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Paisley Memories

The Beginning of Me
By Zelle Andrews

When nineteen-year-old Tess finds herself alone in the world after her father’s death, she realizes the enormity of life as a single teenage mother. She had no friends, no income, and no place to call home. What else could she do but hit the road...

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Chasing Eveline

By Leslie Hauser

Chasing Eveline is the story of sixteen-year-old Ivy Higgins, and how she has been coping with her mom abandoning their family two years prior. Growing up, music was a big part of Ivy’s childhood, in large part thanks to her mother, who shared her passion...


By SM Ford

Alone by SM Ford is one of the finest, best-written novels that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. It is free of grammatical and punctuation errors for readers to trip over. But beyond that, SM Ford has written a novel with both beginning...

The Whizbang Machine

Tunney's Curse Book 2
By Danielle A. Vann

The Whizbang Machine: Tunney's Curse Book 2 is a young adult paranormal mystery novel written by Danielle A. Vann. When Elizabeth awoke, it was from feverish dreams into a hellish reality that slowly made its way into her comprehension. She remembered that she and Grandpa...

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Time Capsule

By Ideas With Ink

Time Capsule is a poetic journey about various aspects of life, written by Ideas with Ink. Separated into different categories, such as Existence, Odes, Dreams, Questions, Answers, Love and more, the visualization created by each poem is incredible, reaching into the innermost portion of your...

Jersey Diner

By Lisa Diane Kastner

Life at the Oaklyn Diner was pretty much all Lauren knew. She clocked in, did her shift, and spent nearly all of her spare time in the company of the diner owners, Mr. and Mrs. P. With her father’s erratic work hours and unpredictable alcohol...

Book Simulator

By Chris Yee

Book Simulator is a hilarious, satirical self-help novel in the vein of books that promise to help you read faster! Better! More efficiently! However, instead of selling you empty promises and broken dreams of becoming a better reader, Book Simulator is here to help fool...

New Kid In Town

Bryant Rockwell Book 1
By Jacky Gray

New Kid In Town by Jacky Gray is a young adult romance that is the first book in the Bryant Rockwell series. Liv, Jude and Kat - or Brainy, Sporty and Arty - are three girls who are dealing with a whole host of issues...

Detention Land

Lip Service
By Susan Orion

Detention Land: Lip Service by Susan Orion is a great read with compelling characters and an interesting plot, a story with great psychological depth. A teenage boy finds himself trapped in a small room, not knowing why. He is devoid of any contact with the...

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Bitter Betrayal

By Amanda M. Thrasher

Bitter Betrayal by Amanda M. Thrasher is a book with a purpose. She aims at educating teenagers about how their idea of "just having fun" can actually spoil their future. Payton, a sixteen-year-old teenager, is head-over-heels in love with Reece, a senior at a different...