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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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A New And Innovative Method To Promote Your Book

I have discovered some very interesting marketing information today that I would like to share with you. If you have already listed your book on Amazon, then this method can increase your book sales drastically. Whether you have published a book before or you are considering possibly publishing in the future, this method of marketing can be very profitable for you. When you look at "typical" book promotion methods, you've surely heard things like get onto social media and build a fanbase? I have found a social media platform that will actually pay you to promote your own books. Plus there is an added advantage that you can build a fanbase of readers too. There are self-publishers making a lot of money selling low content books on a website called Etsy and getting paid to promote them. So they make money from promoting the book and then again from the actual book sales.

Authors have started using Etsy to increase their book sales and build a good fan base of email subscribers waiting to hear about your latest novel, and there is no need for you to build a website. There are authors selling every type of genre on this website, which allows them to promote their books to a laser targeted audience. They make money from their Etsy sales and increase their book sales too and the process is very simple.

All you need to do is create a PDF file of your book and inside the PDF, you can have a link to your Amazon Author Page for even more sales. If your book has inspirational passages or thought-provoking ideas, you can actually list these separately. People will often pay for one printable motivational quote, but remember to insert a link to your book inside.

Here are Etsy's instructions on how to list digital items: 

Each listing costs only 20 cents for four months and by using this social media platform you will:

1. Make book sales from your listing on Etsy

2.  Drive more readers to your books on Amazon

3.  Build a good fan base waiting to hear news of upcoming book signings or new book releases

4.  Establish yourself as an authority across a variety of selling platforms

Go to the Etsy home page and type in some keywords to find other authors who are selling similar books in your genre. What strikes you about their listing? What draws you to this listing as opposed to any other? What are their prices, are your books more expensive? If you are new to the Etsy platform, then your prices need to be slightly lower than the competitors. As you begin to gain reviews for your books, you can increase the price from there.

Creating a listing for your book is very important and can be quite daunting if you have never listed a product on Etsy before. Please do not let this minor detail deter you, as I have discovered a little shortcut to make the process very quick and straightforward. Find an author who offers something similar, and use their product descriptions as a template for yours. I'm not suggesting you plagiarize their product description, but it will give you a template to work from. You don't want your listing to be exactly like another, as they have worked long and hard to come up with a detailed description, but it's completely okay to use tried and tested methods.

Try making your first listing and discover how simple this marketing method can be to draw more readers to your books.


Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Lesley Jones