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How To Keep A Positive Mental Attitude In Stressful Situations

In the present situation we find ourselves in with the Coronavirus outbreak, it is vital to our health that we can maintain our mental and physical wellbeing. The way we perceive our surroundings will have a major influence on how we deal with the current crisis. Our outlook and attitude toward life have to remain positive and optimistic. As most countries enter a phase of social distancing and self-isolation we, as writers, can take this opportunity to try to live as normal a life as possible, remain calm and write. A person who can think positively not only has a beneficial effect on their health, but also the people around them. But how can you develop a positive mental attitude in these trying times? 

There are many ways in which you can do this. Changing your attitude towards stressful situations and media reports that you encounter daily is not going to be easy; it does take time and you may find yourself slipping back into negative thinking patterns. But eventually, a positive mental attitude towards life will become second nature to you. 

There are five main areas you can achieve this: 

1. Get into the habit of setting yourself just one goal at a time. When you set yourself the task of completing a goal, only see the outcome as a positive one. Before you begin, try to quieten your mind and imagine yourself accomplishing that goal and how good you are going to feel when you have achieved it. When you feel your mind wandering to a place of self-doubt, switch your mindset back to a positive one. Again, this takes time but in the beginning, just being aware of your negative self-talk is a step in the right direction. 

2. Don’t let your conversations with loved ones take a negative turn. It is so easy to be swept away in the doom and gloom of social media and the negative opinion of others. Do not allow others to discourage your optimism and let yourself to fall back into your old way of viewing situations. Work towards seeing the good in every situation. Try thinking of the benefits of being at home right now. Are we seeing an increased community spirit? Are we helping the planet heal itself? What other benefits are there?

3. Practice looking for the positives in the people you come into contact with. Pay them a compliment, or practice compassion and kindness to one person each day. Positivity and kindness are so infectious. The elderly are the most at risk right now and their self-isolation is vital. This can seem a negative aspect of the current situation because you are unable to visit them. However, on a positive note, you can contact them in other ways. Why not telephone an elderly relative today or contact them over the internet and ask them how they are coping. Take a trip down memory lane with them. Do they have any interesting stories to tell that you could use towards a future novel? You are not only keeping a loved one company but you are practicing your listening skills and gaining great story ideas at the same time. 

4. Whatever you are doing to keep yourself occupied on a day to day basis, always look for the good that will come from it. Even the most mundane tasks will have a positive benefit to you and those you love. 

5. Never allow yourself to become complacent and fooled into going back to negativity; it takes time to change the way you feel and think. If you have been down on yourself and the world for a long time then your new outlook will take longer for it to feel comfortable.

You will find over time that as your positive mindset improves, so will other aspects of your life. Self-esteem, confidence, and happiness will all improve. You will find those tasks that you once found impossible to achieve will now become easier. For example, attending networking events or marketing your work will now become an enjoyable and uplifting experience. In the meantime, keep safe and utilize this time to create new and wonderful work. 

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Lesley Jones