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Company Logo Readers' Favorite is owned and operated by authors for authors. Our staff and nearly all of our 500+ reviewers are authors who have come together to provide their fellow authors with a valuable set of resources to help them succeed.

Authors need feedback and exposure, and we provide this through free quality reviews and a free feature rich review page, the opportunity to obtain recognition through our respected annual book award contest, and free Monthly Book Giveaway, Book Exchange, and Book Donation programs.

Authors also need information and support. To this end we have created an Author's Forum in our Author's Area where authors can communicate with each other, ask questions, and share ideas on writing, marketing, and more. We also provide over 1,000 free articles (coming soon) that we have created to answer questions and guide authors through today's often difficult and changing literary landscape.

In addition, we provide reliable, low cost services authors can afford like professional proofreading for $1 per page. We then throw in super fast and friendly customer support by email and phone to make sure authors get the help they need fast. We truly are looking out for our fellow authors. In fact, we were the first book review company to not post negative reviews and provide authors with constructive criticism instead, which has now become an industry standard.

Readers' Favorite also tries to help those in need by donating books and income each year to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Authors contribute as well by donating financially via our order forms and donating their books through our Book Donation program where they help schools, hospitals, and charities.

On behalf of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and especially on behalf of the children and their families, we want to thank Readers' Favorite and its authors for your kindness and generosity.

In addition, authors that win our annual book award contest donate copies to be sold at our booth at the Miami Book Fair International, the largest book fair in America. This helps the author gain more exposure and 100% of the proceeds is donated to St. Jude Children's Hospital, as well as any unsold copies. We are the only vendor at the fair who donates all book fair proceeds to charity, which is popular among fairgoers and increases both the money earned for charity and attention for our author's books.

Honoring Excellence AwardAs a result, we are proud to say that Readers' Favorite has become the fastest growing book review and award contest site on the Internet. We have earned the respect of renowned publishers like Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins, and have received the Best Websites for Authors and Honoring Excellence awards from the Association of Independent Authors. In addition to reviewing for some of the biggest names in the industry, as well as the first time independent author, our award contest features entries by NYT best-sellers and celebrities, and includes an additional giveaway with $20,000 in prizes.

Meet some of our 500+ Volunteer Reviewers!

Reviewer CharacterWe are growing by leaps and bounds and need all the qualified reviewers we can get. Although this is a volunteer position, you will be compensated with lots of great free books to read, increasing notoriety and experience as a book reviewer and the knowledge that you are helping authors and readers. You can even earn money and win cash prizes!

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Readers' Favorite Reviewer, please visit our Reviewer Application page.



1 Robin Clark
2 Sarah Lowry
3 Rita Goatley
4 Samantha Walker
5 Rose Wallin
6 Ryan Priest
7 Robin McCoy-Ramirez
8 Savannah Edelen
9 Rosanne Franchini
10 Sarah Westmoreland
11 Samantha Sargent
12 Scott Inman
13 Renata F. Barcelos
14 Sandy Appleyard
15 Ryan Eid
16 Ronna Pennington
17 Robert Allen Johnson
18 Scott Skipper
19 Sam Hartman
20 Rebecca Grant
21 Samantha F.
22 Ryan Morris
23 Retha Groenewald
24 Scott Albert
25 Rhonda Fischer
26 Samantha Coville
27 Rebecca McLeod
28 Ruthi Kight
29 Santosh Kalwar
30 Sarah Scoffin
31 Robert Kirkconnell
32 Samantha Gregory
33 Roert Hewett Sr.
34 Ruth Gonzalez
35 Sandra Wells
36 Sarah Hiseman
37 Rich Follett
38 Ray Simmons
39 Rebecca Carrico
40 Sarah Sanford
41 Samilla Roberts
42 Sarah Cotchaleovitch
43 Samantha Dewitt (Rivera)
44 Robert Ahanes
45 Roger M. Woodbury
46 S.E. Sward
47 Rita Kaye Vetsch
48 Sabrina Williams
49 Rebecca Lewis
50 Robin Puelma
Nora Ephron Hello! My name is Robin and I am a single Christian mother of 3 beautiful girls and one beautiful grandson. I have a passion for the Lord and for reading. I am a Registered Nurse turned full time student. I enjoy spending time curled up with my kids and a good book. I read many genres by many authors, but especially like the works of Nora Ephron (pictured left).

I enjoy being a reviewer for many reasons, but mainly for the opportunity to read books by new authors which allows me to expand my "comfort zone" of usual reads.
Sarah Lowry Hello, my name is Sarah and I am an avid reader. I especially love fantasy, paranormal, magical realism, and literary fiction, but I enjoy reading nearly every genre. I write as well as read, and I recently had a short story entitled Forbidden Child published in an anthology called Shades of Fear. I am currently finishing my BA in English Language and Literature.

I loving helping authors with honest and professional reviews of the work, and review books on my blog, Amazon, and Goodreads. I have also beta read for several indie authors. You can learn more about me on my website, as well as on my Facebook and Twitter pages.
Rita Goatley Rita Goatley grew up in Cloverport, a small town on the banks of the Ohio River. Currently she and her husband Alvin live in Hawesville, KY. Rita is employed by Southern States Coop, where she works in sales. She has two children: Adam, who is a student at Western KY University and Sara, a student at Hancock Middle School.

Rita is an active member of Hawesville United Methodist Church. She enjoys Bible Study, reading, and an occasional night out with the girls. Although she enjoys many genres, she prefers those with a Christian theme.
Samantha Walker Hello, my name is Samantha Walker. With a degree in English-Creative Writing, both reading and writing are my passions. In the future, I hope to be a published author, but for the time being, I am thrilled to read the work of others and provide valuable feedback for the author and their future readers.
Rose Wallin Hello, my name is Rose, aka Butterscotch Bubbles. I'm a 20-something housewife currently enjoying work as a freelance book reviewer, editor, and beta-reader. I thoroughly enjoy editing, book reviewing, and meeting amazing authors. I write professional, honest reviews of the books I read. I don't include spoilers or rants.

While I do write personal reviews, they are still professional and respectful. I always share my reviews on Goodreads, Shelfari, LibraryThing, Smashwords and my book reviews blog.
Ryan Priest Hello, my name is Ryan. I am a 19 year old teacher with a bachelors degree in English and a book lover. I am a Christian and stand by my beliefs firmly. I love most books but especially enjoy science fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, and mystery. I am also an aspiring author, though I haven't pursued publication.

I believe books should be action packed but not a whirlwind, descriptive but not flowery, contain wholesome love but not too much romance, and leave the reader hungry for more but satisfied with the course he was served. I enjoy being a reviewer and being able to assist authors in improving their skills.
Robin McCoy-Ramirez Hi, my name is Robin McCoy-Ramirez. I live in Putnam, CT with my husband and 7 1/2 month old daughter, Savannah Rose, as well as our 3 rescue dogs. When I am not reading, I love to cook, travel and spend time with family.

I received a BS in Public Health, and have worked 10+ years in the public health/non-profit sector. I also have a blog where I highlight other mom entrepreneurs and share my book reviews.
Savannah Edelen Hello, my name is Savannah and I am a high school student. I love to read and have been reading all of my life. I personally like to read more of the fantasy type novels that include vampires, werewolves and all kinds of things like that.

I love reading books by new authors and being able to help them with my reviews. I also enjoy books by more seasoned authors. A favorite series of mine is the House of Night series by P.C. Cast. Although she is more well-known, the series isn't, but its absolutely amazing.
Beatrix Potter Hello, my name is Rosanne. My background is in the medical field and I enjoy reading medical help books along with alternative health. My favorite sport to watch is baseball and love "behind the game" stories. I also love reading about religions; their beliefs and roots. Two of my favorite authors are Laura Ingalls Wilder and Beatrix Potter (pictured left).

I enjoy reviewing because it allows me to give back to authors who give us so much. I can help them get their work noticed with fair and professional reviews of their work.
Sarah Westmoreland Hello, my name is Sarah. I have been writing since I was very young, and completed my first novel at the age of thirteen. I am currently attending college and plan to get a double-major in Master of Information and Library science, and Master of Fine Arts - focus in Creative Writing. I have released one novel, Najee: A Glimmer of Hope, and hope to soon have two more available!

I have always loved to read and enjoy a wide variety of genres and writing styles. I am currently on the beta-reading list for several novels in my writing group and enjoy helping other authors with fair and insightful reviews.
Samantha Sargent Hello, I am Samantha! I'm a mother of three beautiful little boys, a full-time sales manager at a telecommunications company and a full-time student at SNHU. I have been an avid reader since I was a wee child and enjoy spending the little bit of free time I have reading and cross stitching.

I have been reviewing for over three years and enjoy giving detailed critiques and criticisms on the stories I read. I look forward to reading and reviewing many books for Readers' Favorite and its authors.
Scott Inman Scott Inman works for Bankers Life and Zija International. He graduated from Central Michigan University with several leadership awards, is the father of two children and a volunteer officer for a national fraternity. He has extensive experience in professional and collegiate athletics and his spent time as a personal trainer and a wellness coach.

Currently he resides Southern Indiana where he enjoys the Louisville restaurant scene and has developed and affinity for single barrel bourbon. His favorite authors are Jon Gordon, Warren Bennis, Clive Cussler (pictured left), and pre-Disney Star Wars books and comics.
Renata F. Barcelos Hello, my name is Renata F. Barcelos. I live in Brazil with my beautiful and creative daughter where I teach English and Spanish as Second Languages. I'm an author with two books published: "Mean: a Psychological Thriller Novelette" and "My Sore Hush-a-Bye".

As a writer, I know how important reviews are, and as a compulsive reader I love to discover great stories and help spread the word about them. You can learn more about me on my blog.
Sandy Appleyard Hello, my name is Sandy. You'll often find me nose deep reading or writing a book...sometimes both. I've been writing for the past 9 years, having left my corporate administration job, and although the pay isn't great I love it. Coupled with books, I regularly write blogs with helpful information for writers pertaining to writing and self-publishing advice, inspirational topics and sometimes more interactive topics to include readers and writers alike.

The genres I read (and write) are: memoirs, all genres of suspense (including romance), thriller, erotica, some YA, mystery, police procedural and historical fiction. In my writing career I've also been reviewing books for my blog and interviewing fellow authors to help the writing community. You can learn more about me on Facebook, Twitter or my website.
Ryan Eid Hello, my name is Ryan. Ryan Eid is a Louisville native who currently attends Medical School at the University of Louisville. Is pursuing his medical degree with a distinction in global health. Ryan graduated summa cum laude from the University of Miami with a B.S. in Biology in 2012. He received the highest honor for a graduating biology student and was admitted to the Phi Beta Kappa honors society. Ryan is interested in reviewing books because it enables him to explore diverse thoughts, opinions and new stories. He believes that it is important for doctors to not only understand science but also humanity at large. Reviewing books enables Ryan to do so.
Ronna Pennington Hello, my name is Ronna. I am a former newspaper and radio news writer, editor, and general manager who has been freelancing full time since 2005. I have won numerous awards from the Arkansas Press Association as well as recognition from Henderson State University's literary journal, The Proscenium, for creative non-fiction and poetry.

I am also a ghost writer for the craft industry and pursuing my master's degree in social sciences/history. In my free time, I enjoy community history projects, sewing, and trying out recipes from Pinterest.
Robert Allen Johnson Hello, my name is Robert and I live in Indiana with my wife and two children. I am an author and recently finished the first book in my MAGNUS trilogy, Rising Sun, and am currently working on the sequel, Triumphator. Books have always been an integral part of my life. I find it nearly impossible to imagine a life without piles of books waiting to be devoured.

As an aspiring author who is in a constant hunt for advice, feedback, and critiques of my own books, I understand how vital it is for authors to receive unbiased reviews of their own work. Aside from helping fellow authors receive honest praise from an unaffected third party, I'm also thrilled at the possibility that the next great book is waiting for me just around the corner.
Scott Skipper Scott Skipper is retired from an entrepreneurial career in the metal fabrication industry. Indulging the luxury of free time, he has returned to his first love, the written word. Historical fiction is his preferred genre and his first two novels were the result of fifteen years of genealogical research. His quirky and irreverent style reflects his cynical outlook on life.

In addition to writing he is a voracious reader and avid supporter of emerging authors. He habitually reviews what he reads, which are subsequently posted on his blog. You can learn more about Scott and his books on his website.
Sam Hartman My name is Sam Hartman and I am in Middle School at Riverbend Montessori in Natick, Massachusetts. I am an avid reader and am rarely without a book in my hand (or on my Kindle). As a young reader, I am always looking for books that my parents consider ‘appropriate’, but that I still enjoy.

Reading reviews on different websites helps me choose the right books, so I'd like to help other young readers find great books by being a reviewer for Readers Favorite. When I am not reading, I enjoy swimming, music and playing games with my three brothers.
Rebecca Grant Hi there, my name is Rebecca. What can I tell you about myself? Well, first and foremost, I love to read! Reading, whether it is for pleasure, school, or self-education, is and always has been a major part of my life. As a matter of fact, it is a rare occasion if I don't have my nose in a book or glued to my Kindle. I tend to lean toward romance novels, but I do read books from all genres.

I have a full-time job where I am a dedicated desk jockey and have a Masters degree from Michigan State. I wrote my first book, “Come What May”, and self-published it in September. I know the value of effective reviews and am excited to be combining my passions for reading and writing to work for the benefit of other readers and writers.
Samantha My name is Samantha, I am a late-20-something mommy and teacher. I love my job (usually!) and my kids, and of course my very patient dear husband. I am a recent grad student, lover of books, travel, yoga, pilates, camping, animals, children, food/cooking, and fun. I am always on the lookout for adventure. I have traveled the world as a volunteer and a student, and have seen some amazing places, and met some wonderful people.

I love to read, and am a history buff (and some would say nerd). I love museums, learning new things, and trying out new cultural events and different cuisines. My kids mean the world to me, and I love that as a mom and a teacher, I get to help shape and enrich young minds.
Ryan Morris My name is Ryan and I am from Auckland, New Zealand. I'm an avid reader of all different genres and am currently reading Ian Banks after just finishing Laurie Lees autobiographical trilogy.

I love writing and have a Diploma in Creative Writing and proud to be able to put my reading and writing talents to work for the benefit of authors and their readers.
Retha Groenewald Hello! My name is Retha. I am a Christian and very passionate about the Bible. I am an avid reader, writer and blogger. I enjoy reading and reviewing books with Christian themes and am excited to be able to help the authors of Readers' Favorite and their readers.
Scott Merk

Wisconsin native, Scott Merk (aka Scott Albert) graduated with an English Education and Broadfield Language Arts major with a minor in Creative Writing. A member of the English Honors Society, he has been actively working with authors of all ages teaching and tutoring students of all ages. Helping others master their writing skills, as well as refining his own, has been a passion of his for the last 20 years.

Scott has been working with authors in a variety of genres, developing lessons for creative writers and story-tellers ranging from poetry to fantasy world-building. He studied with best-selling authors and has given critiques and feedback for new and established writers. He has earned a number of awards and recognition for his poetry and fiction both in and out of college and is currently working on his own novel.

Rhonda Fischer Rhonda Fischer was born and raised on a horse farm in Canandaigua, New York. Rhonda started writing and reciting poetry as a child. She is a classically trained pianist, who taught piano and played professionally for many years.

Rhonda loves helping other authors by reviewing their work and currently reviews books for Sacramento/San Francisco, HarperCollins and Random House. She also writes for the American Chronicles, Associated Content, World News and World Sentential, and is CEO of Whim Publishing and Author of Randy Kazandy, Where Are Your Glasses? You can read more about her on her publishing website.
Samantha Coville Long time reviewer and author of Blood Oath, the first book in a planned young adult fantasy trilogy, Samantha Coville has been a bookworm for as long as she can remember. When she's not fangirling over her favorite authors (James Patterson and Christopher Paolini being the prominent standouts), reading a complete series in a weekend or writing until midnight, she enjoys singing in her church choir and exploring the theme parks in her home state of Florida.

She also works at a History museum where her daily tasks include meeting people, talking about the local Native Americans and feeding the alligator.
Rebecca McLeod Hello! My name is Rebecca and I am a freelance writer and confirmed bibliophile. Armed with a cup of tea, I like to spend hours reading a broad range of books and sharing those great finds with others!
Ruthi Kight Hello! My name is Ruthi Kight. I am 27 years old and I am currently studying Social Work at Columbia College. I have a 3 year old daughter who takes up most of my time and she is the light of my life. I am an avid reader and I enjoy many different genres such as fantasy, thrillers, crime dramas, suspense, and many more. If it's interesting, then it's for me!

I want to be a book reviewer so that I can expand my interests and have the opportunity to read new material that I might not have read normally. Another reason is so that I can practice my writing skills and keep them sharp. I am in school and use my writing skills quite a bit but this is completely different and a lot of fun!
Santosh Kalwar Santosh Kalwar is a poet, writer and researcher. He is a self-published Nepalese writer who writes in English about truth, love and relationships. He has published several books, as well as authored a number of newspaper columns and articles.

He knows the value of reviews and is very passionate about helping other authors with a quality review of their work. You can learn more about Santosh on his website.
Sarah Scoffin Hello, my name is Sarah. I am a Yorkshire lass, born and bred, with a degree in English Language and Linguistics and have carried a love of reading from an early age. I have worked in a variety of administrative roles but have always been happiest traveling and teaching English as a foreign language. My last position was in a private school in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I read for pleasure, for knowledge and, more often than not, for escapism.

While I think this world is fascinating I am often happier when in another world and will read in any given format, paperback, hardback, ereader, computer screen. If there are words to be read I am there. I am just starting to branch out into book reviews but have recently discovered reviewing a book makes me a better reader and gives me the chance to share my opinions and lead other people to books that have moved, interested or inspired me.
Robert Kirkconnell Hello, my name is Robert. I am a Vietnam veteran and I also taught in public schools for 15 years. My degrees are in business and education. I have always been an avid reader and began writing my first book at the age of 60. As a new author, Readers' Favorite provided me with much needed support, and I would like to see others, especially new writers, get the same help that I did.

I was fortunate to have received an outstanding (and free) review that validated my efforts and gave me the confidence I needed to promote the book. The book also won a Readers' Favorite international award in 2014. This would not have happened without this exceptional program that promotes ordinary people with talent. I want to be a part of this process of supporting writers, especially when they are new to the profession.
Samantha Gregory Hello, my name is Samantha. I am a published author, my novel Daemon Persuasion was published earlier this year. I work as a freelance journalist for a local paper writing articles, including movie and book reviews. I have studied proofreading and I teach a class on writing once a month. The class is as much a learning experience for me as it is for them. I don't think you ever stop learning ways to improve your writing.

I enjoy a wide range of genres and love to read the work of new authors. I feel there are a lot of great writers out there who aren't getting the credit they deserve.
Roert Hewett Sr My name is Roert Hewett Sr. and I am a published author of 3 books, numerous poems and short stories. I have been named poet of the month multiple times and poet of the year for 2011 on a poetry site. I have been published in several international poetry anthologies.

I was born on a Texas cotton farm in 1933 and enjoy writing and reading about almost any subject, but especially children and feel good romantic poems and Old West adventure/romance stories.
Ruth Gonzalez My name is Ruth Gonzalez and I'm a college student living in Florida. A book junkie since grade school, there is nothing better than to curl up with good book. You can usually find me at the library, thrift stores, and local bookstores searching for a good read.

I usually review YA books and contemporary fiction as well. I currently review books for my blog and am happy to be expanding to more authors and genres as a reviewer for Readers Favorite.
Sandra Wells Hello my name is Sandra, I am a published author, publishing coach, owner of a small business focused on authors, and an online radio host. Plus I also do public speaking engagements within my community. I love to help promote and advertise for authors.

One of my greatest passions is reading new and amazing books whether they are fiction or non-fiction. I truly believe that being a book reviewer for Readers Favorites will allow me to help new authors, which is my passion. You can learn more about me on my website.
Sarah Hiseman Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a 25 year old young woman from Nottingham, UK. I am extremely passionate about all things books. I've loved to read for as long as I can remember and enjoy all types of genres, from crime and mystery to science fiction. My favorite though has to be fantasy. There is just something about it. I love the fact of being able to get lost in another world.

I've also recently taken up writing a little bit myself and I have high hopes that someone will be reviewing my own book someday. In the mean time, I plan to help as many authors as I can with honest reviews of their work.
Rich Follett Rich Follett lives in the sacred and timeless Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where he joyfully teaches English and Theatre Arts for high school students. His poems have appeared in numerous contemporary journals and e-zines like Counterexample Poetics, for which he is featured artist.

Most recently, his haiku/photo combination Aurora's Adieu received first place honors in the first international iPoetry Poe-Tography Competition. You can learn more about him on his Facebook page.
Ray Simmons Ray Simmons was born in Mobile, Alabama. He has been a professional diver, a newspaper reporter, copy editor and a soldier. He currently teaches English in China and is working on several novels that he hopes to publish one day.

As an avid reader Ray enjoys reviewing to do his part for the literary community and to help his fellow authors.
Rebecca Carrico Hello, my name is Rebecca. I retired in June 2013 from the Owensboro Public School system. I had worked there as a teacher assistant for 25 years. My job there allowed me to teach children to read and hopefully to love books as much as I do. I have been married for almost 35 years, and have 4 children and 8 grandchildren.

Since I retired I have been wanting to do something that would help people. I also love to write so combining this with the chance to read new books and write reviews to help new authors seems like an awesome opportunity for me.
Sarah Sanford My name is Sarah and I am a wife, mother, speech-language pathologist, perpetual student, musician, writer, and unashamed bookaholic. I started reading at the age of three and have never stopped.

I currently live in middle Tennessee with my husband, our two children, three dogs, and four cats. I have my master's in Communication Sciences and Disorders and I'm finishing my EdS in Special Education. You can learn more about me on my blog.

J.K. Rowling Hello, my name is Samilla. I am the author of the book "Worlds Away From Home" which is a compelling coming of age journey of a lifetime aimed at teems and sold in major online retailers. I am an avid reader and am a fan of many authors, especially J.K. Rowling (pictured left).

From quite a young age, I have enjoyed both reading and writing and it is my honor to be able to use my skills and knowledge in helping fellow authors by providing them with invaluable and candid reviews of their work.
Sarah Cotchaleovitch Hello, my name is Sarah. I am a writer, editor, and book reviewer of varying genres. I am also a founding member, former editor-in-chief, and current copy editor of the University of North Florida's literary journal Fiction Fix. In addition to this, I freelance edit and proofread anything I can get my hands on, but my particular love is young adult fiction.

I love the idea of being able to pick which books I would like to review and creating honest and professional assessments of them for readers. In addition, as an author I also know how helpful constructive criticism is.

Samantha Rivera Hello, my name is Samantha and I am a graduate of Ferris State University's Criminal Justice program. I just recently married and am excited about starting all the new plans for our future.

I absolutely love books and read just about any genre. I started reviewing because my friends kept asking me about the books I have read. Now I enjoy reviewing books as much as I enjoy reading them.
Robert Ahanes Robert Ahanes started his writing career as an independent author and poet with his poetry books, “Sinister Witnesses” and “Goddess In The Silence”. He loves writing on paranormal, human nature, true love, and religious concepts. He’s new in American literature, but has a great ambition to be one of the greatest authors and poets.

Poetry, paranormal, fantasy, fiction, Gothic, and mystery genres are his favorites. Reading is a part of his nature and allows him him to step beyond the mundane. Reviewing allows Robert to help other authors while improving his own skills.
Roger M. Woodbury My name is Roger and in addition to college and graduate school, I have had experience in public school and college level education, military service, owned insurance agencies, construction and property renovation companies and mining operations. Now having reached that age when the Airforce isn't going to let me fly their aircraft and my wife has refused to let me run a long-line fishing boat, I have become a published writer and author.

My personal preference is for fiction about real people and real times as I believe that real people make the best predators and prey. I live in a small Maine town with my wife and three very spoiled cats.
S.E. Sward My name is S.E. Sward and I live in Little Rock, Arkansas, with my husband and daughter and two overfed felines. I am also an author, having self-published my first novel, "Immaculate Conceptions," in January 2012. When I'm not working on my next novel, I write blog posts under the pen name Dame Nuisance and teach essay writing to college freshmen.

I love to read and I love to write, so being a reviewer for Readers' Favorite is the perfect vehicle for doing both.
Rita Vetsch My name is Rita Kaye Vetsch and I am the Author and Illustrator of the multicultural children's book called The Many Colors of Friendship. Reading, writing and drawing are my passions in life and what inspires me each day. There is nothing like relaxing with a good book and letting your imagination take over!

I know personally how difficult it is to be an author and will offer honest feedback for all the books I review I see reviewing for Readers Favorite as a great opportunity to help authors like myself and am very excited to read material that is new and fresh. You can read more about me on my website and on Facebook.
Sabrina Williams Hello, my name is Sabrina. I've been reviewing books and interviewing and promoting authors on my blog, Breeni Books, since 2007. I found my way into book reviews through networking and sharing my passion with readers. I'm a lifelong reader and book addict and I love to devour knowledge and connect with authors.

I understand how critical reviews are to the success of a book, and I also understand the amount of blood, sweat and tears that go into writing a book. I try to always draw out the positive aspects of a book in a review and be objectively critical when necessary.
Rebecca Lewis Hello, my name is Rebecca and I work in the Library Science department where we train school librarians. I love being a Nana to four wonderful children. I also enjoy square dancing, play cards and enjoy playing the piano, and I am a member of ALA-2028328 and TLA.

In my spare time I review books for Christian book companies and frequently suggest books for our church, public and school libraries because whether it is on one of my kindles, ipads, iphone or actually holding a book in my hands I love to read. You can learn more about me on my blog, Goodreads page and Twitter page.
Robin Puelma Hi, my name is Robin Puelma and I graduated from Pepperdine University with a BA in Creative Writing. I excel at writing for various media; from online travel blogs and editorial pieces to curriculum, books and scripts. I strive to craft interesting pieces that will inspire, inform and captivate an audience.

I have experience reading, critiquing and editing articles, manuscripts, and personal essays for both classmates, peers and clients. Having received generous amounts of feedback on my own manuscript and personal essays, I know what makes for helpful criticism and what doesn’t.

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