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8 Reasons to Enter Book Award Contests

You come across a book award contest. Your pulse quickens with a touch of excitement mixed with a hint of fear. You sit pondering whether or not you should enter. What will it really do for you?

Every contest is different; therefore, it’s important to do some research and make sure that you’re entering a valid contest, especially if there’s an entry fee. However, free contests may not benefit you as much as those with an entry fee, so keep that in mind as well.

The question remains; should you enter a book award contest? Here are 8 reasons you should enter.

1. Discover If Your Book Has Merit

Judging is subjective even though professional. There is no way around that, but a credible and trustworthy contest will have high quality judges who critique with a professional eye. They will help you truly know if your readers will likely find value in your book.

2. Improve Your Writing

You’ll receive constructive criticism that can help you become a better writer. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind. Mind you, if you hear the same critique repeatedly, you probably shouldn’t ignore it.

3. Help You Set Goals

Entering can help you set goals such as taking writing workshops or courses to improve your writing skills, setting daily, weekly or monthly writing goals, finding and hiring a professional editor, and/or getting a professionally designed cover.

4. Receive a Critique of Your Book

Not all contests write a critique or review and return it to you, but those that do can be invaluable to you. You can select positive quotes from the critique or review to share on social media, your website, in the editorial review section on Amazon, etc.

5. Become an Award-Winning Author

Being an award-winning author gives you clout and credibility. It can also help you get media attention. You can say that you’re an award-winning author in your bio, on your website, on social media profiles and banners, in your email signature, on the cover of your book, and more.

6. Win a Cash Award Or Other Prizes

Some book award contests offer cash prizes. Obviously, winning that is a good reason to take the chance to enter. Other book award contests offer other prizes such as coaching VIP Days, mastermind access, book cover designs, publishing it, marketing it, a chance at turning it into a movie, and more.

7. Get You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Entering a contest somewhat puts you on the line. It stretches you personally and professionally as you take the mild risk of allowing someone else to judge your work.

8. Can Create a Marketing Buzz

Depending on the feedback you get, you may be able to sing it from the rooftops (or just post all over social media, your newsletter, your website, etc.) that you received 4 Stars, 5 Stars, Gold or Silver or whatnot. If you’re a finalist or a winner or get honorable mention, you can put that on your cover or any of the other places already mentioned.



Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Janelle Alex, Ph.D.