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4 Tips to Boost Your Writing Productivity and Finish Your Book

Starting a book is always a lot easier than finishing one. The excitement and intense inspiration which motivated you at first tends to fade and you push your book aside as reality shoulders its way into your busy day. If you are truly serious about accomplishing your goal, there are ways to fight back, boost your writing productivity and get your book finished. Here are four tips upon which to build a foundation for productive writing.

#1 Write Early

Writing early means starting at 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning. Go ahead and groan, but if you are truly serious about being a productive writer, you are probably going to have to give up on sleeping in. There are a number of reason why writing early helps you accomplish more.

Your mind is fresh.

There are little to no distractions.

The fact that you survived it will boost your confidence.

You will produce almost twice as much content when you write in the early morning, and your writing will be of a higher quality to boot. It is a lifestyle change which will set you apart and get you to where you want to go much faster.

#2 Assign and Meet a Daily Word Count

Assign yourself a doable, daily word count which is realistic. If you can write 1000 words per hour, then set a goal to write 1000 or 2000 words or more every day. A goal is entirely useless if you do not do what it takes to meet that goal. It is simple: set the goal, sit your butt in your chair and write. At 2000 words a day, you will be astonished at how rapidly your book comes together.

#3 Fuel Your Writing with Reading

Writers do not magically become writers because some great power thrust an Excalibur-like pen into their hands and gave them the command to write. Most every writer developed a love of writing from reading and admiring the work of other writers. Reading is your fuel. From reading, you will:

Come up with new story or character ideas.

Discover phrases or word pictures to spur your own writing.

Soak in the writer’s energy (a bit mystical maybe, but it works).

It usually does not require nearly as much reading as it does coffee to keep most writers going. A little bit of reading goes a very long way toward productive writing. Make it a daily habit.

#4 Do Not Allow Writer’s Block to Have Control

Every writer who has ever written has experienced writer’s block in varying degrees, but you cannot allow it to have control over you and your productivity. Even when nothing is flowing or coming to your mind, write. Even if every single word that you write is complete garbage, write. What you will discover is that when you write your way through writer’s block, you will take away its power to control you. In most cases, the three tips preceding this one help keep writer’s block at bay, but when they don’t, push through it and write anyway.

You are not a writer because you start a book; you are a writer because you finish one. A productive writer disciplines himself or herself to do what it takes to complete the goal of finishing a book. You can establish that foundation of productive discipline by utilizing these four tips to boost your writing productivity and finish your book.

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Bil Howard