A Closer Walk with God
A Closer Walk with God is an in depth analysis of the way for a Christian to commune with God. In general, persons are encouraged to have an exhilarating relationship with Him. Author Henry Miranda begins his book with a quotation from the Book of...

A Demand of Blood
A Demand of Blood; The Cherokee War of 1776 is written by Nadia Dean. This book was created as a non-fiction historical genre. The design, layout, and formatting of the book are perfect, filled with photography, drawings, maps, and easy to read text. There...

A Girl's Guide to Making Really Good Choices
A Girl's Guide to Making Really Good Choices is written by Elizabeth George. This is an interactive guidebook, journal, and devotional study for young girls. It offers young girls a chance to read questions, answers questions, read scriptures, and become fully aware that each choice...

A Heart's Home
A Heart's Home, A Novella by Laura J. Marshall is a romantic story set against the backdrop of India. Asyra, a British girl, lives in India with her father after the death of her mother. The story deals with the romance of Asyra and Braddock,...

A Lady in France
“I was destined to take root in France. I know that now, even if I didn't know it back when I had the dream.” Seventeen-year-old Jennie Goutet has a dream that she will one day marry a Frenchman. When she turns 19, she sets off...

A Mere Christian
A Mere Christian by Ron Smith MD is a book with a spiritually uplifting theme. The author has tried to reveal the mystery surrounding God and our beliefs in Him. The author shares what he has learned from Lewis, Chamblin, and others and tries to...

A Mountain Man's Redemption
A Mountain Man’s Redemption by Christi Corbett is a heartwarming story about Philip Grant, a man on the run from his past, and from God. His escape leads him to the mountains, and to a life of solace as a fur trapper, but after eighteen...

A Pet for Christmas
A Veteran's Christmas Volume 2
In A Pet for Christmas by Rachelle Ayala, Kelly Kennedy falls in love with Tyler Manning, a war veteran suffering from PTSD. As Tyler travels the globe trying to find a way to exorcise the demons of war, Kelly and her five-year-old daughter, Bree, wait....

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