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How To Focus Your Mind On The Positive

Throughout life, each of us has to face some tough situations, that's just life. Life is full of challenges and problems but life is what you make it. By practicing positivity through these challenges, not only when everything is going your way, you will overcome these difficulties much easier if you can remain optimistic. 

It is so simple to keep a positive outlook when life is going smoothly. But how can you still remain positive when you face simultaneous problems? Trying to remain optimistic in these situations is the last thing you want to do, but in these dark times, keeping a positive attitude should be the first thing on your mind. The key ingredient to staying positive is to take your attention away from your problems and then re-energizing your mind elsewhere. The reason you have to do this as soon as you feel yourself falling into the depths of despair is that the longer your mind is allowed to remain negative, the longer it is going to take to pull yourself back into a state of happiness and hopefulness. 

Here are some excellent tips for keeping a positive outlook in life no matter what negative situations you have to face.

Negativity is contagious so if you find yourself in the company of negative people who are draining you of your energy and positivity, then you need to break free from them. If you cannot do this permanently because they are members of your family or work colleagues, then you need to remove yourself from them for short periods, allowing you to refocus your mind on positive thoughts until you feel strong enough to return to that situation. 

While we are all in a state of self-isolation, we may find ourselves watching more television than usual. Although it is important to keep ourselves updated with current events, spending the entire day consuming negative news stories can be depressing. If you do want to watch television during this time, then choose positive television such as a nature documentary or comedy. Now, more than ever, you will be spending time with loved ones, so use this quality time to enjoy activities as a family. 

If you are feeling particularly negative and thinking positive thoughts do not seem to be working, listen to a motivational speech on the internet or listen to some relaxing music. I often repeat some positive affirmations when I am feeling pessimistic or have periods of self-doubt. 

Here are a few that I use.

I have an interesting challenge facing me – this could be used when a problem occurs in life or there is some difficulty, rather than looking at the situation in a negative way and thinking I have a problem, thinking of it as a challenge is a much more positive way of dealing with it.

 I like the person I am – this could be used to bolster self-confidence and gain respect about yourself and the person you are; similar statements could be “I am the best”, “I am a good person” or “I have many excellent qualities”.

I know I can do it – this could be used if you are faced with a certain task that you would previously doubt yourself capable of conquering; similarly you could say “I have the ability to conquer this” or “this doesn’t pose a problem for me”

I am full of health, energy, and vitality – this can be used to encourage good feelings about your health either after you have been sick or while recovering from an illness.

 I am fulfilled as a person – this can be used to encourage good general positive thoughts about yourself and the world in which you live.

Make time each day to do something you enjoy, something that doesn't require you to make difficult decisions or choices and something that will totally place you in a state of relaxation. 

Finally, I want to leave you with this thought. This situation is not going to last forever. This is only a temporary stage we are all facing. You are going to get through it and when you do, the sky is your limit. 

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Lesley Jones