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Here Comes Bobo and Scooter

The Adventures of Bobo Book 2
By James Gordon

It can be hard being a kid, especially for one in elementary school. In Here Comes Bobo and Scooter (The Adventures of Bobo Book 2) by James Gordon, Bobo got the chance to experience growing up first hand by dealing with bullying, rejection and getting...

Have You Ever Heard of a Dweazle?

By Chris Mulcahy

Have you ever heard of a Polanusnore, a Merpladoe or a Larplaglomp? Really, you've never met or heard of any of these creatures? Well, these are some of the unusual, eclectic characters that live on Dwinidigdig Island. Have You Ever Heard of a Dweazle? by...

Please Love Umma

By Gracie Kim

Please Love Umma by Gracie Kim is the story of Jenna Kim, an eleven-year-old Korean-American, which is loosely based on some historic events and real life experiences. Jenna Kim is brought up in an atmosphere where she has an overprotective mother and an understanding father....

Run, Jeremiah Run!

The Also Rans Series
By Mabel Elizabeth Singletary

We are all different. When you meet others, are you interested in getting to know them, or do you shun them because of their differences? In Run, Jeremiah Run! The Also Rans Series by Mabel Elizabeth Singletary, children will learn about hope, inspiration, and challenges...

The Berry Big Hug

By J.R. Poulter

Hugs are important. They offer comfort, reassurance and compassion. But listening is also important, especially when listening includes instructions and rules. Sam and his sister have a problem with instructions. Their mother instructs them to stay out of the mulberry tree, but the berries are...

Bartholomew Buggins

A Zombie with Different Cravings
By Crystal Marcos

In Bartholomew Buggins: A Zombie with Different Cravings by Crystal Marcos, young readers are introduced to Bartholomew Buggins who is a zombie and likes to eat cookies and pie. He likes cookies because they have fun little sprinkles instead of boring brain wrinkles. His brain...

The Ice Queen

By Liana-Melissa Allen

The Ice Queen by Liana-Melissa Allen is the whimsical tale of an Ice Queen who is evil and has taken over the beautiful forest of Pickit Town. Everything she touches or looks at turns to ice and the beautiful town of Pickit turns to gray,...

Donkey's Kite

A Horse Valley Adventure (Book 2)
By Liana-Melissa Allen

Donkey's Kite: A Horse Valley Adventure (Book 2) by Liana-Melissa Allen is a children’s picture book about perseverance, motivation and the willingness to be open to others. This book is full of beautiful illustrations and is part of the Horse Valley Adventure series. The three...

Oh Susannah

It's in the Bag
By Carole P Roman

We all need help and at times we all experience that overwhelming feeling. Susannah Logan felt exactly this way in Oh Susannah: It's in the Bag by Carole P Roman. Oh Susannah is a children’s chapter book about how what may seem to be hopeless...

Four Days of Pongal

The Harvest Festival of South India (Festivals of India) (Volume 1)
By Lakshmi Narayani

Four Days of Pongal: The Harvest Festival of South India by Lakshmi Narayani throws light on the Pongal Festival, known as a harvest festival, celebrated by people in the southern part of India who speak the Tamil language. The book discusses all aspects of the...