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Proofreading, Editing, Critique

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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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How to Find a Literary Agent

Now is the time to be a great writer. You have the story, the talent and the knowledge to become one of the best writers in history. Yet, there is something else that you need in order to complete your literary fame. You will need a literary agent. Do you know how to find a literary agent? The first step when it comes to finding an agent is about familiarizing yourself with the publishing business. Literary agents can work for you, yet they will only be half of the game. You also need to learn more about the business in order to succeed. Learn more about publications, editors and operations. Look for some books on how to find a literary agent or about how to advertise and publish online.

Once you are finished with your research, then you can start looking for an agent. One of the best ways to find a literary agent is through referrals. Referrals are great when you are finding an agent since it will provide you with a way to categorize the experienced ones and the ones who are really talented. If you have an endorsement coming from a fellow writer or a critic, then you will also gain the respect of your agent.

Getting referrals can be quite challenging though. You will need to look for clubs for writers or local writer groups. Once you are in the right circles then finding an agent from a successful writer will be easy. If you have no time to look for one then publish your writings through journals and newspapers. You can also involve yourself in writers' blogs and other communities. Eventually, one of those virtual visitors might become your agent.

However, if you are still having problems finding a literary agent then you can start creating manuscripts and query letters. Through a query letter, you can ask several agents to represent you. You can also show knowledge and professionalism through providing a copy of your manuscript and the letter. There are various sites online where you can submit your letter along with your manuscript. Try to target the agents that have previously represented a client who has the same book genre as you do.

Before choosing an agent you should also remember to first Google him. Look for his previous jobs and his clients. If you find information about him then use this knowledge when writing a query letter. Send an email to that agent and make it look as professional as possible. If you have questions for the agent then add those questions to your email. Once you send a copy of the manuscript along with your query letter all you have to do is to wait for a couple of months. In some cases those agents will first check on your submission and your letter before they schedule an interview. Remember to target as many agents as possible in order to increase your chances.