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7 Compelling Reasons to Make Writing Your Hobby

Many writers feel that their friends and family see their writing as a hobby, Never mind that it is their career and means of income - including the pressure to perform and to meet strict deadlines. Then there are those for whom writing truly is a hobby - a way to use and develop their writing talent in their free time. It can take many forms, like blogging about a topic you love or sharing your life experience on a personal blog. Or, like me, combine your passion for reading and writing by running a book blog, writing book reviews, and helping to promote the 'real' writers. Often, it can lead to writing full-time or a more challenging project, like writing a book. Although I wonder if anyone ever retires from writing, if you do - writing can then still be a fulfilling hobby.

What are the benefits of writing as a hobby?

- Due to time constraints, career writers often need to write what sells, even though their true passion might be for something else. For me, the most significant benefit of writing as a hobby is that it allows you to experiment with different types of writing. For example, you can blog, write short stories, or poetry. Each of these will develop your writing skills, and these skills can even cross over into other types of writing you try.  
- I don't feel guilty if I decide one day that I don't feel like writing and would rather have a lazy day reading with my dog on my lap.
- I don't need costly subscriptions for tools like Grammarly, Canva, hosting, subscriber services, etc. Although, I do have the option if I choose and have the finances.
- As an introvert, writing is the perfect hobby for me. Introvert writers often have knowledge or life experiences that they would like to share and can benefit others. Since it doesn't involve face-to-face communication, nobody will put me on the spot. It means I can take all the time I need to clarify my thoughts and express myself clearly.
- Improving my writing skills can spill over into my day job. I practice expressing my thoughts, which is useful when writing emails, manuals, brochures, letters, etc. It may even contribute to a promotion in the future!
- Writing keeps my mind sharp and slows down the aging of my mind. Although free-flow writing can help with writer's block and stimulate creativity, the discipline of writing concisely, using correct grammar and spelling, and structuring my thoughts is an exercise for my brain. It will improve and strengthen many brain functions like critical thinking, memory, reasoning, etc.
- Writing is a form of stress relief and a creative escape from the harsh realities of life. I use my imagination to create a different world with unique characters. Even if you only write a short story, your characters' experiences can provide solutions to your problems!

With so many benefits, there is no reason why you shouldn't write in your free time, especially since you also develop valuable skills that you can use for future projects, like a book on a topic you are passionate about or even a novel. And you never know if you will one day become a full-time writer!


Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Susan van der Walt