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Jesus Loves You!

By Christine Topjian

Jesus Loves You is a Christian storybook for children written by Christine Topjian. Many don’t realize it, but Jesus gets involved in your life from the very beginning. That’s right, even before you were born, Jesus was there loving you while His Father was making...

What Does God Think?

Transgender People and The Bible
By Cheryl B. Evans

Is being transgender against God and the Bible? That is the question that Cheryl Evans, author of What Does God Think?: Transgender People and the Bible, attempts to answer. Evans, the mother of a daughter and a transgender son, said, "I set out to discover...

Heaven's Angels

By Carrie Magalski

Heaven’s Angels by Carrie Magalski is a beautiful book about different hierarchies of angels and their purpose, filled with religious art from renowned artist Dona Gelsinger. The layout reads like a light devotional or poetry book, with a brief paragraph or two about a type...

Final Departure

Death is Never on Time
By Jeff Walton

Final Departure (Death is Never on Time) by Jeff Walton is a Christian fiction novel that would appeal most to a predominantly Christian audience made up of young adults and adults. Dan Lucas is a retired NCIS Special Agent who is heading home to his...

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The Kingdom

Here Be Dragons, Here Be Dreams
By Joanne Rolston

The Kingdom: Here Be Dragons, Here Be Dreams by Joanne Rolston is a Christian fantasy story that would appeal most to a mixed audience of Christian young adults and adults who enjoy fantasy and memoirs. Joanna is the great-great-granddaughter of a German immigrant called Anna...

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A Brush with the Beast

By Richard Sones

How do you picture the end of days? Everybody's familiar with the Left Behind series, but are you ready for another take on the end of the world? Richard Sones gives you a gripping glimpse at future history in A Brush With the Beast. It...

Grace Group

By Carrie Maldonado

In Grace Group by Carrie Maldonado, Holly had just been diagnosed with a rare terminal illness. How can she carry on her life as a human resources director, her sometime love affair with her boyfriend, and her duties as a daughter to her battling parents?...

A Long Journey

From Steam to Cyber
By Gracie Stathers

A Long Journey: From Steam to Cyber by Gracie Stathers follows the life journey and family history of several families and their descendants. The story begins in the mid-nineteenth century when many families are struggling to make a living. Unfairly convicted and sent to Norfolk...

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The Color of Truth

The Chain of Lakes Book 3
By Stacy Monson

The Color of Truth (The Chain of Lakes Book 3) by Stacy Monson is a heartwarming story about Marti, a young adult who has had an extraordinarily bad life. Having a father in jail and a drunk for a mother, Marti has felt anything but...

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A Night on Kingwood

By Jayson Derowitsch

A Night on Kingwood by Jayson Derowitsch is a life-altering story about a teenage boy who struggles with love, as he believes it to be. After being rejected by the girl of his dreams, Kyle tries to kill himself. At the last minute, with gun...

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