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Readers' Favorite also tries to help those in need by donating books and income each year to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Authors contribute as well by donating financially via our order forms and donating their books through our Book Donation program where they help schools, hospitals, and charities.

On behalf of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and especially on behalf of the children and their families, we want to thank Readers' Favorite and its authors for your kindness and generosity.

In addition, authors that win our annual book award contest donate copies to be sold at our booth at the Miami Book Fair International, the largest book fair in America. This helps the author gain more exposure and 100% of the proceeds is donated to St. Jude Children's Hospital, as well as any unsold copies. We are the only vendor at the fair who donates all book fair proceeds to charity, which is popular among fairgoers and increases both the money earned for charity and attention for our author's books.

Honoring Excellence AwardAs a result, we are proud to say that Readers' Favorite has become the fastest growing book review and award contest site on the Internet. We have earned the respect of renowned publishers like Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins, and have received the Best Websites for Authors and Honoring Excellence awards from the Association of Independent Authors. In addition to reviewing for some of the biggest names in the industry, as well as the first time independent author, our award contest features entries by NYT best-sellers and celebrities, and includes an additional giveaway with thousands of dollars in prizes.

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1 Bobbie Grob
2 Bernadette Acocella
3 Athena Ramirez
4 Antaeus Balevre
5 Amber Ryan
6 Annamaria Farbizio
7 April Gilly
8 Amanda Penton
9 Alice Recker
10 Bob MacKenzie
11 Amanda Garner
12 Anne-Marie Reynolds
13 Biliana Sidova
14 Benjamin Long
15 Bernard Foong
16 Amanda Stephan
17 Barbara Garcia
18 Andretta Schellinger
19 Barbara Karp
20 Alysha Allen
21 Alle Wells
22 Brittany Ashcroft
23 Amanda Fischer
24 Amber Black
25 Anna del C. Dye
26 Brittany Popec
27 Brian Flanagan
28 Allen Alipen
29 Bruce Cook
30 Anne Boling
31 Alix Heintzman
32 Angela Hilario
33 Andy Stricklen
34 Beth Zuschlag
35 Amanda Monell
36 Barbara Peterson
37 Ayrial King
38 Bil Howard
39 Bill Zekas
40 Anne Nichols
41 Bowen Craig
42 Brenda Young
43 Anastacia Hawkins
44 Amber Hall
45 Brenda Ballard
46 Ankita Sonawane
47 April Gilly
48 Brenda Casto
49 Becky Bilby
50 Ashley Tetzlaff
Bobbie Grob Hello, my name is Bobbie. I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember; the library is still my favorite place to be! I spend all my free time reading and enjoying giving back to authors with honest reviews of their books.
Bernadette Acocella Hello, my name is Bernadette, although my friends call me Bernie. I have loved reading as far back as I can remember. I read every day, even while I am drying my hair in the morning! I graduated summa cum laude from Fordham Universtiy with a major in Literature. I have since earned a masters in Education and am working on a second masters. I am currently a middle school English teacher.

I have been writing reviews on books that I have read for years and am excited to be able to do it to help the authors here at Readers' Favorite. You can learn more about me on my Facebook page.
Amanda_Hocking Hello, my name is Athena. I am a high school student and a mother. I love reading books and listening to music. I have a blog based on book reviews and stuff that goes on in my life and have also written several short short stories.

I enjoy YA books and my favorite authors are Amanda Hocking (pictured left), Casandra Clare, and Lauren Kate. I enjoy reviewing books and sharing my opinions with other readers to help them find exciting new books to read.
Antaeus Balevre Antaeus was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. He now lives near Sarasota, Florida with his wife. Antaeus has written three humorous science fiction action/adventure books, “Alternate Earth Tales,” “More Alternate Earth Tales,” and “Ultimate Alternate Earth Tales,” all are original short story compilations. He has also written a science fiction action novel “Rune (Laconia Lost)” and a non-fiction book titled “Armed and Alive."

Antaeus knows how important reviews are and enjoys helping his fellow authors with professional and honest reviews. Antaeus also belongs to an author review group, who review each others work in exchange for reviews of their work.
Amber Ryan

Hello, my name is Amber. I am 24 years old and a recent graduate from the Oklahoma State University College of Business. I am passionate about both reading and writing and have been an avid reader my entire life.

I enjoy reading the following genres: romance, dramas, paranormal, women's literature (chick lit!), and many more. I am also a Harry Potter and Twilight fan.

Annamaria Farbizio My name is Annamaria and I've been in the publishing field for over 15 years. I'm a best-selling children's author and have written six books for children which have sold over 50,000 copies.

I am passionate about children's books and enjoy reviewing them for authors and their readers. I am also the CEO of Moving Storybooks, LLC.
April Gilly Hello, my name is April. I'm a young woman that's always had a passion for reading and have won several reading contests in high school. I have a passion for learning and will pick up any book that sounds interesting. I prefer reading science fiction and fantasy but also love romance and anything with a supernatural twist. I Also enjoy anything by Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Laurell K. Hamilton and anything that is written along those lines.

I enjoy being a book reviewer because I like the idea of reading new authors before they are popular, sometimes being able to read new books before they are published, and being able to provide feedback to authors and their readers.
Amanda Penton Hello, my name is Amanda and I graduated college with a degree in Elementary Education. I taught first grade for 4 years before choosing to be a stay at home mom with my two children. I love literature, specifically children's literature. I am passionate about writing and love to write articles about education, crafting, food and parenting. I currently write a blog that teaches parents the importance of teaching their children and it gives them ideas on how to do this.

I constantly am reading to my children and in my free time I enjoy reading young adult novels. As a reviewer I am afforded the opportunity to do the two things I love: reading and writing.
Agatha Christie Alice Recker is a former teacher of early primary grades and now writes articles and stories for children and adults. When not writing, she is reading and traveling.

She enjoys many genres and authors, with Agatha Christie (pictured left) as her all-time favorite.
Bob MacKenzie Canadian arts-journalist Bob MacKenzie has for four decades published reviews and commentary in print and broadcast media as well as on the internet, including regional and national CBC radio, national magazines, newspapers, and the international journal Blogcritics.

A practicing arts-journalist and literary writer, Bob has several websites of his own, including A Canadian Poet and the reviews blog Bob MacKenzie's Reviews.
Amanda Garner Hello, My name is Amanda Garner. I am the self published author of "Finding Relief From Grief." I am currently a web freelance writer and a Nashville travel examiner.

I love to read and I love to write so being a reviewer is a wonderful job for me.
Janet Evanovich Hello, my name is Anne-Marie Reynolds. I am an English woman currently living in Bulgaria. I am an avid reader and have been ever since I was a child, sometimes getting through 2 or three books per week. I read a wide range of genres and a mix of fiction and non-fiction, with one of my favorite authors being Janet Evanovich (pictured left).

I am also a writer, and have been writing blogs, articles and eBooks for some time. I have recently branched out into reviews and find that it is an excellent way for me to improve my writing while helping other writers with honest reviews of their work.
Biliana Sidova Hello! My name is Biliana. I am a passionate writer with an affinity towards everyday life. I like to observe and analyze all the feelings that are running through me. My beliefs are that there is beauty in every breath we take and that life needs to be cherished for all its intricacies and hidden challenges.

I enjoy being a book reviewer because it helps feed my passion for reading and writing.
Benjamin Long My name is Benjamin Long. I am an artist and a decorated former US Marine. I have a BA in Business Administration,a BS in Computer Programming and a graduate degree in psychology. I am an author that writes novels on the topic of racial and political dystopia as well as Supernatural and Occult themes.

I am excited to be a Readers Favorite reviewer for books that pertain to fine arts, religious and racial dystopa, horror/Supernatural themes, as well as Pagan religious works so that authors that publish in these categories will have a review from someone that routinely works and speaks on their genres. You can learn more about me on Facebook.
Bernard Foong Bernard Foong is, first and foremost, a sensitivist and an accomplish fashion designer, artist and writer. He finds nuance in everything. To experience the world he inhabits is an adventure which is mystical, childlike and refreshing. His palettes have been material, paint, words and human experiences.

Bernard is also writing his autobiography in the form of a seven book series, A Harem Boy’s Saga, which are currently ranked as International Best Sellers on Amazon. In his spare time Bernard enjoys providing feedback to his fellow authors with honest and insightful reviews of their work.
Amanda Stephan Amanda Stephan is a Christian-romance-a-holic. If she's not writing her own books, she's reading and promoting another author that she enjoys. You can find her in many different places like blogs, ACFW, John 3:16 Network, various Ning sites, but her favorite place to hide is her new website, BooksByAmanda.

She is the happy author of two Christian romance novels and loves meeting new people and making new friends. She is happy to be able to give back to other authors by providing honest reviews of their work as a Readers Favorite reviewer.
Barbara Garcia Hello, my name is Barbara. I've been a writer for almost 30 years, but only recently began publishing my novels. I now have 2 books in print, as well as ebook format, and am in the process of completing my third and fourth novels. I love to read, and am constantly amazed by the rich imaginations and creations of so many authors.

I enjoy most genres, though I am particularly drawn to historical and modern romances--especially those with a twist. But, like most people, it really depends on my mood. Psychological thrillers and crime dramas are a good second choice for me, followed by dystopian and sci-fi.
Andretta Schellinger Hello, my name is Andretta and I have a Master's in Military and Diplomatic Studies. I am a self-published author as well as a soon to be published author for my non-fiction. I also blog for a fantasy, sci-fiction book review website. I am a fast reader and greatly enjoy reading, especially when I can also provide honest reviews to help people become better authors.

In my spare time I edit books for some author friends, and I am active on Goodreads, Amazon, and Fangfreakintasticreviews. I like to read, write, edit, watch tv, and cross stitch when I have time which is not that often with a family and a zoo of pets.
Eva Ibbotson Hello, my name is Barbara (Basya) Karp and I am a librarian with over 20 years' experience in a kindergarten-grade 12 school. In this capacity, I introduce children, young adults, teens, and faculty members to quality books. Whether the request is for a book report, recreational reading, a title to accompany a lesson, an author study, or any other purpose, students and teachers alike know that they will find what they need.

I enjoy reading and reviewing books in many genres by many authors. One of my favorite authors is Eva Ibbotson (pictured left). You can learn more about me on my blog and website.
Alysha Allen The name's Alysha. I am currently a university student, on my third year. I have been reviewing for Goodreads' First Reads program since 2011 as an enthusiastic advance reader for soon to be or recently published books.

I am expecting this distinct opportunity to prepare me for further advancement within the literary profession. Furthermore, I am anticipating that this experience should advance my abilities as a keen reviewer, connoisseur and reader of books. For these reasons I am excited to be reviewing for Readers Favorite.
Nancy White Hello, my name is Nancy White (pen name Alle Wells) and I am a former Indie Author and Book Blogger. I read books from many genres and began writing book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads five years ago. My Amazon Review Ranking is 8,121 with 86% helpful ratings, under the pen name Alle Wells. In real life, I am a Real Estate Agent and General Contractor in North Carolina.

Reading is my hobby and my escape into and out of real life. Sharing books with others is my passion. Being a reviewer allows me to improve my writing skills and to help authors.
Brittany Ashcroft Hello, my name is Brittany. I am an avid reader and lifelong bibliophile. I love the art of the written word and as a communications professional who has worked in magazine publishing for various organizations (from lifestyle, defense and non-profit associations), I can appreciate a good story told in a well-written form.

I hope to help others learn about particular books and authors through my reviews as some of my favorite books and authors have been discovered from the recommendations of others.
Amanda Fischer My name is Amanda and I am currently an English major, in my sophomore year of college. My dream career is to be an Acquisitions Editor and fiction author. My favorite genres are dystopian and paranormal romance, but I'll give anything with good character development a chance. My favorite series right now is the Delirium Series by Lauren Oliver, and the Supernova Saga by CL Parker.

My favorite thing to do is to read books. I also love to read poetry and write my own stories. As an aspiring author myself, I want to learn more about my craft while helping other authors with quality reviews of their work.
Abbi Glines My name is Amber and I am a licensed hair stylist. I have been married for 8 years and have two children that keep me fairly busy. I love to read and spend a small fortune every year doing so. In my spare time I like to cook, read, or can be found at a ball park watching my kids play baseball.

Being a reviewer allows me to give back to authors who give us all so much. I enjoy many genres and both new and established authors alike. One of my favorite authors is Abbi Glines (pictured left).
Anna del C. Dye Anna del C. Dye was born in the extreme South along its famous beaches. She is the third child and twins with her sister Elena. She loves sewing and cares for the costumes of four different plays.

Anna has received the Editor's Choice Award for her article "A New American Mother," which was published by Desert Saints Magazine. Her award-winning short story "Amerine-Fairy Princess" was published by Kalkion Magazine. Other articles about family and relationships have been published in the MOMS CLUB(R) of Salt Lake Valley-West.

Anna has found reviews critical to the success of her books, and is excited to help other authors by volunteering her time as a Readers Favorite reviewer. You can learn more about her on her website.
Brittany Popec My name is Brittany Popec, and I just recently got married to the love of my life and the father our beautiful baby boy. I love to read and collect books. I am also raising my son to be the same way by starting his very own book collection (along with all of my childhood books).

I want be a reviewer because I would like to be able to share my thoughts about books and be able to help the authors. Since I love to read, why not help somebody in the process.
Brian Flanagan Hello, my name is Brian. I'm a workaholic journalist/copywriter/editor living in Tampa Bay, Florida. I've written hundreds of reviews in my time as a freelancer, a great many of them record reviews for national publications and the web.
Allen Alipen I am Allen Alipen, 22 and a registered nurse. I Love reading books and writing. I also love to share my opinions with others regarding books that I have read. I was a former editor of our college paper as well as my high school publication. I believe that it is through writing that we can share more of ourselves with others.

As an aspiring writer, and someone who reads reviews before purchasing a new book, I know the value of quality reviews and will do my best to provide them to the authors who entrust me with their work.
Bruce L. Cook Hello, my name is Bruce. writing, websites, gardening, driving, and scuba diving. I have a B.A. in Radio-Television, an M.A. in Speech Arts, and a Ph.D. in Communication. I have been President of the Global Harmony Association – USA since June 2012 and Executive Vice-President for Publicity for the International Association of Educators for World peace since July 2013.

My involvement with book reviews emerged early in 2006 with my book review website, In 2013 I created and developed an Android App in the Google Play market entitled “Book Review.” My goal in these efforts is to encourage emerging writers and help them improve the literary quality of their works.

Janet Evanovich

Anne and her husband have three grown children, twelve grandchildren, and five grand-dogs. Anne considers herself a bookaholic. She has a book with her at all times, never knowing when she might have a free moment to read a few paragraphs. She reads a wide variety of genres and has many favorite authors, including Janet Evanovich (pictured left).

Anne has been reviewing books for nearly 2 decades and is grateful to the many authors that have allowed her to read and review their books. She hopes her words were helpful to the authors and she looks forward to reading more great books by new authors in the years to come.

Alix Heintzman Alix recently got her MA in History at the University of Vermont, and has circled back to her Old Kentucky Home with her partner Nick Stiner. She spends her time desperately repairing their newly-purchased home, reading fantasy books, throwing a frisbee for their neurotic border collie, and trying to cook authentic Mexican food, while she makes a hilariously small amount of money writing high school history curriculum.

She’s dipping her toes into the book reviewing world to sharpen her writing skills and also not-incidentally talk about the books she loves. And to spare her partner from endless reenactments of plot details in books he hasn’t read. You can read more about her and the books she has reviewed on her blog.
Angela Hilario My name is Angela Hilario and I have been an avid reader since i was a little kid and grew up with a wild imagination. I also write blogs, articles, songs, poems and short stories. My type of book depends on my mood. I believe that every child should cultivate a love for the power of books.

I enjoy reviewing books because i have passion for reading. It gives me the opportunity to inform people about new authors and their work. I myself rely on feedback from other readers before i start reading a book, and I am honored to be able to do that for others. You can learn more about me on my Facebook page.
Andy Stricklen Hello, my name is Andy and I am an intense reader with a passion for words. When I was a child my parents were concerned for my well being because I spent so much time buried in books.

Today I use my love of reading and writing to help authors and their readers with fair and honest reviews.
Beth Zuschlag Hi, I am Beth Zuschlag and more hours of my childhood were spent reading books than I care to admit. I was the kid who read into the wee hours of the night by the light shining in from the hallway. This interest eventually led me into becoming a reading and language arts teacher.

I recently left the teaching profession after our family moved from the Chicago area to Idaho, am am extremely excited to have the opportunity to read, read, read and read some more - as well as share my enthusiasm for books with other readers.
William Shakespeare Hello, my name is Amanda. It has been a long time dream of mine to be a book reviewer. I love reading books and I can recall several summers where I spent buried in the depths of a library picking out my next literary adventure. Because of my love of literature and the written word, I have a Bachelors of Arts in English. For me to identify a favorite genre is like asking a kid their favorite candy.

I've been known to read books in single sittings, and with every book series I'm compelled to finish it. I love discovering new authors, but I also love the classic authors like William Shakespeare (pictured left).
Barbara Peterson

Hello, my name is Barbara and I have been a freelance writer for over 20 years. I've also self-published a few books on the Kindle, under a pseudonym. I enjoy traveling, history (in particular military history up until the end of WWII) learning languages, and playing Scrabble.

My favorite books are mysteries in the "tea cozy" genre - i.e. Agatha Christie and Georgette Heyer. I also enjoy the works of Terry Pratchett. I've been an Amazon Vine reviewer for a couple of years now and I review books in all genre except erotica and horror. I have to admit I do like children's books also!

Ayrial King HI, my name is Ayrial King. I am the wife of the best guy I've ever met and the mother of three rough-and-tumble children (one daughter and two sons). I am currently pursuing my dream of being a freelance writer and will one day be a New York Times best-selling author. For me reading a book is similar to traveling through time and space without having to leave your comfy chair.

Viewing a fictional world through a stranger's eyes is both interesting and exciting. A good non-fiction book (which I have gravitated towards in recent years) can have you fighting in World War II or cooking with Julia Child in her kitchen. I can't get enough of excellent books and am excited to be able to help the authors that write them as a reviewer.
Bil Howard Hello, my name is Bill. I am a fiction writer with a Masters degree in English. I have ghost written five novels and have a published novel with my own name in the by line. I am currently writing two more novels of my own. My writing is typically action/adventure, romance, fantasy or a mixture.

My reading preferences have typically been from western, romance, fantasy, adventure, techno-thriller and literary genres. I am very honest with my criticisms and people trust my opinion.
Bill Zekas Hello, my name is Bill. I am a retired United States military officer with more than 30 years of service currently living in Europe. I have lived, worked and traveled abroad, extensively. I am an avid reader and enjoy a wide variety of genres. I am an aspiring novelist and was recently awarded a 5-Star rating from Readers' Favorite for my first book. That rating inspired and encouraged me to continue to pursue my aspiration.

I believe that to aspire to be a good writer one must read and write a lot. Being a Readers' Favorite reviewer will help me to do the former and that, in turn, I am hoping, will inform the latter. Most importantly, it will give me the very special opportunity to hopefully help other writers to reach their goals.
Anne Nichols Hi, my name is Anne Nichols. I have been reading all my life and love many forms of literature. I'm the co-editor of the monthly community newsletter for Burton in Cumbria. I write and proofread for websites, books, blogs & magazines, as well as being a canalware painter and creative artist. I also enjoy listening to audio books.

Being a reviewer allows me to indulge my love of reading while also providing necessary reviews for authors and their readers.
Bowen Craig Author Bowen Craig has lived in Athens for almost a decade. Craig is one of the co-founders of Bilbo Books, an Athens-based publishing company. Bilbo specializes in crafting personal memoirs, but has also published children’s books, novels, entrepreneurial manuals, and academic texts.

Craig has written for newspapers, magazines and Internet blogs. His work has appeared in his hometown of Dalton’s “Daily Citizen” newspaper and the more local “Lake Oconee Living” magazine. He blogs regularly for “The Athens Patch” online community news and views outlets. He has contributed to stage shows produced by the Athens-based Circle Ensemble Theatre Company and Atlanta’s Twinhead Theatre Company.
Brenda P. Young My name is Brenda P. Young and I have always been an avid reader. I don't watch much TV as I prefer to read. I am a military spouse currently stationed in GA and will retire in Colorado Springs at the end of the year.

I do a lot of editing at work and am excited to be able to put my reading and editing experience to work for the benefit of authors by reviewing for Readers Favorite.
Anastacia Hawkins My name is Anastacia and I love the written word! I majored in English and Communications in college, but ended up working in banking. Years later, as a new mother, I chose to concentrate on my writing. In 2008 I sold my first story to Shine Brightly Magazine. Since then, I have written stories for a Christian reading program based in CA, Pockets magazine, and an Italian/English parallel text book, Storie Italiane. Currently I am awaiting the publication of my first middle grade chapter book!

In addition to writing, I LOVE to read! I love character driven stories and mostly happy endings. Being a reviewer for Readers Favorite is a wonderful way to discover and help new authors like myself. You can learn more about me on my website.
Kristin Cashore Hello, my name is Amber. I am a young adult and I love to read books, primarily fiction, and especially the ones I can get lost in. My favorite fiction books are mystery, romance, and comedy. One of my favorite authors is Kristin Cashore (pictured left).

I read books thoroughly and am very fair, honest and opinionated. I am also a budding author myself and often write short stories. I am excited to provide the authors of the books I read with a professional review and hope it benefits them and their readers.
Brenda Ballard Brenda Ballard is a wife, a mother and a confidante. She resides near the mountain town of Granite Falls, Washington, a place that has been enjoyed by her family for generations for its beauty, outdoor recreation and rich history.

She enjoys traveling, cooking, spending time with loved ones and participating in outdoor activities...nothing refreshes her soul like a good adventure. She is a lifelong reader and writer, and is excited to put these passions to use as a reviewer.
Ankita Sonawane Hello, my name is Ankita and I am a psychologist by profession. I am also a freelance writer who has been writing for the web for several years. I am an avid reader and love to share my opinions about what I read.
April Gilly Hello, my name is April. I'm a young woman that's always had a passion for reading and have won several reading contests in high school. I have a passion for learning and will pick up any book that sounds interesting. I prefer reading science fiction and fantasy but also love romance and anything with a supernatural twist. I Also enjoy anything by Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Laurell K. Hamilton and anything that is written along those lines.

I enjoy being a book reviewer because I like the idea of reading new authors before they are popular, sometimes being able to read new books before they are published, and being able to provide feedback to authors and their readers.
Brenda Casto Hi my name is Brenda Casto and I live in a quaint little town in WV. I have been married for 24 yrs and have one son. I work full time in Home Health, which I have been doing for 23 years. In my spare time I love to read, cross stitch, garden, crochet for charity and spend time with my pets.

I have been reading most of my life. I love reading all genres from horror to Christian romance. Some of my favorite authors are Beverly Lewis, Bentley Little and Chad Arthur. I try to consistently read at least 100 books per year. I post reviews of some of the books that I read on my blog.
Becky Bilby Hi, my name is Becky Bilby. I am a mom of 5 children, have worked the past 10 years as a children’s librarian and worked as an elementary teacher before that. Currently I homeschool my 5 kids and read in my “free” time! I also love to dabble in photography and digital scrapbooking.

I have always LOVED reading – it began when I started reading Reader's Digest at the age of 4 and I've never grown out of it!! You can learn more about me on my blogs, And Jada Makes 7 and In The Pages.
Ashley Tetzlaff Hello, my name is Ashley and I grew up in Central Texas, the second of eleven children. I was homeschooled K-12 and graduated in 2007. I attended New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho, from which I graduated CUM LAUDE in 2012. Later that same year, I also graduated from the Institute of Children's Literature. I have been writing and publishing books since 2012. I write in many genres, including self-help, non-fiction, poetry, and religious works.

I love reading books just as much or more than writing them. All books are brain food, and great books are soul food. I love reviewing books because it fulfills my own appetite for reading and provides authors with that other eye into their work. As an author, I know how important reviews are for exposure and sales, and I want to help others move forward.

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