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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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7 Social Media Rules Authors Must Follow – Part 2

So far we have concentrated mainly on engaging with your followers or fans and maintaining consistency.  Now we’ll look at positivity, drawing a line and having fun.

Rule 5 – Keep it Positive

Never ever get drawn into arguments on any of your social media accounts – you will not win. The very nature of social media ensures that every exchange happens in front of a potentially large audience so, even if you win your argument, several more people may get a little irritated at the same time. You may be perfectly polite in your comments, not use any provocative wording or be seen to slate another person but there will always be those who don’t like to see authors arguing publicly – it will give you a reputation of being a bully.

It cannot be denied that there are writers who take great delight in antagonizing their followers; a perfect example is the sitcom writer Graham Lineham, responsible for The IT Crowd and Father Ted, with many of his Twitter followers accusing him of abusing his position and fame. True or not, it cannot be denied that some followers have been turned into critics by his online behavior – don’t let it be you.

It doesn’t take a great deal of effort to post on social media but you still need to maintain a professional air. Regardless of how much a comment or a particular person may irritate you, don’t get drawn in – all you do is draw attention to them and the wrong kind of attention to you.

Rule 6 – Keep Twitter and Facebook Separate

It might seem like the logical thing to do – link your accounts. That way, with just a couple of clicks, everything you post to one account appears on the other. Surely it makes sense to manage just one account to get the benefit from both?

No, because your fans will not be happy that you can’t be bothered to directly address them. Having identical news and content on both accounts is seen as laziness and nobody wants to read repeats. It sends a clear message that you have little regard for your followers. By all means, do it on occasion but, overall, the content for each site needs to be customized to the audience you are playing to.

Rule 7 – Above All Else, Have Fun

There is a very big difference between knowing how relationships work on social media and manipulation; your fans know the difference and they will know if what you share is genuine or just a way of playing to them.

You will get more out of your interactions on social media if you pick your discussions wisely and choose people that you are genuinely interested in. One of the most important things about social media is to have some fun; if you enjoy your experience then all the other rules will fall into place naturally.  Remember this – it isn’t just about advertising yourself; the people you talk to have put aside a part of their day to listen to you, people who love what you do. The least you can do is respond in kind, interact directly with those who comment on your posts and show yourself in a positive light.

Social media is great fun if you use it right; choose what kind of presence you want and go for it.


Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Anne-Marie Reynolds