Fiction - General

The Red Ledger

Never Alone Series Book 4
By Doug Dorsey

"All that glitters is not gold." Would you make the ultimate sacrifice to live a wealthier lifestyle for a few years? The Red Ledger from the Never Alone Series is a Christian thriller by Doug Dorsey. Tyler Donovan, Director of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, leads...

Lovingly Restored

A Romantic Odyssey
By Ray Hobbs

Lovingly Restored: A Romantic Odyssey by Ray Hobbs is the story of a man who is hardened by life, but his life is about to be turned upside down by a piano that he needs to restore. Russell Tompkinson is a very cynical man who...


By Steven Manchester

When estranged brothers Tom and Jason Prendergast are informed of the death of their father, a rare shared emotion of relief flits briefly across their individual minds. The man was evil. Always putting brother against brother, degrading each son at every opportunity. With the news...


By Rich Chambers

The year William Bur celebrates his eighteenth birthday, he is full of realizations concerning his life, mainly that his future is one enormous pit of uncertainty. While the rest of his friends, affectionately known as the Group of Seven, seem to have their futures well-organized...

The Baljuna Covenant

By Tim Pelkey

The Baljuna Covenant by Tim Pelkey is a historical novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of young adults and adults who enjoy historical fiction thrillers and archaeological mysteries. James Andrews has dedicated years of his life to locating the tomb of Genghis...

Brought To Our Senses

A Novel
By Kathleen H. Wheeler

Brought To Our Senses by Kathleen H Wheeler is a poignantly depicted fiction novel about the agony and trials of a family as they witness the decline of their mother as she ages. Jessica, Teri, and Elizabeth have begun noticing that their mother, Janice, is...

India, David, and the Devil

By Michelee Morgan Cabot

India, David, And the Devil by Michelee Morgan Cabot is an exciting psychological thriller that has mystery, romance, and adventure woven into the plot. India was on the cusp of that dangerous age and her beauty went well with her ripe body, enhancing the intrigue...

The Back Road To Success

All Roads Are Not Paved
By Robert L Weaver

The Back Road to Success by Robert L Weaver is a short novella that reminds us that the direct route is not always the only way to get where you need to go in this world. Star Wainright is perhaps typical of many youngsters today....

The Becomer

By David Michael Miller

In The Becomer by David Michael Miller, we meet X, of indeterminate sex. X is you, X is me, in fact, X is, or can be, everyone. In this science fiction fantasy world, Miller examines where today’s technology could be leading us. Forget gene...

An Extraordinary Year

By Theresa Konwinski

In times like ours, when the spirit of consumerism is rank and rife, and when people tend to seek personal profit without caring about what happens to others or to the environment, An Extraordinary Year by Theresa Konwinski comes across as a powerful reminder of...