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3 More Twitter Hashtags to Land Your Perfect Agent

In my previous article "4 Twitter Hashtags to Land Your Perfect Agent" we listed popular hashtags that industry professionals regularly peruse, but what if you write picture books?

Look no further!


Having troubling finding the agents that really want your book? Then #MSWL is the hashtag for you. Less of a Twitter pitching hashtag and more of one used by industry professionals to announce what manuscript they are really hoping to see in their inboxes. MSWL stands for Manuscript Wishlist and scrolling through the hashtag can give you a glimpse of current publishing trends, as well as help you find the right agent for your blue pirate monkeys space opera! It's one of the only hashtags where it's safe to submit year round, and outside of the Twitterverse there is even a site filled with interviews and podcasts. Be sure to check it out here:


For those who feel that Twitter pitch parties are geared more toward teen and young adult novels, there is #Adpit. Exclusively seeking Adult and New Adult novels, this Twitter pitch party starts at 9am to 3am Central Standard Time so be sure to set your clocks accordingly. Up to eight pitches can be tweeted and this is one of the few hashtags that allow “media tweets”, tweets that include a photo. While only two such pitches are allowed, it's a great opportunity for those who love to use Photoshop to make teasers of their work. A good graphic is sure to grab anyone's attention. To stay updated on the rules and to never miss a party, be sure to visit


Last but not least is #PBPitch. Translating as Picture Book Pitch, it is a hashtag perfect for aspiring children's book authors. While the current publishing climate leans towards children's authors who are also illustrators, #PBPitch is a great way to get your manuscript in front of agents and editors willing to realize your dream of capturing a child's sense of wonder and imagination. Starting at 8am and ending at 8pm, #PBPitch is exclusively geared toward picture book manuscripts. It's a popular hashtag and one with the strictest tweet limit of one morning tweet and one evening tweet so be sure to bring your pitching A game! Stay up to date and read some of the many pitching success stories here:

Of course these are only some of the many hashtags that are perfect for fast tracking your manuscript to an eager agent. Keep in mind, this shouldn't stop you from querying agents the traditional way. As always with the querying process, be sure to remain respectful at all times and follow the rules. But most importantly, have fun and meet great new friends!

If you have not already, please read my previous article "4 Twitter Hashtags to Land Your Perfect Agent" for more Twitter Hashtags to help you find an agent. There are also many articels for those of you who are more interested in self-publishing. Regardless of your publishing decision, I wiith you the best of luck!

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Kayti Nika Raet