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My Sexy Veterinarian

The Texas Kincaids #2
By Bonnie Phelps

My Sexy Veterinarian: The Texas Kincaids #2 by Bonnie Phelps is a contemporary romance novel set against the cowboy culture of Texas. My Sexy Veterinarian starts off with an introduction to Nate Kincaid, a rugged bachelor working on running his own veterinary practice. He is...

His Return

HIS Series Book 3
By Sheila Kell

His Return by Sheila Kell is the third book in the HIS Series, a steamy romance mixed with suspense and punctuated by nonstop action. Yes, this is a romance with a unique flair and readers will find themselves swinging from one extreme emotion to another....

Upstairs, Downstairs ... and the Lift in Between

By Geralyn Corcillo

An absolutely charming romantic novella to relax with on the beach, a rainy afternoon, or a quiet Friday night, Upstairs, Downstairs ... and the Lift in Between is a must-have for any romance novel fan. Geralyn Corcillo brought a fun and playful American female character...

Jade Orchid Lovers

By Mei Silk

Sara Wang simply wants to get on with her life as a college instructor in a new town in Jade Orchid Lovers by Mei Silk. Moving back to where she had grown up after a nasty divorce, Sara returns to the pool at the Y...

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Playing House

By Laura Chapman

Bailey Meredith is a talented, aspiring interior designer going nowhere in a prestigious firm in Playing House by Laura Chapman. Tired of being a gofer and having her ideas rejected, Bailey takes a chance at an interview and is surprised to be hired as a...


A Novel of Wartime Vietnam Suspense and Romance
By Mark Anthony Sullivan

“The first thing they teach you in the army is how to make a bed—a lot of good that is doing me now. You can’t make a bed if someone else is in it.” These are the first words that stuck in my mind when...

Hotel Hookup

By Annabelle Snow

This year Hannah Truitt plans to use her weekend of fun and relaxation with her sisters to get over a bad breakup. She would shop on the Magnificent Mile, overload on Sephora products, and enjoy a bit of girl time without dwelling on the sad...

Dangerous in a Kilt

Hot Scots, Book 1
By Anna Durand

Dangerous in a Kilt: Hot Scots, Book 1 is a sizzling romantic novel written by Anna Durand. Anyone who knew Erica Teague would never have expected to see her perched on a bar stool in Chicago’s Dance Ardor. The nightspot was an underground club that...

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Girl Unseen

Beyond the Grave series #3
By Athena Daniels

Girl Unseen: Beyond the Grave series #3 is a paranormal thriller novel written by Athena Daniels. Pia Williams knew that someone or something was trying to get through to her, almost from her first tentative steps into the lighthouse keeper's cottage perched on Cape Leeuwin....

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To Spring with Love

Seasons of Summer Novella Series, Book 3
By Melissa Baldwin

To Spring With Love is the third installment in the Seasons of Summer Novella Series, written by Melissa Baldwin. Summer Peters is far from happy. Not only is her boyfriend, Alexander Williams, insistent on keeping the devious Melanie on his payroll, but Summer also learns...