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AI Writes the Plot Twist: Witty Writers vs. the Rise of Machines

Are you breaking into a cold sweat over the thought of AI snatching away your livelihood? Don't worry; you're in good company! Many people are convinced that the rise of artificial intelligence is perilously close to pilfering jobs from the very humans who brought it into existence, writers included. Now, picture this: a motley crew of writers took AI for a spin on the creative rollercoaster. They hopped onto Chat GPT with dreams of igniting their creative fires, and what transpired left their jaws hanging open in sheer disbelief.

So, let's zoom in on this jittery realm of creators, where unease is becoming the norm. An individual, driven by curiosity and perhaps a tinge of anxiety, even commissioned me to whip up a snappy short story about the takeover of jobs by machines. Why, you ask? Well, the catalyst for this request was a serendipitous stumble upon a video featuring a robot diligently scrubbing toilets, a task typically associated with hardworking humans striving to put food on their tables. Are these machines poised for a hostile takeover? Is Judgment Day ominously lurking in the shadows?

To gain a deeper perspective, let's embark on a journey down memory lane, reminiscent of the Industrial Revolution, and delve into the pages of timeless classics such as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Back during the Industrial Revolution, machines were swiping jobs left, right, and center, like a child in a candy store. One mechanical marvel could accomplish what previously required the combined efforts of numerous individuals. Meanwhile, the towering titans of industry were fixated on their bottom lines, oblivious to the plight of those left jobless in the wake of automation. Profit maximization was their anthem, and any moral obligation to the unemployed was relegated to the distant background. But here's the twist: these machines shouldered the burden of perilous tasks and unfurled new vistas of opportunity. Humans remained integral, tasked with the construction and upkeep of these mechanical marvels, as well as issuing directives for the machines themselves were bereft of independent thought.

Now, shifting gears to the domain of Frankenstein, it's hard to ignore Dr. Frankenstein's unchecked ambition in the pursuit of creating his monstrous masterpiece. He barely spared a thought for the ethical implications of his endeavors. Raiding graves for spare body parts doesn't exactly scream "ethics." Nevertheless, his audacious experimentation spawned groundbreaking ideas, such as harnessing electricity to resurrect a still heart or the revolutionary concept of organ transplants, all in the noble quest to save lives.

But here's the kicker: AI, for all its prowess, isn't a master chef concocting fresh ideas. No, siree! It's more like a voracious internet surfer, devouring every scrap of information it encounters and whipping it into a semblance of novelty. In fact, AI has a penchant for sprinkling a touch of fiction into its output, all in the name of pleasing its human overlords. If AI had a personality trait, it'd be the ultimate "people pleaser." And if you need some concrete evidence of this, I've got just the ticket for you—a revealing interview with an AI spilling the beans on Skynews:

So, if you find yourself engaged in a creative collaboration with Chat GPT, remember this golden rule: fact-checking is your best bud! In its present incarnation, AI is no more than a snazzy tool designed to give your creative endeavors a boost. But in all fairness, don't expect it, in its current state, to conjure up a masterpiece out of thin air. Let's keep those creative juices flowing, keep writing, dear humans, and make the most of this intriguing partnership.


Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Jaqueline Neves