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Your Prescription for Financial Success
By Joseph C. Newtz

"Amassing wealth and becoming financially independent is a slow process..." says financial planning expert Joseph C. Newtz and author of MoneyRX: Your Prescription for Financial Success. The average person is unaware about basic money management and the standard practices of the financial services industry. So...

Answering Your Inner Calling

3 Practices for Following Your Soul's Guidance Toward Joyful and Fulfilling Work
By Lisa Espinosa

Did you know that you have a purpose for living on this earth? As it says in the Bible, Ephesians 4:11, some are called to be apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers. So what are you gifting to the...

Making the Most of Your Milestone Birthday

52 Ways to Have the Best Year Ever
By Liisa Kyle

Of the many birthdays that you will experience in your life, which ones do you consider the milestone years? Coach Liisa Kyle has created a self-help guide to help you make the most out of those milestone years in her latest book, Making the Most...


One Man's Leadership Journey
By Anna Conrad

"We judge ourselves by our intent. Others judge us by our actions," says Sonya, an executive coach, in (R)evolution: One Man's Leadership Journey by Anna Conrad. Sonya is hired by Tom's employer when his boss, Robert, is concerned about Tom's inability to grasp the company's...

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Discover Your Master Chakra

Reveal the Source of Your Spiritual Gifts
By Stephanie S. Larsen

I don’t know if I’ve ever been so perfectly matched with a book as this one! Discover Your Master Chakra by Stephanie S. Larsen touched on everything I’m interested in, the science of color, chakras, and connecting all of this with a person’s personality. I...

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The Craving Brain

Science, Spirituality and the Road to Recovery
By Dr. W. Anderson Spickard Jr., James B., Barbara Thompson

Opioids, alcohol, and prescription drugs used in moderation can help in several ways for pain relief and relaxation, but in excess these can become an addiction. Why would people risk their lives and their well-being for prescription drugs or another drink? It's not them personally;...

Cyber Crisis - It's Personal Now

By William Keiper

If you've ever had thieves break into your home, toss your personal possessions helter-skelter and take off with your valuables, you know how invaded you feel, not to mention the subsequent financial costs you'll incur to replace what was stolen. That's how it feels...

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Winning Public Procurement Contracts In Serbia Manual

By Slavica Joković

As a business owner, have you ever thought about growing your business in another country? Why not create a partnership with Serbia? Slavica Joković is a Serbian Public Procurement expert that outlines the ins and outs of how businesses can grow through the procurement process....

Real World Survival Tips and Survival Guide

Preparing for and Surviving Disasters with Survival Skills
By Richard Lowe Jr

Would you know what to do if a hurricane hits? If you feel an earthquake and you are in your office, where should you hide and take cover? Do you and your family have an emergency evacuation or disaster plan? Prolific serial writer and author...

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Hire Power

Everything Entrepreneurs Need To Know To Hire Awesome People
By Rikka Brandon

In an excellent new work by author, serial entrepreneur, recruiter and speaker Rikka Brandon, Hire Power: Everything Entrepreneurs Need To Know To Hire Awesome People is a guide that business owners will find themselves turning to time and again, as they strive to develop the...