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Cookies Full of Love

By Schreiber

Cookies Full of love by Brock Schreiber is a wondrously imaginative children's story that begins with a hand written note from a daughter to her mother, hoping that she enjoys the cookies that were made especially for her. She starts her labor of love by...

Los Diggities, Dreams and Nightmares

By Jeanie Cunningham

Three dogs talking to each other. What’s odd about that? Los Diggities Dreams and Nightmares is an imaginative story about three dogs that have dreams—or nightmares. The three dogs—two males and a female—were all rescued by a human named Jeanie. Unfortunately, they all still remember...

My Dad Has a Beard

By Kellen Roggenbuck

What is it like to have a beard? What kinds of wonderful things can you do with a beard? My Dad Has A Beard by Kellen Roggenbuck is a fun children's book about a little boy's daddy's beard. Dad has a beard. His beard is...

The Magical Cloud

Collection of 26 stories for Children
By Cesar Sanchez

The Magical Cloud by Cesar Sanchez is an entertaining collection of 26 stories for children that revolve around a magical cloud that liked to travel around the world. It was magical as it allowed a group of people to live in it. The cloud was...

Cheeky Charlie

Bugs and Bananas - My Crazy Brother Book 2
By Mat Waugh

Cheeky Charlie: Bugs and Bananas (My Crazy Brother Book 2) by Matt Waugh is a humorous collection of stories revolving around Charlie, who is barely three, and his sister, Harriet. Charlie smells weird and different every day and on his worst days he stinks like...

Up For Days

By Keenan Hopson

Up For Days by Keenan Hopson is the story of a little boy, Jeffrey, who complains of hearing noises from his closet and outside and cannot sleep. His mother opens the closet and cannot find anything and she finds nothing outside too. He hears different...

¿Quién es?/Who's That?

By Marla Larsson Perfect

¿Quién es?/Who’s That? by Marla Larsson Perfect is a bilingual storybook for children where a little girl is looking at the family album with her mother. She likes seeing her father’s funny photo and she tries imitating him. She gets to know that, like her...

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Cats Undercover

Tuck & Ginger Book 2
By Ged Gillmore

Cats Undercover (Tuck & Ginger Book 2) by Ged Gillmore is the follow up children’s story for Cats on the Run. Cats Undercover is a funny, quirky children’s book about three unique, unusual and whimsical cats. These characters live on a farm near the Dingleberry...

The Eldridge Conspiracy

Sir Kaye the Boy Knight, Book 4
By Don M Winn

In The Eldridge Conspiracy, Book Four of Sir Kaye the Boy Knight Series, author Don M. Winn offers middle-grade readers an adventure they are sure to enjoy, as three boys, roughly 12 years of age, journey together while facing some of life’s greatest physical difficulties...

Keri and Kalina

A Windflower Saga Chapter Book
By Aleksandra Layland

Keri and Kalina: A Windflower Saga Chapter Book by Aleksandra Layland is set against the backdrop of Kimbria, an imaginary kingdom where readers get to meet seven-year-old Kalina who is lively, generous, and kind, and attends boarding school with Keri, her second cousin, who is...