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and influence book sellers and buyers alike!
Award Seals

Contestants range from first-time authors to
New York Times bestsellers and celebrities!

Jim Carrey, Henry Winkler, Mary McDonough, Eriq La Salle, Paul Michael Glaser

Annual Award Contest Deadline in...

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Readers' Favorite 2015
International Book Award Contest
Become an award-winning author!
Contest CharacterWe accept manuscripts, published and unpublished books, ebooks, audio books, comic books, poetry books and short stories in 100+ genres.

We do not have a publication date requirement or word count restriction. Entries are accepted worldwide as long as the work is in English.
Four award levels plus a finalist level in each of our 100+ categories.
Special Illustration Award competition for illustrated books.
Roll of high quality, embossed award stickers ($50 value).
Digital award seal for your book cover and print/web marketing.
Personalized award certificate.
Olympics-style physical award medal with ribbon.
Awards ceremony with guest speakers and media coverage.
Book displayed in our booth at the largest book fair in America.
Book review posted on 7 popular book and social networking sites.
Mini-critique of 5 key areas of your book.
Enhanced listing of your book with award level on our category pages, search results, and your main review page.
Enhanced listing of your book with award level on our 2015 contest award-winners page.
Results announced through a high distribution press release.
Results emailed to our database of authors, agents and publishers.
Results tweeted & re-tweeted to over 1 million Twitter followers.
Lifetime full-featured listing on, an exclusive website dedicated to getting your award-winning book noticed by readers, agents, publishers and journalists.
Win one of $20,000 in prizes just for entering!
Chance to have your book made into a movie or TV show by Wind Dancer Films!
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Honoring Excellence AwardReaders' Favorite is the fastest growing book review and award contest site on the Internet. We have earned the respect of renowned publishers like Random House, Penguin and Harper Collins, and have received the Best Websites for Authors and Honoring Excellence awards from the Association of Independent Authors. In addition to providing free reviews to authors who range from the first-time self-published author to seasoned professionals like James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks, we also host a respected annual international award contest to help authors obtain more recognition and exposure.

Book awards grab the attention of book stores, publishers, libraries, and readers, which can translate into increased sales. As an award winner, you will be able to add your Readers' Favorite award seal to your book and all other marketing materials, as well as identify your book as an "award-winning book" and you as an "award-winning author."

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We have 4 books with Readers' Favorite and one of them won an award in your contest last year. We attended your awards ceremony in Miami and it was fabulous! We wanted to let you know that our award has helped enormously in marketing the book, and the award sticker on our cover has dramatically helped sales. We sell many books directly to buyers and they are constantly noticing and asking about the award sticker. We greatly appreciate your organization and will be entering more books in the years to come.
Unsolicited testimonial from Jean & Mary James, authors of "Wherefore Art Thou, Jane?"
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We receive thousands of entries from all over the world. As a result of these large submission numbers we are able to break down our contest into 100+ genres, where each genre is judged separately, ensuring you only compete against books of your particular genre for a more fair and accurate competition.

Random House Logo
"When the right books are picked as winners we pay attention. We will be spreading the word about Readers' Favorite."
--Karen A., Editor for Random House Publishing

We receive submissions from independent authors, small publishers, and publishing giants like Random House, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster, with contestants that range from the first-time, self-published author to New York Times bestsellers like J.A. Jance, James Rollins, and #1 best-selling author Daniel Silva, as well as celebrity authors like Jim Carrey (Bruce Almighty), Henry Winkler (Happy Days), and Eriq La Salle (E.R., Coming to America).

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Rosemary Gard
"I was asked why I advertised my Readers' Favorite award if I was only a Finalist. I said I was honored to receive it and to be recognized on stage at the Miami Awards Ceremony. As a result of which, my local newspaper interviewed me and the story was picked up by the Associated Press. Then a professor from Notre Dame University called, among others, and letters started arriving with questions and orders. I thank you again and again for my Finalist award, which I believe is worth a million dollars."
Unsolicited testimonial from Rosemary Gard, author of "Destiny's Dowry."
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Award-winning author Carew Papritz discusses his 2014 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal for his book "The Legacy Letters" on CBS Virginia This Morning, a few days after attending the Readers' Favorite Awards Ceremony in Miami.
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Miami Awards Ceremony Slide Show
Nearly 300 authors and guests attend the Readers' Favorite International Book Awards Ceremony in Miami each year from as far away as Pakistan, Australia, Brazil, Peru, Switzerland, Singapore, India, the UK and more. Guest speakers have been industry experts and celebrities like Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky & Hutch), Eriq La Salle (E.R., Coming to America) and Dete Meserve, president of Wind Dancer films (Home Improvement, What Women Want).

Authors are recognized on stage and presented with physical award medals, then mingle and enjoy a buffet dinner. Staff photographers take free photos of the authors on stage and in front of our awards backdrop. Media is often present taking pictures, video and interviewing authors.

What do you win?

We offer up to 4 award levels in each of our 100+ categories: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Honorable Mention, as well as a possible Finalist level. This ensures you only compete against books of your particular genre for a more fair and accurate competition.

Personalized award certificate and digital award seals Each winner and finalist will receive a personalized award certificate and a digital high resolution version of their award seal or finalist seal for their book and other marketing materials, as well as a web-optimized version for websites, blogs and social networking sites.

Roll of high quality, embossed award stickers ($50 value) Gold, Silver and Bronze winners will receive a free roll of 250 1.5" high quality, embossed award stickers ($50 value) to affix to copies of their book. These premium, professional looking stickers have a raised shiny layer and work wonderfully on book covers. Additional rolls or rolls for Honorable Mention and Finalist will also be available, as well as larger 2" versions of all stickers.

Awards Ceremony in Miami, Florida Winners and finalists are also invited to our Awards Ceremony during the week of the Miami Book Fair International, the largest book fair in America. Our Awards Ceremony will be held at the Regency Hotel Miami (named the 4th best boutique hotel near an airport in the country), where we have organized a room discount for all our authors.

The hotel will provide free shuttle service to and from the Miami International Airport, as well as to several local popular shopping destinations. We have also organized transportation to and from the book fair. We generally fill the hotel so nearly everyone you meet or pass in the elevator is a Readers' Favorite author or guest, making it easy and fun to make new friends.

Bronze MedalWe average nearly 300 authors and guests at our awards ceremony each year. All award winners and finalists will be brought up on stage to be recognized and have their picture taken. Gold, Silver and Bronze award winners will be presented with an Olympics-style Award Medal representing their particular award level. Guests will be able to take pictures along with Readers' Favorite photographers who will be taking free photos of the authors on stage and in front of our awards backdrop.

Medal Ceremony

Media Coverage We aggressively campaign to media outlets for their attendance to provide additional publicity for you and your book (although the attendance of some media is likely, we cannot guarantee it). We have been fortunate to have media at all our past Miami Award Ceremonies, including film crews and print media photographers and journalists.

Media CoverageMedia Coverage

Friday night Meet & Greet We will have a Meet & Greet on the Friday evening prior to our Saturday Awards Ceremony so authors can network, socialize and get acquainted. The Meet & Greet is attended by several hundred authors and guests and is held at the Regency Hotel Miami. There is also a smaller get-together on Thursday night for those who arrive early.

Meet & Greet

Guest Presenters During the Friday night Meet & Greet there will be a presentation by guest presenters with advice on various literary topics. These presenters are often contestants in the Readers' Favorite awards contest who are attending the Awards Ceremony themselves, and are asked to share their expertise with the other attending authors.

Past presenters include Leigh Cunningham--Executive Director of the Association of Independent Authors (AiA),
Dete Meserve--president of Wind Dancer films (Home Improvement, What Women Want with Mel Gibson), Eddie Price--marketing expert and successful self-published author, Darlene Chan--Hollywood publicist that specilizes in promoting independent authors, Debra Gaynor--CEO of Readers' Favorite, and Mark Wayne Adams--multiple award-winning illustrator, Readers' Favorite Illustration Award Judge, former Disney artist, and president of the Florida Authors and Publishers Association.


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Leigh K Cunningham
"The Readers’ Favorite awards program of events and their organization was brilliant, from the author meet-and-greet to the gala award ceremony. I highly recommend this award program to authors, and strongly encourage authors to attend the ceremony to celebrate their achievements with authors from all over the world."

Leigh Cunningham, Executive Director of the Association of Independent Authors (AiA) and author of "Being Anti-Social," was an award-winner and guest presenter at our 2013 Miami Awards Ceremony.
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Celebrity Guest Speakers
Our contest attracts celebrity authors like New York Times best-seller James Rollins and #1 best-selling author Daniel Silva, as well as TV and film celebrities like actor Henry Winkler (Happy Days). Often these celebrities attend and give a motivational speech at our Miami Awards Ceremony, like previous celebrity guest speakers actor/director Eriq La Salle (E.R., Coming to America) and actor/director Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky & Hutch).

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PM Glaser
"Readers' Favorite is a much needed organization for authors, there should be more companies like them. They were gracious, inclusive and very supportive, responding to authors of all genres. I was honored to be included."
Actor/director Paul Michael Glaser from "Starsky & Hutch" and author of "Chrystallia and the Source of Light," was an award-winner and celebrity guest speaker at our 2012 Miami Awards Ceremony.
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Display of your Book in our Booth at the Largest Book Fair in America The Miami Book Fair International runs for a week in mid-November and features celebrities like Madonna, bestselling novelist James Patterson, Tom Wolfe, Bill O'Reilly, and Molly Ringwald.

Famous Authors at the Miami Book Fair International

The street fair portion is held the last 3 days of the book fair and will feature hundreds of booths manned by authors, publishers and other literary professionals. We will have a full booth all three days of the street fair where we will display all the award-winning books from our contest to hundreds of thousands of visitors from school children to agents and publishers.

Miami Book Fair International Street Fair

If you are unable to make it to the book fair and Awards Ceremony in Miami we will still display and sell your book in our booth, whether it is to an agent, publisher or consumer, which will help you gain more recognition and exposure.

St. Jude Children's Hospital In addition, 100% of all book sales is donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, as well as any unsold copies. We are the only vendor at the fair who donates all book fair proceeds to charity, which is popular among fairgoers and increases both the money earned for charity and attention for our author's books.

Guaranteed book review posted on 7 popular book and social networking sites
5 Star ReviewAlthough our reviews are free, they are not guaranteed. Even with over 500 reviewers we are not able to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for reviews. However, when you enter our contest you are guaranteed to receive a Readers' Favorite review of your book (if you do not already have one).

Your review will be posted on our site, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. You can also post our review in your Amazon Editorial Reviews section.

Review Posting Sites

All reviews come with a Readers' Favorite Review Page and a host of free features to help you promote your book and your new review:

At Least 250 Words
Amazon/Purchase Link
Listed in multiple genres
Video Trailer Link
Book Cover Image
Author Members Area
Author Contact Link
Review Your Reviewer
Author Picture & Bio
Visitor Comments
Author Website Link
Facebook Comments
Author Facebook Link
Social Networking Bar
Author Twitter Link
Book Donation
Author Google+ Link
Review Exchange
Author Pinterest Link
Monthly Book Giveaway
Author's Forum - Get and share information with fellow authors

Mini-critique of 5 key areas of your book All entrants will receive a mini-critique (unless they have already received a Readers's Favorite mini-critique of their book), which will provide ratings with explanations on 5 key areas of your book: appearance, plot, development, formatting and marketability.

Enhanced listing on our category pages, search results, and your main review pageWe will add your award seal image to your Readers' Favorite review page for both winners and finalists. In addition, we add the words "Award Winner" or "Award Finalist" next to your book in its category listing to drive more visitors to your review page. Just click any of our 100+ categories on the left to see examples.

Enhanced listing on our 2015 contest award-winners page Winners and finalists will also be featured on a new 2015 Contest Results page via a link in the "Award-Winning Books" box on the left side of any page on our site. Visit our 2013 Award Contest Winners page so see what our 2015 page will look like.

Results announced through a professional, high distribution press release Readers' Favorite announces the results of our competition through a premium press release which is placed into RSS feeds with more than 250,000 subscribers including bloggers, journalists and consumers. The release is also sent to more than 35,000 opt-in journalists including the Associated Press and top US newspapers like USA Today, as well as search engines like Yahoo and Google, and popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Premium Press Release

Results emailed to our database of authors, agents and publishers In addition to our external press release, we also send an internal mailing to our membership base which contains thousands of authors, agents and publishers who use our services.

Results tweeted & re-tweeted to over 1 million Twitter followers TwitterWe announce our contest results and link to our 2015 contest winners page to over 1 million Twitter followers and then we have a portion of those followers retweet that message to their followers.

This tweet & retweet combination causes our contest results to "Trend", garnering it and our award-winners even more attention as tens of thousands of people talk about our contest results on Twitter.

Lifetime listing on - Exclusively for Readers' Favorite is a premier site whose domain keywords receive 200,000 searches each month from literary enthusiasts like readers, agents, publishers and journalists looking for award-winning books. is owned and was created by Readers' Favorite as a free marketing tool for all our award-winning authors and finalists. It only lists winners and finalists from the Readers' Favorite International Book Award Contest, past and present.

We actively update, market and publicize the site to grow its popularity and aid our authors in obtaining sales, fans, media attention and possible agent/publisher representation. If you are a winner or finalist in our Book Award Contest, you will automatically be added to for free and forever, continually garnering more and more attention as the site and your book's popularity grow.

Who can enter and how do you enter?

We accept manuscripts, published and unpublished books, ebooks, audio books, comic books and poetry books that fall into one of our 100+ genre categories. Your entry must be an original work for which you own the applicable rights.

Manuscripts must be complete and formatted according to our Formatting Guidelines
. We do not have a minimum or maximum word count restriction. However, we do not accept erotica (contact us for exceptions or if you are unsure about your book). We do not have a publication date requirement for published books and we accept submissions from all over the world as long as the work is in English. We have had entries from almost every US state and over a dozen countries.

To enter, simply complete the form below along with your payment by our contest deadline. The contest entry fee to enter your book in one genre category by the April 1st Early Bird Registration deadline is $89, by the May 1st Regular Registration deadline is $99.00, and by the June 1st Late Registration deadline is $109. You may enter that same book in up to 3 more genre categories for a fee of $65.00 for each one. You can enter as many books as you like, but you will need to complete a separate entry form for each book you wish to enter.

You can submit your book to us in the following formats in order of preference: PDF, Kindle (MOBI), Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX), RTF, and ePUB. If you have a different file format like Open Office or Word Perfect, just email it to and we will convert it to PDF for you and attach it to your submission.

You can attach your file to our contest form below when you submit your entry. If you have any problems attaching it, please submit the contest form without attaching your book and email your book to and we will attach it for you. We currently do not accept hard copy (postal) submissions.

Special Illustration Award competition for illustrated books

Illustration Award The Readers' Favorite Illustration Award recognizes books with quality illustrations. All illustration types are welcome and there are no requirements on how many illustrations you must have to compete for the award. Whether your book is a children's picture book or an illustrated how-to guide, as long as your book has original illustrated artwork that you either created yourself or had created by an artist, then you can enter your book to compete for this additional award.

The Illustration Award is a separate award, which may be won by its self or in conjunction with a standard Gold, Silver, Bronze, Honorable mention or Finalist award in your primary contest category.

Mark Wayne AdamsAll entries are judged by Mark Wayne Adams, a multiple award-winning illustrator who has worked as an artist for Disney and Sea World. He is currently the CEO of an illustration and publishing company, and is the president of the Florida Authors and Publishers Association.

All entries will receive a scoring sheet from Mark on six key elements of their illustrations. One winner will be chosen in each of six genres: Children, Young Adult, Christian, Fiction, Non-Fiction and Graphic Novel/Comic. The winners will be listed at the top of our Award Winners page and receive a Mini-Critique of their book, as well as all of the other applicable benefits that our other contest winners receive (listed in the "What do you win?" section above).

Illustration Award Presentation Winners receive a digital 16x22 inch Illustration Award certificate beautifully illustrated by Mark Wayne Adams. Winners who attend the Awards Ceremony will be presented with a framed copy of their certificate on stage by Mark Wayne Adams.

Winners also receive a digital Illustration Award seal and a free roll of 250 1.5" embossed Illustration Award stickers ($50 value). Additional rolls and larger 2" stickers are also available. In addition, Mark will announce the winners through his vast network of publishers, authors, illustrators, professionals, social followers and his smartphone app users, as well as dsiplay them on his official website.

The Illustration Award is part of our regular Award Contest and follows the same time line, which means winners will be announced on September 1st. If you would like to compete for this award you will need to compete in the regular Award Contest as well by selecting at least one category for your book to compete in, then you will be able to add the Illustration Award ($65) option to your entry. You can upload your book for our regular contest and mail a copy for the Illustration Award if you like. Mailing instructions will be in your contest entry confirmation email.

NOTE: If no book in a particular genre meets Mark's standards for the Illustration Award, no award will be given in that genre. Because of the potential for more than one book to receive the same winning score, more than one award may be given in a particular genre.

Chance to have your book made into a movie or TV show!

Wind Dancer Films
is an independent motion picture and television production company which has generated over $4 billion in revenue from film and television properties the company has created and produced, like the hit TV series "Home Improvement" and movies like "What Women Want" with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. We are excited to announce that Wind Dancer Films has partnered with Readers' Favorite to provide our authors with the unprecedented opportunity of having their work considered for possible film or TV production!

Dete Meserve, President of Wind Dancer FilmsIn addition to entrants from publishing giants like Random House and HarperCollins, the Readers' Favorite award contest is also attracting an increasing number of contestants from the film industry like Henry Winkler (Happy Days), Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky & Hutch), and Dete Meserve, president of Wind Dancer Films.

Dete Meserve entered her book Good Sam in our contest and attended our awards ceremony in Miami. She was so impressed with the caliber of our award-winning authors and their writing that she has agreed to evaluate 10 of our contest award-winners each year for possible film or TV production by her company!

This is an incredible opportunity for 10 lucky authors. The chances of getting a book read by a studio like Wind Dancer Films through normal channels is so incredibly minute, that it is simply not possible for 99.9% of authors today. That is why this offer from Dete Meserve and Wind Dancer Films is so extraordinary. This opportunity is also completely FREE to our contestants. It is a part of our competition and there are no extra fees to be considered or to have your book read if you are chosen.

The needs of a TV and film production company are very dynamic and change constantly to reflect the tastes of audiences. As a result, we cannot predict the genre and types of stories Wind Dancer Films will be looking for each year. In late August, when we are finalizing our winners, they will tell us what genres and types of stories they are currently looking for. At that point we will select the 10 best books from our contest that meet their criteria and contact the authors on September 1st, which is also when we announce our final contest winners and results.

These 10 lucky authors will need to complete some paperwork for Wind Dancer Films and provide us with the latest copy of their book, then we will get it all to Dete Meserve for her and her staff to evaluate. We will contact the authors when these evaluations are complete. If one or more stories are a fit for Wind Dancer Films, they will contact the author(s) directly to discuss possible negotiations for the rights to produce the story for film or TV.

To be included in the potential pool of books from which we will select 10 lucky authors for production consideration by Wind Dancer Films, all you need to do is enter our contest using the form below and check the box on the form that opts you into this selection process. This option is completely free as a contestant in our contest and there are no fees if you are chosen to have your book considered by Wind Dancer Films. Good luck!

Win one of $20,000 in prizes just for entering!

Readers’ Favorite has been selected as the official review company for BookBaby, one of the world’s largest digital book publishers and distributors for self-published authors. Each year they support our award contest by graciously donating nearly $8,000 in book publishing prizes.

In addition, the good people who provide our Author Services support our annual Award Contest by providing three of their service packages as prizes, combined with prizes from Readers' Favorite creates a total of 68 prizes worth $20,000! Authors are automatically entered to win just by entering the Readers' Favorite International Book Award Contest.

$8,000 in Publishing Prizes from BookBaby
Premium eBook Self-Publishing Packages - $249 value
• eBook Conversion included
• eBook proof
• Metadata review
• Worldwide eBook distribution
• BookShop™ sales page
• Get paid 100% of net revenues
• BookPromo™
• Phone & Email support

5 prizes - Each prize will be honored up to $249.

Bookstore Quality Printed Book Package - $2,200 value
•300 Books
•Digest Size (5.5” x 8.5”)
•300 pages
•Soft cover
•Perfect Binding
•Gloss Finish
•Black Text
•60lb Natural Paper Stock

3 prizes - Each prize will be honored up to $2,200, winner will be responsible for shipping charges (if applicable).

$12,000 from Readers' Favorite and our Partners
Get Published with our E-Query Service
Help your book go viral with a Video Book Trailer
Online Radio Interview and accompanying Press Release
Book Conversion to all major eReaders (Kindle, iPad, etc.)
Professional Proofreading Service
One month promotion in our Featured Book rotator
5 Express Reviews package
Roll of high quality, embossed stickers
15 prizes - one roll of 250 stickers for any award level or 5 star review

On September 1, 2015 when we announce the winners of our 2015 Award Contest, we will also announce the lucky winners of our 68 prizes. Winners are picked at random and it does not matter how many categories you entered or whether you won an award or not. If you win a service that you have already paid for then we will provide you with another prize of equal or greater value (excluding BookBaby prizes).

Judging and contest timeline

We receive thousands of entries from all over the world. As a result of these large submission numbers we are able to break down our contest into 100+ genres, ensuring you only compete against books of your particular genre for a more fair and accurate competition. Each genre is judged separately and will have a different number of entries depending on its popularity.

Up to four levels of winners will be chosen in each genre: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Honorable Mention, as well as a possible Finalist level. Because awards are determined by a rating score and not by the number of entrants, not all award levels will be given in every genre.

Contest entries are judged all year long and are given a rating score based on key literary elements. The final contest deadline is June 1st and winners are announced on September 1st, giving winners and finalists two months to arrange travel plans to Miami for our Awards Ceremony and for the display and sale of their books in our booth during the Miami Book Fair International in mid-November.

Due to the popularity and size of our contest, a common question is what role does competition play in the judging. Let's assume a particular entry is given a rating that equates to a Silver medal. If the category that book was entered in did not have any other qualifying entries, then it would simply be awarded the Silver medal. Its award level would not be increased due to lack of competition.

On the other hand, if that category had two books that had been rated in the Silver medal range, then those books would be ranked with the top book garnering the Silver medal and the second winning a Bronze medal. If the two books had the exact same Silver rating, then both would be awarded the Silver medal.

If you visit our Award Contest Winners pages, which lists our winners from previous years, you will notice that in some cases the same award is given more than once in the same category, which is the result of more than one book receiving the same judging score. You will also notice that some award levels are not awarded at all in a particular genre; this is because despite the number of entries in that category, no book received a score equating to the missing award level.

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2015 Book Award Contest Entry Form

If you have either REQUESTED or RECEIVED a Readers’ Favorite review for this book please enter its Readers’ Favorite Review ID or your email address in the box below, otherwise leave the box blank.
Review ID:
If your book is on Amazon please enter your 10 digit ISBN or Amazon ASIN number, otherwise leave this box blank. You can find this information on your Amazon page. Your book does NOT have to be on Amazon to receive a review or enter our contest and you can update this information at any time from your Authors Area.
10 Digit ISBN/ASIN:
Author Name:
Book Title:
Book Subtitle:
Author Email:
Confirm Email:
Agent Email:
Enter your cell phone number to receive text message notices about contest updates. For international authors please start with a plus sign followed by your country code and then your phone number.
Cell Phone:
Create Password:
Category 1 ($89)
Category 2 ($65):
Category 3 ($65):
Category 4 ($65):

If your book has illustrations you can enter it in our Illustration Award competition. Please read the Special Illustration Award competition for illustrated books section for more information.
Illustration Award ($65):

Wind Dancer Films is an independent motion picture and television production company which has generated over $4 billion in revenue from film and television properties like the hit TV series "Home Improvement" and movies like "What Women Want" with Mel Gibson.

Wind Dancer Films will be selecting 10 of our award-winning books to be considered for possible film or TV production! Please select below whether you would like your book considered for this amazing and free opportunity. Please read the Chance to have your book made into a movie or TV show! section for more information.
Wind Dancer Films:
Mature Content:
Cover Upload:

Book Upload:
Find Us?:

Each year Readers’ Favorite donates books and income to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Check the box below if you would like to help bring aid to kids in need.
"On behalf of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and especially on behalf of the children and their families, we want to thank Readers' Favorite and its authors for your kindness and generosity."

Payment Methods

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Readers' Favorite tries to help those in need by donating books and income each year to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Authors contribute as well by donating via our order forms and through our Book Donation program.

Donation Partners

On behalf of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital,
and especially on behalf of the children and their
families, we want to thank Readers' Favorite and its
authors for your kindness and generosity.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
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