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5 Ways to make use of your Work Breaks - Part 2

3. Take Time to Relax

After working continuously, you need time to take an actual break. Step away from your desk and walk around. Stretch and take deep breaths. A break should be as important to you as your work time. Since you are taking so much from your body when working, take the time to step away from your work and actually rest.

Consider taking a walk, which is beneficial for your blood flow and overall health. While away from your work, fill your mind with pleasant thoughts or switch off your mind completely. You may also consider listening to relaxing music if you can that will help you calm down.

Most people continue doing stressful things that engage the mind even during their work breaks. Activities such as checking your social media profiles, watching the latest news, or thinking about pending work should be reserved for a different time and not your work break.

4. Eat a Healthy Meal

Rushing through your lunch to get back to work is not an optimal way of spending your lunch break. Take your time and enjoy your lunch period along with your meal. Pick food that is healthy and that you enjoy having. Eating healthy food that you do not enjoy will take away the joy of looking forward to the break and actually sitting down and having a good meal. An unhealthy diet, on the other hand, will adversely affect your focus and in the long term, your health.

Ensure you only eat an adequate amount without overdoing it so as to remain focused even after getting back to work.

When having lunch, step away from your desk and eat in a more relaxed environment. Even a short change of scenery can have a positive impact on mental focus and relaxation. During this time, it is easy to get tempted to scroll through your phone. This only strains your mind more. Avoid any screens and gadgets during this time.

5. Take Long and Short Breaks

A short break can involve taking simple steps to relax such as writing a short to-do list to guide you when undertaking your tasks, taking long deep breaths, switching your mind off for a few minutes to calm your mind or reading a quote that you find inspiring and motivating. Though simple and short, such methods can help you be calm throughout the day and focus better. They are also easily accessible as they do not require you to move from your desk and they do not take up much time.

Long breaks are best taken after working for a long period. Exercising, taking a bath, reading a light novel to induce sleep are all methods that can be used to help you relax.

Overall, taking a break should be an intentional act that adds to your health, focus, and growth in the end. When done consistently, activities that help you make effective use of your breaks can have a significant impact over time. Though they may involve short periods of time, when aggregated, they may amount to hours in a week or a full day in a month hence the need to be conscious of how you spend them.



Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Edith Wairimu